Deutschlandspiegel 253/1975 1975


01 City Portrait Saarbrücken driving record highway with signs: Luxembourg - Saarbrücken - Saaegemünd - Paris - Metz. Driving record city of Saarbrücken. Passage under viaducts. Modern residential and business buildings. Cityscape. Dense traffic. Headframe. Miners go to the layer. Long shot of the city. The Ludwigskirche, Baroque building, after the original faithful after the destruction during the war. Modern office facades and old towers of the city. Photo of the station road with tram, modern Station Road. Shops, buses, pedestrians. Driving record industry area. Red-hot iron in blast furnace. Metallurgical plant. The city in the evening. Neon beer Academy about local. Women at the tap. Beer drinkers.

02. Berlin: Airport Tegel Airport building Berlin Tegel. Plane of the Aero America over rolls in the foreground. Airfield. Check-in Hall. Internationally understandable signs. Baggage conveyor belt. Woman drives suitcase on the baggage cart. Start a pan in the machine from right to left, big. Berlin Tempelhof, empty airfield and Terminal. Model of the airport Tegel. Cars for transport to the airport. Drive to the parking deck next to the airfield. Drive to airport. Travelers at check-in counters. Panoramic view from the building to the airfield.

03. Uta Beinert, portrait of a first four- and marschlande doctor at the wheel of her car, great. Driving record on past fields, greenhouses, village houses. Mrs Uta Beinert is located at the door. The doctor examines man. Moving and passing wind mill. Old woman sits on a Chair in front of the House. Doctor visits the old woman and converses with her. Continue in car. UTA Beinert in your car sitting and reading. Horses in front of the House. Family photos. UTA Beinert in workshop of rustic furniture manufacturer. UTA Beinert beside her horse. Practice shield, great. People come to the clinic. Practice nurse on the phone. People in the waiting room. Doctor pulls syringe on big. She takes baby blood from your ear. Baby is treated. UTA Beinert sits at her desk and writes.

04. radio exhibition Berlin 1975 Alexis Korda with his band singing on the radio show. Entrance to the radio show. Exhibition halls. Headphones. Quality speakers in mini format by Brown. Video recorder with imaging device. Farbfernsehgeräte. Interior Design. Repair by replacing the modular system. Sound transmission on light waves to the headphones. TV hearing. Music store with Alexis Korda.

05. 100 years Porsche Porsche racing cars and Porsche series Turbo on the test track. Memorial Exhibition in commemoration of the founder Ferdinand Porsche, who would have been 100 years. Photos of old Porsche vehicles. Ferdinand Porsche photo. S/w: VW crashes on a mountain slope and overturns. Stays on the roof and turned around by men. It continues again. The first Porsche sports car built in 1948 Ferdinand Porsche says goodbye to his son. The Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen Stuttgart. Factory recordings. Body in the bath. Car on the conveyor belt. Wheel mounting. The latest model: series Turbo with 260 HP. Development Centre of Porsche Weissach. Designs. Design offices with graphic designs and drawing boards. Porsche test track. Cars on the track.

06. Hamburg: Kendo World Championship fighters binds cloth around his head. He puts on mask. Fighter makes practice strokes with the cane. Fighters face off in long robes with sticks. You To try to land hit Each other. Steps of the Bahr foot feet. Fighter without masks with swords. Slow motion shots of the beats. Each beat is accompanied by loud call. Fighter takes off mask. The Kendo fighter celebrate their winner against one another beating with sticks. To their protective masks, balloons are attached.


Persons in the Film

Beinert, Uta ; Porsche, Ferdinand ; Korda, Alexis


Berlin ; Cuxhaven ; Hamburg ; Oberhausen ; Saarbrücken ; Stuttgart


Saarbrücken ; Kampfsport ; Internationale Funkausstellung (Berlin) ; Berlin Tegel (Flughafen) ; Landarzt ; Porsche (Automobilhersteller) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industry ; Television ; Musical events ; Night ; Portraits ; Aerospace ; Radio, television ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Landscapes ; Medicine ; Transport: General ; veterinary medicine ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Mining ; Mine ; Gastronomy ; Kendo (stick sword fighting) ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Monthly Newsreel

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Deutschlandspiegel 253/1975

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Federal Republic of Germany

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