Deutschlandspiegel 222/1973 28.02.1973


01 Königssee: Skeleton hand of athletes with big leather protection. Knee pads are covered. Spikes are cleared of snow. Athletes with helmet sets berm on flat skeleton - sled. Athletes wearing skeleton - sled by vehicle to the car. Portable seat pad on the sled. Steel skids with milled slot. Start. Skeleton racer on the icy track. Race pictures. Athletes in the prone position control the sled by weight changes. Slow motion - pictures. Driver is taxed and kneels on the sled.

02. Brandt in Paris - 10 years German - French friendship's cityscape of Paris with Eiffel Tower. Champs Elysee. Car to drive in front of the Elysee Palace. Conference Hall. Georges Pompidou and politician in Conference Hall. Willy Brandt in addition to Scheel and German delegation. Review: (black - white) brother Kiss Charles de Gaulle - Konrad Adenauer in Reims. Handshake Willy Brandt - Georges Pompidou. Brandt welcomed politicians. Brandt speaks to the German - French friendship: "10 years ago, General de Gaulle, yourself, Mr President, and the contract, Konrad Adenauer signed the the world as an example regarded for the spirit of reconciliation." It was not only the sense of history and of reason, that the two neighbouring peoples newly established their relationships, it was also a European need." Politicians as a listener standing. Georges Pompidou, half-close. Economics Minister of Friderichs, Carlo Schmid, Walter Scheel, Horst Ehmke. Handshake Brandt - Pompidou.

03. Berlin: Signing of the basic Treaty immediately Egon Bahr in addition to Michael Kohl. Kohl signed the contract. Bahr signed the contract. Exchange of contract and handshake Bahr - Kohl. Bahr: "these two German States that have developed out of the ruins of the Empire, belonging to different social systems, different alliances and have fundamental differences of opinion on many issues. Nevertheless, share them with this contract, the renunciation of violence, respect for the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations the will for peace." Kohl speaks interview. Berlin wall border. Brandenburg Gate. Zone boundary. GDR - guards on the border. Visitors from West Berlin into East Berlin. People with umbrellas are waiting at the border crossing. Members embrace. Castle Sanssouci in Potsdam. Red VW - check Vopos.

04. Berlin: Green week 1973 West Berlin's cityscape. Visitors in the exhibition green week. Indian State. Agriculture Minister Erl goes through the exhibition accompanied by. Flowers at fountain. Ertl drinking wine tasting from large glass. Stand with country sausages. Beer served from a tap. Children Petting sheep. Calf. Lamb on girl's lap. English level. Goods from Rhineland - Palatinate, Hesse and Saarland.

05. Berlin: City as game room look into street canyon from above. City terrace Wilde book road. Children jump on the sidewalk about Tau. Ball game on the sidewalk. Ball rolls onto the road. Boys lag behind. Playground with wooden stakes. Playground with sand and slide, climbing frame and gymnasts. Umgitterter football pitch. Boys play football. Children painting "The ultimate playground". Children build adventure playground, boards and head wear. Boy is hammering on scaffolds. Boy poised on boards. Playground before large blocks of flats. Children play in the sand.

06. modern churches of rental apartment buildings, from small church. Modern church in landscape. Village church in Würzburg with asymmetric roof. Interior. The Christ Church in Forchheim modeled after the hop pole houses. The light falls from round dome in the area, dome rose bar. Church of Christ resurrection made of concrete and bricks. Dark stone interior with stained glass, large colorful glass front of the Church. Pilgrimage Church in Neviges in Cologne. Stone walls with a small cross.

07. Munich: Football - match Germany - Argentina 2:3 the floodlit - Olympic Stadium, transformer. Game scenes. Argentina rushes. Of Defense, the German assault is stopped. Argentina shoots flank into the NET 1:0 free kick Argentina 2-0 for Argentina. German striker shoots over the goal. Foul in the penalty area by Hötges, the player with the hand brakes. 11 metre shot 3-0. Two German goals. Argentine players embrace at the end of the game. German players go from the square.


Persons in the Film

Adenauer, Konrad ; Bahr, Egon ; Brandt, Willy ; Ehmke, Horst ; Ertl, Josef ; Friederichs, Hans ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Kohl, Michael ; Scheel, Walter ; Schmid, Carlo ; Pompidou


Berlin ; Hamburg ; Königssee ; Munich ; East Berlin ; Paris


Tobogganing ; Spielplatz ; Policy ; Grüne Woche ; Kirchengebäude ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; DDR ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Hands ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Pacts ; Political events ; Rain ; Reviews ; Sports details, fouls ; Townscapes: Germany ; Townscapes: Europe ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Holiday ; Contracts ; Foreign policy events ; Agriculture ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; 01 16 mm project ; Agriculture ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 222/1973

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