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1 oil rig in the North Sea oil rig in the North Sea. Diving Bell and the helipad. Steel concrete leg of the island, great. By supply ship goods to the island will be in power. Indoor shots. Engine room. Living room with washbasin. Kitchen. Dining room. Recreation room. Sparkling water, screen-filling. Views of the sea water through shaft. In research area men at work instruments. Studies of the seabed. Sunset over the sea.
(54 m 2) Konrad Adenauer 100 years S / W: Adenauer speaks before the Bundestag interview: "I was born, ladies and gentlemen, on January 5th I ask 1876th whether an older Member, Lord or Lady? "I can see ladies and gentlemen, quite clearly that I am unique." Various recordings and still photos by Adenauer as a speaker. Post-war images. Cities of debris and reconstruction images.
Col: cityscape Bonn, Rhine. The High House of representatives. Aerial view of Bonn. Government building. Anniversary exhibition of Adenauer in the Adenauer Museum below his Rhöndorfer House.
S/W: Photo of the 30th Adenauer. Adenauer as Mayor of Cologne (41 years old). Adenauer in addition to Hindenburg. Dismissal after Hitler came to power. After the second world war, Adenauer was one of the founding members of the CDU. Election 1949 Adenauer is 1 German Federal Chancellor at the age of 73. His swearing-in, Adenauer Germany signed to the restoration of German sovereignty. Adenauer on the plane with Francois Poncet. State visit to France. Adenauer on the ship during trip to New York. Visit to Eisenhower. State visit in Moscow 1955 de Gaulle in Bonn. Reconciliation with France. Brother Kiss Adenauer - de Gaulle in Reims. Adenauer at the Bowling Green game. Adenauer picking roses in his Rhöndorfer garden. Adenauer kiss the Funkenmariechen at the Carnival. Adenauer is used on Indian jewelry. Adenauer receives honorary doctorate. Farewell to the Parliament in 1963. Gerstenmaier speaks interview: "on September 15, 1949 you have arose from your seat to take the place of the Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. Today you leave him with a historical bars, unbent and in honor. Konrad Adenauer has rendered to the fatherland." Adenauer, screen-filling close-up.
(134 m) 03 Berlin. Restoration cityscape of Berlin, different settings. Pan across the façades of the houses from the 19th century with narrow Windows and small balconies.
S/W: Photos of Berlin from the 19th century with many buildings that were destroyed in the world war.
Col: Plans for the redevelopment of the old areas. Experts talking about drawing board bent. Scaffolding in dwelling house. Restoration of the wall facades with stucco decorations. Interior renovation of old buildings. Renovated houses facade with charming deposed stucco decorations. Driving record by building road with the 19th century houses and trees on the side of the road. (51 m) 04. Hamburg: Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for marine and tropical diseases man with a mouth guard, big works in laboratory. Man draws a giant insect. Insects as carriers of dangerous diseases such as malaria, yellow fever etc in the Institute. Microscopic photographs of insects. Students in the Auditorium looking through microscope. Port. Transformer Bernhard Nocht Institute.
S/W: Photos: port doctor. Bernhard Nocht's old-fashioned laboratory. Bernhard Nocht, student of Robert Koch, the discoverer of the cholera pathogen, in the circles of employees. Col: Open day at the Institute. Visitors look at devices and workstations. Raubwanze from South America. Map of South America. Bug stings and sucks on the skin. With precipitation, pathogen is secreted by disease. Man scratches his arm, pathogen is rubbed into the bloodstream. The pathogens in the blood is visible under the microscope. Puffy face of an infected child. Enlarged heart in the model in addition to the normal heart. Agents is sprayed on the wall. Insect in tweezers, large, will be done in glass.
(59 m) 5th Nesselwang: German championship in Alpine Dragon flight man runs on mountains and floats, Dragon Valley. Mike Harter, who introduced this kind of sport in Germany, laughing, great. Men float in Dragon in the target flight to the Valley and ends up in target area. Flights and landings. Spectator looks through binoculars. Kite fliers through mountain forests. Aerial photographs of the flight. Trees, meadows and winding streets. Flight over mountains lying under the Dragon.
(72 m)


Persons in the Film

Adenauer, Konrad ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Eisenhower, Dwight D. ; Hindenburg von, Paul ; Nocht, Bernhard ; Francois-Poncet


Bamberg ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; Nesselwang ; North Sea


Nordsee ; Tropenkrankheiten ; Gedenken ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hang gliding ; Higher education ; Oil ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; mood pictures ; Animals (except dogs) ; maps ; Medicine ; veterinary medicine ; Water ; Foreign policy events ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Architecture ; Research ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 256/1976

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Federal Republic of Germany

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