Deutschlandspiegel 236/1974 1974


01 Brandt in Algeria and Egypt German and Algerian flags, large. Leader Houari Boumediène and welcoming Committee at the airfield of Algeria. Willy Brandt and accompanied by coming down stairs. Houari Boumediene welcomes Willy Brandt. Stand with mount planting on presents. Brandt raise girl that greets him with a kiss. Motorcycle escort accompanied carriage ride through the city. Driving record Algiers. Brandt in addition to Boumediène, half-close. Algiers, total. Policeman regulates traffic. Pedestrian and road traffic in Algiers. Brandt and Boumediène in conversation, half-close.
Egypt: trial recording before the pyramids of Giza. The pyramids, great. Cairo's cityscape. Mosques. Photographers and cameramen. Willy Brandt in addition to Anwar el Sadat, half-close. Brandt and Sadat with delegation in negotiations on the Conference table. Close-up of Sadat. Call Brandt - Sadat. Handshake / shaking hands. Helicopter flying over the desert. Willy Brandt in the war zone along the Suez Canal. Egyptian officer battle depicts Brandt. Pontoon bridge across the Canal. Destruction.

02. Industrial City Berlin modern buildings and skyscrapers in Berlin.
Schering AG: factory recordings. Young worker looks by magnifying glass, great. Welder in workshop. Machine throws pills out of (pills). Laboratory work in manufacturing of contraceptive pill / pill.
Bernhard Hall - German workshops: sign at home. Factory recordings. Manufacture of optical instruments for NASA and others. Workers cut glass with circular saw. Work on optical unit (laser). Prism manufacturing.
Company form: plant building with signature. TV record is developed in the Development Department. Play on screen. Image and sound are magnetically stored on the plate.
D.A.M: Manufacture of fishing gear. Fishing hooks side by side and fishing rods. Bait will be tested in laboratory.
Company Kömig: speedboat engines. Factory recordings. Racing boat is at sea.

03. Düsseldorf: promotional photo von Charles Wilp cityscapes Düsseldorf. Shots strung together with a dark image effect of camera shot. Studio with pop art posters. Charles Wilp goes up with models spiral staircase in Studio and sits down at the piano. Commercials with a blond model and a Negress with transparent blouses and mini panties behind studded Frost glass. Blondhaariges girl is located on red bed, shot from above. Two girls lie on green daybed. Charles Wilp photographed and gives instructions. This Negress (shaky recording). Prominentenphotographie with Willy Brandt and Franz Josef Strauss, who gets a package of books in hand. Walter Scheel in addition to girls in swimsuit with Miss election winner sash.
Charles Wilp accompanied blonde singer at the piano. Trick mirror Wilp is established with model - double-sided. Wilp shows attitude Negress with mini skirt and headdress. Photos by Charles Wilp. Steamer runs on the Rhine.

04. Cologne: Roman-Germanic Museum of Antique sculptures, large. The Museum next to the Cologne Cathedral. Visitors to the Museum. View of the Cologne Cathedral. Frescoes and statues from Roman times. Head of a young man, great. Demonstration and explanation with audio devices. Elderly woman, great. The Dionysus mosaic from the 3rd century. In display cabinets of glass objects, vases, mugs, jewelry, bracelets from Roman times.

05. Hamburg: trotting at Bahrenfeld - European Championship spectators with Homburg and glasses studied race program, great. Thick Männerkopf with glasses and a cigarette in his mouth. The trotting race course with a new grandstand. Spectators sit on the covered grandstand. Horses on the track. People on the Subdials. Card seller. Close-up of man with Hat, old man with cigar, theyneed male with hat. Horses and riders in Sulkys in the fifth place. Upcoming visitors with racing program. Flying start. The home machine is leaving to the page. Speed Racer from the front and side. Various settings during the race. Edeka advertising. Home stretch: Adolf Übleis, Austria, leads alongside the French Masclé. Masclé WINS. Finish ZL. Overall winner is Adolf Übleis. Viewers with Hat smiles satisfied. Congratulations Adolf Übleis in the Sulky after the race.


Persons in the Film

Brandt, Willy ; Scheel, Walter ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Wilp, Charles ; Masclé ; Übleis, Adolf ; Boumedienne ; Sadat, Jehan


Algeria ; Algiers ; Berlin ; Düsseldorf ; Hamburg ; Cairo ; Cologne ; Egypt


Trabrennsport ; Industry ; Berlin ; Köln ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hands ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Flags ; Pedestrian ; Photographers ; Police ; Advertising ; Sex ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Africa ; Townscapes: Germany ; harness racing ; Buildings ; Korea war ; Art ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; People ; Military ; Transport: General ; Foreign policy events ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Archaeology ; Werbung ; Museum ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; Military ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 236/1974

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Charles Wilp’s 90th Birthday (* 15.09.1932)

He was one of the most radiant and versatile figures in the German creative industry: photographer, lyricist, musician, filmmaker and visual artist Charles Wilp. He conceived of advertising as a Gesamtkunstwerk and in this spirit he created some of the most sensational marketing campaigns in the 1960s and 1970s.

His work for Pirelli ("Pirelli - the legs of your car"), Pushkin ("Pushkin - For tough men") and the VW Beetle ("It runs and runs and runs") made him famous - also internationally. But it was his TV commercials for the soft drink Afri-Cola that made him a legend: in these commercials young women and men - including pop icons such as Marianne Faithfull and Donna Summer - posed with the stylish bottles as nuns, hippies, or a GI with a peacedove  behind frosted glass windows, among others. The lasciviously staged images were accompanied by a soundtrack composed by Wilp himself, along with the zeitgeisty slogan "sexy-mini-super-flower-pop-up-cola - everything is in Afri-Cola". The campaign caused a big stir and brought the beverage manufacturer a gigantic increase in sales.

The multi talent also made a name for himself as a portrait photographer, spectacularly capturing for example, the members of the Federal Cabinet under Willy Brandt. In addition to photographing artist friends such as Yves Klein, Joseph Beuys and Christo, he also made film documentaries of their work and realized joint projects with them. When not working on his commercial commissions Wilp himself was artistically quite active, his primary interest being the topic of space travel. For his collages and sculptures, for example, he used materials from space technology and wreckage from the exploded Ariane rocket. He had his works flown into space, and painted in a state of weightlessness during his numerous parabolic flights.

"From cola intoxication to space orgasm" is how Wilp aptly summed up his career. Born in Witten in 1932, the self-proclaimed "ARTronaut" died in Düsseldorf in 2005.

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