Deutschlandspiegel 209/1972 25.01.1972


01. snow-covered houses of Goslar Goslar. Small street to flow down into the snow. Inscription on façade houses, swing. Coat of arms of front of House. Horse-drawn carriage with Coachman. Poodle running in the snow. The Imperial Palace. Gold-plated Eagle with outstretched wings symbolizing the former imperial free imperial city. Imperial Hall with large wall paintings. Valuable art objects, juwelenverziert, head of a snake, boy with harp. Snow flurry. Pigeons sit on snow roof and fly up. Cars with headlights. People go with umbrellas. Young man wearing red screen in addition to companion. Two small children running in the snow.

02. Bonn: new year's reception for President Heinemann right-of-way by diplomats. The Apostolic Nuncio on arrival before cars. Diplomats, partly in exotic robes get out of car and greet. Gustav Heinemann, half close, speaking at diplomatic reception: "the messages of goodwill and common sense, that are exchanged at the beginning of the year between the peoples, may be no empty politeness. Today, no nation can claim their welfare at the expense of other countries. Only humanity can avert the dangers, which threaten them." Diplomats standing next to each other, clap. Heinemann welcomes diplomats with handshake. Talks, standing. Drinks are served. Willy Brandt in conversation, half-close.

03. Brussels: Enlargement of the EEC by accession of the Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, and Ireland cityscape Brussels, the main parking. EEC meeting. Edward Heath sits down and sign Declaration of accession to the EEC. John A. Lynch signs for Ireland, Jens Otto Krag Trygve Bratteli for Norway signed for Denmark. Heath says: "... "this is the talk, which now lies ahead for our generation in at around continent" (narration partly harmonised). Handshake Walter Scheel - Edward Heath. Scheel speaks to the accession of the four countries: "the Federal Republic has from the first day with all the energy that worked, that the European economic community could be expanded. A large and powerful economic partner on the world market must ensure that this community Each other creates benefits the members not only inward, which means, that this larger United Europe for all partners and neighbors in the world of advantage is." Automatic tape device.

04. Wietze: Oil Museum exhibits of the oil production and types of rigs in the oil Museum. Graph of the oil pools from which oil was previously drawn. Modern drilling rig. Old-fashioned conveyors at the Museum. Photos from pits to the mined oil extraction.

05. Inflatable air dome construction inflated Hall with heating pipes at construction sites. Construction vehicle goes through the door into the Hall. Concrete mixing machine in the Hall. Construction workers distributed concrete surface. Crane transports loads.

06 Nürburgring: elephant meeting of motorcycle fans drive motorcycle driver on the highway. Motorcycle rider on the wheel. Several motorcycle riders with baggage. Motorcycle riders with headlights. Face of driver, tall, pushes up glasses. Campsite on the edge of the Nürburgring. Motorcycle riders with tank body moves. Pieces of meat on a skewer. Long bread is cut. Meal around the open campfire. Motorcycles standing side by side, filling the screen. Demonstration of the motorcycles at the Nürburgring in front of spectators. License plates from all over the world, large, Canada, United States. Rare types, such as chimney sweeps. Kids ride motorcycle. Little boy goes on a mini motorcycle.

07. Hamburg: Art gallery visit school - in the Kunsthalle. Children of the painting school of the visitors at the Kunsthalle. Children's faces, full-screen, girl with short blonde hair. Little blond boy. Teacher and children look at paintings by Degas. Description of the image: teacher: "What's this for a petticoat?" Child: "this is a very durchsichtigerSeidenunterrock." Teacher: "And what's you up?" Child: "a shirt made of silk." Teacher: "And how can you see that the silk is?" Child: "Because it is so transparent." Teacher: "Because it glows so. "And look, where are the other clothes of the woman?" Child: "you lie there on the Chair." Teacher: "is it alone?" Child: "no, behind her husband or her father." Teacher: "but something on you, how it is represented, all see the man?" Child: "you see him only half." Teacher: "he is not cut,." Child: "the woman is the most important thing in the picture." Teacher: "I also believe." Child: "he has painted the woman first and then around painted the other." Teacher: "And how is this mirror, this mirror stand, what may it be?" Children: "From iron, copper." Teacher: "iron, he is quite somewhat and swinging. So one can see quite clearly, these are not furniture, as we have today. Where is this white because everywhere. Trying to watch a really nice white." Children shouting and sign up to speak: "in the shadows." Teacher: "Yes Nina, you can show even Very much nice, where?" Various children's faces during the lessons, great. The children in the school at long tables at the painting. Girl paints, filling the screen. Twins (2 boys) side by side while painting. Boy paints on board. Exhibition of children paintings (5-14 years). Different images, full-screen, intermediate sections of works of art.

08th ice sailing on Lake Steinhude - Hanover lens recording at sunset by sailors on Lake Steinhude. Photos of competition 100 years ago between ice sailors and the Chicago Express. Ice sailors to set forth their boats before the race. Test of the runners. Pull up the sail. Boats will push at the start. Boats in the race and when applying. Single ice-boats during the race, great.


Persons in the Film

Brandt, Willy ; Bratteli, Trygve ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Lynch, John A. ; Scheel, Walter ; Heath, Edward ; Krag, Jens Otto


Bonn ; Brussels ; Goslar ; Hamburg ; Nürburgring ; Steinhuder Meer ; Walton


Goslar ; Nürburgring ; Autobahnbau ; Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft ; Kunsthalle ; Policy ; Neujahrsempfang ; Ice sailing ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Children ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; motor sports ; Oil ; Political events ; Schools, training ; Townscapes: Germany ; Townscapes: Europe ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Social events ; Winter ; Jobs ; construction ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 209/1972

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Federal Republic of Germany

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