Deutschlandspiegel 249/1975 1975


01 President Scheel in France rolling out aircraft air force. Valéry Giscard D' Estaing and his wife to the aircraft going on red carpet. Walter Scheel and Mildred Scheel coming down stairs. Walter Scheel and Valéry Giscard D' Estaing step out front of the stand.

02. portrait of Walter Scheel black and white: children photos Walter Scheel as son of Peasenhall. The young man's face. Walter Scheel inflates model airplane and lets it fly. Transition to flying vierstrahligem jet plane. Walter Scheel sits reading on the plane. 1968: Walter Scheel is elected Chairman of the FDP. Close-ups of Walter Scheel as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the SPD-FDP coalition Government. Color: Travel: Walter Scheel with slung Sari in an Asian country in the traditional food. 1970: tour in Moscow. The Kremlin towers, great. Andrej Gromyko welcomes Walter Scheel during his arrival at the airport. Scheel in addition to Egon Bahr at the negotiating table. Andrej Gromyko, half-close. 1974: Choice of Walter Scheel of the Federal President. Annemarie Renger announces the result of the vote before the Bundestag. The opponent of Richard von Weizsäcker congratulates Walter Scheel. Mildred Scheel in the gallery. Walter Scheel speaks before the Bundestag: "the meaning of democracy is that you can choose between several options. Those expect who today have not their voice me, but, I'm from the days of taking office, the President for all citizens of this State." Walter Scheel advertises you as Federal President on the Venusberg Bonn in sports jacket for trimming action and is involved in continuous operation. At the Olympic Stadium in Munich Walter Scheel, the captain of the German soccer team of Franz Beckenbauer presented the World Champion Cup. Aerial view of the Villa Hammerschmidt. The Villa Hammerschmidt from the front with a fountain in the Park. Walter Scheel in session. State visit in France Walter Scheel lays down on the tomb of the unknown soldier wreath. Festive reception. Citroen with German stander reverses. French soldier presents Saber, great. Walter Scheel in addition to Mildred Scheel on arrival. Hans Dietrich Genscher climbs out of the car. Feast. Hans-Dietrich Genscher sits right by Valéry Giscard D' Estaing, Mme Giscard D' Estaing, Walter Scheel, Mildred Scheel.

03. Hannover Fair 1975 look through red white round window on the fairgrounds. Settings of exhibits and visitors. IBM booth of Economics Friderichs goes through the exhibition. Demonstration of the electronic Malloy of Xerox. Self-propelled carriages go partly with women at the helm, is reflecting. Construction machinery, excavators. Control device for hydraulic equipment. Giant shovel lifts flower arrangement.

04. monument to the example of Trier look at Trier, total, from the opposite bank of the river Moselle. Old painting of Trier, one of the oldest German cities, established 2000 years ago. Mosel bridge. By Commission of the Council of Europe, Trier was elected to the model town of monument protection. Views of space through archway. The façades of the houses. Painter paints houses facade. Pedestrians in the city. Driving record in historic buildings by the Porta nigra, swivel. The Royal House, swing. Romanesque window arches. Bus by road. Old narrow timber-framed buildings. Wrought-iron sign at home. Old fountain with water-spouting Lions. The market place. Natural restoration of houses dating from the late Gothic and Renaissance. Trier, total. Transformer DOM. Restorers work on the inside of the Cathedral. Indoors. Assurance of the building through the endeavor of the Foundation for modern static calculations. Drawings. The newly built steel truss. The Cathedral.

05. film and TV school Berlin cameraman perches. Camera car driving. Orchestra. Sample of camera in a Studio of the CRC. Students of the television center of the 3rd Weltbeim education. Negro, that's great. Work on the cutting table. 16 mm film strips are hung on film boom. Work on the mixing desk. Lessons on the camera. Students learn the operating instructions of the camera. Colored man working on the mixing desk. Picture mix. Control monitors. Representatives of the Federal Ministry for economic cooperation in the Berlin television workshop switch the image from black and white to color.

06. Frankfurt: 75 years German Football Association - football Germany Holland 1:1 women in long red dresses and men in blue suits marching in the Frankfurter Waldstadion. Black and white photos of old football. Walter Scheel in addition to the Hessian Prime Minister Albert Osswald clap on bleachers. Football is on the kick-off spot. Handshake of the game guide. Spectators waving schwarz-rot-goldenen flags, total. Game. Walter Scheel, great. Sepp Maier is in the German goal. 8. Minute beheads a Wang in the 1:0 and itself falls into the opponent's goal. Spectators wave flags, total. Goalkeeper Maier raises on ball, slow motion. Dutch counter-attack. Free kick is held for Holland at the wall by Maier. Dutch player collides with Maier and apologizes. Wolfgang Mischnick as audience, great. Shot over the German goal. In the 56th minute, Holland the 1: total shoots 1 spectators. German player stormed. Head-butt hits the goal crossbar. Defensive parade of the Dutch goalkeeper. German player is fouled. German free-kick hangs on the wall. After the game, reporters with cameras on the field run. Advertisement: Butter from Holland - Maykamp.


Persons in the Film

Beckenbauer, Franz ; Friederichs, Hans ; Giscard d'Estaing, Valery ; Mischnik, Wolfgang ; Osswald ; Renger, Annemarie ; Scheel, Mildred ; Scheel, Walter ; Weizsäcker von, Richard ; Genscher, Hans Dietrich ; Gromyko ; Maier, Sepp ; Wimmer, Maria


Berlin ; Bonn ; Frankfurt ; Hanover ; Moskau ; Munich ; Paris ; Trier


Hannover-Messe ; Trier ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Monuments ; Industry ; cameramen, cameramen ; Television ; Football ; Pedestrian ; Photographers ; Political events ; Portraits ; Aerospace ; Advertising ; Radio, television ; Schools, training ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sporting events ; Townscapes: Germany ; Carpet ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; wreath stoppages ; Military ; Transport: General ; Foreign policy events ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Fernsehen (vgl. Film) ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; Military ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 249/1975

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Federal Republic of Germany

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