Deutschlandspiegel 242/1974 1974


1 Dortmund: European Cup final of the UEFA Champions League - indoor handball Mai Moskau - VFL Gummersbach 17:19 7 m throws in ZL. 7 m throws from different angles. Long shot of the playing field at the Dortmunder Westfalenhalle from above with viewers. Game scenes. Hard game scenes, fouls. Players will fall. Clapping audience. Playback, ZL. Goal throw Moscow shortly before playing 16:16 extension. Foul on Russian players, ZL. Goal throw Gummersbach 19:17 just before the final whistle. Young excited spectator takes hands in front of the face. Viewers jump. Russian players leave the field disappointed. Gummersbacher players hold up the trophy. Advertisement on the side of the pitch: MM-sparkling wine - Jägermeister - Philips - Africa Coke - Tisserand Ligueur - Sinalco.

02. Cologne: Fotokina 74 eye filling behind plan squares of the viewfinder image. Eyes zugekniffenes. Both eyes, a busted too. Photo montage by Fotografierendem and moving images. Young girl photographed. The Fotokina. As Arnold and Richter AG Munich. DSLR cameras. Minister of Economic Affairs Friderichs with camera in hand in the conversation. Slide Super 8 camera. Young girl during demonstration of the camera. Hardy Jürgens on camera. Zeiss lens. The Contax camera. Large settings. Asian with Kleinstkamera, Rollei. By pushing together the camera's shutter. The Minox. Photographing in aquarium with underwater optics and wide angle lens. Goldfish, large. Reconstructed ancient metal camera for instant camera. Polaroid camera developed color image in seconds.

03. Kiel: Baptism of the super tanker (126 m long) Westfalen at the Kiel shipyard Howaldt plays brass band. Themselves reflecting image in trumpet. Arrival of the guests of honour. Wife Loki Schmidt goes to baptism pulpit. Arrival of Helmut Schmidt. The Westphalia total. Part setting. Port workers in shipbuilding. Welder with face shield. Container transport vehicle transport container. Look at the deck of the giant tanker. Helmut Schmidt speaks: "it has Yes a deeper meaning that we build such giant pots, under the German flag. It is now time, that we have independent at least to a small part of the large international or as it now says oil multinationals, whose positive role I want not shrink though Me too see that they're quite accessible here and there of criticism. We need, if we are To want to maintain full employment in our economy, To want to maintain the full employment of our workers, then a deliberate long-term energy policy is a prerequisite for this. We now now thank God all got that. There we still difficult enough will, with the tension on the world oil market." In addition to Helmut Schmidt, Loki is Schmidt. Intermediate cuts by spectators and shipyard workers. Loki Schmidt at the naming, throws false against shield Howaldt shipyard on the ship's bow. Bottle won't break. Tighter shot at repeating.

04. old people in Germany - Bremen: elderly old lady goes beyond road. Faces of rising elderly, large. Woman in wheelchair sitting in Centre. Man watches from balcony. Old women sit on chairs in the garden. Nursing home facility, total, from above, transformer. Nurse in bed sick. Bright ward. Old woman eat in bed. Nurses to feed women. Old apartment. Woman goes into the kitchen. Chefs at food in the kitchens of the old centre. Trays are provided in the dining car. Old people at dinner in the dining room. Therapy station. Physiotherapy exercises movement of stiffener sleeve with old Mrs. Man in the bath with underwater massage. Bathers in motion swimming pool. Gymnastics teacher does with old man ball gymnastics. Older people at the painting. Flea market. At the entrance, man plays on organ. Old people sell items of level of House or home-made things. Dense crowds at the flea market.

05. Stuttgart portrait fountain. Man smoking cigarette, big. Head of a young man, great. Sculptures. TV Tower. Total Stuttgart in the basin, transformer. The Schiller Memorial. Crowns and coronation jewels of Kings and Dukes in exhibition. Modern buildings and facades. Modern art in the open air. Tram runs through the city and over bridge. Young girl in jeans goes up the escalator. People in pedestrian street. Face of an older man (Manager type) with a hat. Young girl kissing her boyfriend. Infant girl face side with Kapotthut. Carpenter at work in the workshop. Mercedes radiator from the front, great. Old Daimler and future car at the auto Museum. People drink from fountains. Men toast to wine glasses. Vineyards. Park and IGA railway. Long shot of the city.

06. Hamburg: Joy Fleming, blues, and pop singer, sings in "The factory" in Altona old Fabrikhaus, plastered with posters. Building exterior and Interior. Young people play billiards and table tennis. Children paint. Little boy looks into camera and suggests. Appearance by Joy Fleming. In the factory. Singing with band and choir singers. Their feet in wide jeans are the rhythm.


Persons in the Film

Fleming, Joy ; Friederichs, Hans ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Jürgens, Hardy ; Schmidt, Loki


Bremen ; Dortmund ; Hamburg ; Karlsruhe ; Kiel ; Cologne ; Stuttgart ; Württemberg


Werft ; Handball ; Schiffstaufe ; Photokina ; Sängerin ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Monuments ; Trade, finance ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Energy, energy supply ; Education, youth ; Pedestrian ; Musical events ; Photographers ; Political events ; Advertising ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Landscapes ; Medicine ; People ; Transport: General ; veterinary medicine ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Listener ; Jobs ; Eyes ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; Stuttgart (Baden-Württemberg) ; Sozialwesen (Fürsorge, Unterstützung, Versicherung) ; 01 16 mm project ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 242/1974

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Federal Republic of Germany

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