Deutschlandspiegel 257/1976 1976


01 50 years (see also UFA 10-15) Lufthansa flying Lufthansa Boeing from the front below image filling with red blinking position light off or landing. Aircraft on airport. Lufthansa Boeing rolls on the airfield itself turning to start.
S/W: aviation pioneer Albert Schäfer, 1 air mileage millionaire next to his single-engine propeller plane. Men throw the propellers of their aircraft to Berlin Tempelhof Gollancz. Passengers in aircraft. Junkers plane taking off. Udet Condor. The first Lufthansa aircraft. Lady when boarding. Baby basket is placed in aircraft. Aerodrome Konigsberg, destination of first night flight Berlin Königsberg. Water plane takes off with catapult. The flying boat do X with 12 screws. The do X after its maiden flight in New York. The Junkers G-38. Window in the wings improves the prospect for the passengers to the front. Four aircraft G-38 during the flight. Dornier Wal flying boat hangs on ship crane. Freighter with catapult starts flying boat. Flying boat connects in the South Atlantic. Loading of baggage. Passengers enter. New flight models. Flight over mountains and Atlantic Ocean. Focke-Wulff flies to 200 Condor to the landing, after Air Berlin, 1938 United States get off men. Welcome in North America after the transatlantic crossing.
Col: settings of jets giants. Plane taking off in Mirage is spiegelnder. Wheels are retracted. See also UFA 10-15 (92 m) 02 City Portrait Munich rotating gondola merry-go-round on the Oktoberfest. Whirligig. Zeppelin carousel. The towers of the Church of our Lady. Stockfische. Beer Stein, Radi's. The Wies ´ n total. Germania monument with wreath. Towers of the Church of our Lady and of the Town Hall. Pedestrians on the Stachus. Total Munich. Detailed women's legs, in addition runs Dachshund. Stalls. Child considered colorful dolls. Street cafes. In the Café of Udo Jürgens,. Figures of the Carillon of the Town Hall turn, great. Flea market. Vases. Jars. Old paintings and furniture. Nuns at booth. Tierpark Hellabrunn. Elephant. Gorilla, big, impressive standing alone in the image. Monkey swings and balance on rods. Modern living landscapes on the edge of the city. Uniform high-rise buildings. Modern facades. Fountains and Baroque figures in the Park of the Nymphenburger Palace. Fashion boutiques of Saint Laurent, Emilio Pucci, Christian Dior. Fashion show. 2 mannequins in the partner look green and blue with long velvet skirts and wide jackets. Red strapless evening dress with shawl. Headquarters of BMW. The German Aerospace Center. TV Tower. Olympic buildings.
(93 m) 03 Lenelore von Bothmer, portrait of a Parliament the seconded - Haus in Bonn. Lenelore von Bothmer goes on the floor of the House to her Office. She works at her desk. Work between bookshelves in her study. Lenelore von Bothmer buys in the supermarket and rides a bicycle. Road in Bonn. Government building. Swivel comes about seconded high-rise building, from door Lenelore von Bothmer. Lenelore von Bothmer in an interview with the Egyptian Ambassador and welcome by Loki Schmidt at a meeting to exchange views with members of Parliament and journalists. The Federal House. Lenelore von Bothmer enters the building and goes to a place in the Chamber. Deputies in conversation with Mr big: Carstens, Herbert Wehner, Lenelore von Bothmer. You making notes at the speech by Bundestagsabgeordnetem.
(59 m) 04 scharnebeck twin ship lift the Elbe lateral Canal (Heath Suez), the 115 km long link of the seaport Hamburg with the inland waterway network. Construction of the ship lift Scharnebeck near Lüneburg, where a height difference must be balanced by 61 m. From hose, water is embedded in the basin. The double vertical lift after the completion with 4 Guide towers. Aerial view of the building. Views of incoming ship. The control unit. Ship on the Elbe lateral Canal.
(66 m) 05. Speed record with diesel star shows on the test track of the VW Wolfsburg Centre motor journalist Fritz B. Busch in race car, great racing qualities of the diesel engine. Start of race cars on the test track. The engine Mercedes Benz diesel engine. Drive with turbocharger. The race car diesel star in the wind tunnel at technical trials. Wind measurements on the test track. With 253 km/h diesel star drives new speed record. Fritz B. Busch gets out after race and congratulated with flowers.
(55 m)


Persons in the Film

Busch, Fritz B. ; Carstens, Karl ; Jürgens, Udo ; Schäfer, Albert ; Wehner, Herbert ; Bothmer von, Lenelore ; Schmidt, Loki


Berlin ; Bonn ; Hanover ; Munich ; North Sea ; Scharnebeck ; Wolfsburg


München ; VW ; Lufthansa ; Policy ; Teststrecke ; Elbe-Seiten-Kanal ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Monuments ; Trade, finance ; Hobby ; Children ; Television ; aircraft ; Leisure, recreation ; Pedestrian ; motor sports ; Political events ; Portraits ; Aerospace ; Radio, television ; Shipping ; sports facilities ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; automotive engineering, automotive ; People ; Holiday ; Transport: General ; Zoo, Wildlife Park ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; aerial photographs ; Gastronomy ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 257/1976

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Federal Republic of Germany

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