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01 Claudia Wiechern, portrait of a Heilgymnastin in the peace village Oberhausen road in the Ruhr area. Red car drives in the background smoking chimneys, in the foreground, in the Middle, truck driving. Claudia Wiechern, close-up in the car while driving to work. Claudia Wiechern drives Asian girl in a wheelchair. Close-up of the burned face of a child. Claudia Wiechern passes girl in the wheelchair through floor of the rehabilitation centre for the children from the crisis areas of the world. Claudia Wiechern speaks with patients. It makes girls with crippled arms exercise. Claudia Wiechern goes on the road and looks in the window. Children play soccer on crutches. Claudia Wiechern in physical therapy with children. Paralysed child trying to get up on the wall. Walking exercises with child on crutches.

02. opening of the Biblis Nuclear power plant construction of the dome. Minister of Economic Affairs Friderichs speaks at the opening: "I believe that with the large NPP of Biblis A in our country nuclear power from the time of the testing, if I may say so, or the fumbling attempts has grown out to a powerful expanding energy sources. The accomplished performance is abroad, this we can confirm from the discussion in all parts of the world, high recognition." As listeners Minister Osswald, is great. Hans Friderichs visited the nuclear power plant with yellow safety helmets. Indoor shots. Setting of different phases of the work. Workers at the building. Reactor pressure vessel is transported on a barge. The power plant, before driving Rhine barges. Transport of the reactor pressure vessel on large vans step-by-step. 12 rubber wheels turn at a time. The control center. Measuring instruments. The nuclear power plant on the banks of the Rhine, total.

03. Church Bell cast in Herborn the Hamburg St. Michael's Church and the port, transformer. Church Bell is lifted by crane before the St. Michael's Church. Bell Foundry at work. Mass is removed form. The core and the cladding are pulped in the ground. Molten liquid mass, an alloy of copper and Tin is poured into mold. The coat is lifted up on the chain, the core is left out. Cooling of the Bell. Sample Bell in Bell Tower.

04. realism in German painting realistic painting: men in space driving suit. Thick naked women. Man faces painting, and suggests his image in the painting hand, after he came to the page. Man looks out the window and sees housing silos. Painting modern uniform houses, in the foreground kissing man naked woman. Newspaper kiosk. The West Berlin painter Peter Sorge buys magazines and it scrolls in the walk. In his Studio, Peter Sorge cut pages and reproduced them placed side by side on painting. Mess of bottles, and paper in the Studio. Looking through tree branches on the flailing man at sea. Harald Duwe rows on the Großensee near Hamburg. Catalog of of Kunsthalle Kiel by Harald Duwe exhibition. Harald Duwe drinks from Cola bottle, big. Painting: Bebrillter man sitting on modern chairs in swimming trunks. Mercedes car cooler, also nude child. Child from waste. Rich citizens family sits on richly laid table. Protesters with banners and police on the street. Johannes Grützke goes up small hills. Johannes Grützke working on painting in his Studio and improved in detail. His own face in the mirror serves as a template. Painting: Sick child lies in bed, rear are busts, bald man sits in front of him. Faces of three men. Naked women. Johannes Grützke is located on meadow and leg lifts during movement studies.

05. Düsseldorf: Ice Hockey World Championship Poland Czechoslovakia 2:8: the Czech goalkeeper with face shield, great. Game scenes in front of goal. Bulli. Substitute players on the bench. USSR United States 13:1. Russian players on the bench. Légendes over playing of the Russians. US replacement players with rackets into the sweater. U.S. goalie keeps ball, slow motion. Game scenes, ZL. Russian shots on goal. The United States scored the only goals. Advertisement: Electrolux - turtle wax - Wrigleys gum - Opel - Läkerol - Wilkinson.


Persons in the Film

Duwe, Harald ; Friederichs, Hans ; Grützke, Johannes ; Osswald ; Wiechern, Claudia ; Sorge, Peter


Berlin ; Biblis ; Düsseldorf ; Hamburg ; Herborn ; Oberhausen ; Ruhr area


Eishockey ; Atomkraftwerk ; Glocke ; Rehabilitation ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; curling ; Bells ; Industry ; Children ; Energy, energy supply ; News, communications ; Portraits ; Advertising ; Townscapes: Germany ; Power plants ; Art ; Medicine ; Transport: General ; veterinary medicine ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Jobs ; Astrology ; Oberhausen ; Kunst, bildende ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 248/1975

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Federal Republic of Germany

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