Deutschlandspiegel 216/1972 30.08.1972


1 Hamburg: Jazz group swing limited harbour with jetties and luxury liner on the Elbe. Jazz band plays on increased space on the Elbe River. Bandleader sits at his desk with his pipe and working on his law doctorate. Bookshelves with books BGB etc. Guitarist plays (sociologist). He enters the room and speaks with bandleader. Trombonist, bassist (coachbuilder) exercises in boiler room. Drummer (creative) director in Werbefirmer sits in the Studio next to Mr Brown on the mixer. Band plays at the port.

02. Stade: nuclear power plant construction of the nuclear power plant on the river Elbe. Inside of the reactor. Technician goes through lock. Escape routes marked with arrows. Technicians go through door. Man weighs in on scale. Central control station. Repair work on the relay. Turbines.

03. Berlin: 9th Congress of the DGB Metro before victory column. Orchestra plays. Geiger. Cellist. Georg Leber, great. Heinz Oskar Vetter, Chairman of the DGB: "trying to impose, external trade unions, that ye should do and that are not, to reject in a free society. We are committed to the democratization of economy and society. In this sense, I declare the 9th ordinary Congress of the Union of the German Trade Union Federation for open." Artist drawing of the portrait of Willy Brandt. Helmut Schmidt, great. Rainer Barzel, big, Big Willy Brandt. Delegates clap. Various settings of DGB delegates, guests from foreign countries. Vote: "... who want to follow the recommendation, I beg the showing." Heinz Oskar Vetter: "all trade unions have the same root actually. They are born from the self-defense situation, where the workforce was in the class societies. But the German trade unions have taken a historic way, which allowed them to be after 1945 to Union. I think you must remember if you want To find a judgment about the effectiveness of the various trade union organizations in Europe, that all its national trains carry and are happy as we here in the Federal Republic, to be able to preserve and perpetuate our unity, so, other trade unions in Europe certainly also to the realization will come, that only in the unity over the belief across", the true strength of the workforce will be." Posters and pictures of the trade union movement. Man distributed fonts. Girls legs with mini skirt. Various participants and officials (ice). Flags of many countries are on the table.

04. Kassel: documenta 5 in-depth exhibition visitors with bags. Poster - sheep with different inscriptions: "documenta 5 for whom? -Admission 7 DM - that a worker must work at least 1 hour." Images are projected on screen. City of Kassel from above. Painting picture filling. Horse reins, realistically painted different motifs, "Gordon Gin bottle." The tattered man." Projection of film images. Girl in Bra to Barre. Singer-piano, letters "Love" - BMW engine. Baby in pram. Kitsch figurines, garden gnomes, automatic plate Museum "Art is unnecessary". Two young men rolling meadow wood wheels. Young people tamper with long colorful bars. Young people put heads through holes in plastic cover "air 2 breathing zone." Light mirror - front pages. Staircase with circular staircase from above. Zeppelin. Small room with white bed. Modern faces of young viewers and spectators, great. Sheep - posters: "The art of the rich - they think about it."

05. Alpine glider launches glider. Balloon flight, the tail of the plane in the picture. Faucet. Glider flying. Flight rocks pass over snow mountains. Rising fog fields. Glider for aerobatics in the sky. Camera on airplane films aerobatics (screw). Rocks, Earth, sky and clouds with rotation are reflected in the glass of the cockpit. Aerial view of überflogenem village and forest. Landing the glider with mounted camera on the roof.


Persons in the Film

Barzel, Rainer ; Brandt, Willy ; Braun, Heinz ; Leber, Georg ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Vetter, Heinz Oskar ; Klunker


Berlin ; Hamburg ; Kassel ; Stade


DGB (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund) ; Kernkraftwerk ; Segelfliegen ; Swing Musik ; documenta (Kassel) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Musical events ; Political events ; Shipping ; gliding, flying, free balloon ; Townscapes: Germany ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; Power plants ; Art ; People ; Co-determination ; employment ; Astrology ; Exhibitions ; works councils ; Trade unions ; Energiewirtschaft ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Monthly Newsreel

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Deutschlandspiegel 216/1972

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Federal Republic of Germany

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