Deutschlandspiegel 263/1976 1976


01 heat story blue light on the roof of the ambulance. Roof of the Olympic Stadium in Munich. Dried grass. Empty orphaned city street. Sun. Girls with wet hair eating ice-cream. Man drinking from beer bottle. Road construction workers with protective helmets. Extended awnings on high-rise and balconies. People sitting in roadway under awning. Loading crates onto trucks with electric trolleys. Pan pour over TV tower to road, the trees with water from a water truck. Intermediate cuts Sun. Empty chairs and umbrellas are available on street. Orphaned City Road. Ambulances with flashing light parks. On wearing wife is carried and pushed into ambulances. Heavy car traffic from the front, great. Dense traffic on Highway. Beach full of beach chairs close to each other. Bathing in the sea. Firefighters put out fire houses. Cows grazing browsing on sermonizing. Grain field. Combine at harvest.
(52 m) 2nd Bundestag election of the parties Schwarz-rot-Goldenes SPD election poster. Colors black-red-gold in same lines on girls overall. Poster Helmut Schmidt with Prinz-Heinrich-Mütze. Transformer. Child yellow balloon inflates with font: FDP - the Liberals. Yellow blue bumper stickers FDP Liberals is glued to the car window. Poster Hans Dietrich Genscher, transformer. CDU election poster. Flat car tire SPD/FDP with inscription is the air out. Another CDU poster 2 women for the CDU so that women are not left interests - CDU ensure socially and remain free. Poster with picture of Helmut Kohl. Steamer runs on the Rhine. CDU Chairman Helmut Kohl congratulates the 600.000. Member of the CDU and presented gift. Young people on the ship with CDU-T-shirts. Photographer. Helmut Kohl cuts large cake with inscription CDU and distributed pieces of cake. Marching band playing on trumpets inscription CDU. Helmut Kohl goes through crowd at papal conclave. Slamming people filling picture. Kohl waving to the people. In addition to the speaker's podium bearing posters: for the love of Germany freedom Instead of socialism - CDU sure social and free. Audience image filling. Helmut Kohl at the lectern. Poster is affixed with image Hans Friderichs. Hans Friderichs in rear of cars on a campaign trip, great. Driving record Ruhr area. FDP election meeting. Quote (übersprochener speaking part) speaks Friderichs. Poster: Work continues on the model of Germany - Social Democrats. Rhenish Hesse, SPD meeting. Election meeting in Oppenheim. People clap. Willy Brandt beckons, great. Older woman speaks to Willy Brandt. Cameraman filming. Brandt drink great wine glass. Westfalenhalle Dortmund. Shield: Extraordinary Party Congress of the SPD 18/19 June 1976 Helmut Schmidt and Willy Brandt side by side immediately upon arrival, behind them go Wehner and Hans Koschnik, Bremen, including long shot of the Assembly Hall from the top. Helmut Schmidt speaks o-ton: "his high standing owes our country to all initial performance and the creative will of its citizens." "But it owes them also our successful understanding policy, our extraordinarily high economic efficiency, our closely linked network of social security, our policy of continuous reforms." Beside him image is transferred to monitor visible each of it. As a listener, great. Hans Koschnik, Maria Schlei, Herbert Wehner with whistle. Listeners applaud.
(82 m) 03 obituary Federal President Gustav Heinemann funeral ceremony in the Bundestag. At the side of Walter Scheel, Hilda Heinemann enters the Chamber. Standing in the first row. Osswald, Bundestag-Annemarie RENGER, Bundestag, Mildred Scheel, Helmut, and Loki Schmidt. Listener totally and half close. Walter Scheel speaks interview: 'after the understanding of our basic law it is to integrate the noblest task of the head of State, in parties and State visible similarities to make, to raise confidence and trust and to promote. Gustav Heinemann has done that on his own way and done." As a listener: Side by side sitting Hans Dietrich Genscher and Helmut Kohl, half-close. Carstens, Wehner, Maihofer, Willy and rut Brandt, Gerstenmaier, Erhard.
Black and white review: 1969 Gustav Heinemann was elected the Federal Republic of Germany the 3rd President. His opponent Gerhard Schröder congratulates him. Heinemann at swearing. The Villa Hammerschmidt. Heinemann in addition to Brandt and Scheel. SPD/FDP Coalition is formed. State visit to South America. Car runs through the crowd. Visit. State visit in England: Bearskin caps present the rifle. Heinemann is next to Prince Philip. Heinemann in State body next to Queen Elizabeth. State Banquet. Hilda Heinemann in conversation with Prime Minister Heath, Heinemann in conversation with Princess Anne. Heinemann gives the silver Laurel on Bundestrainer Helmut Schön, Franz Beckenbauer and player of the German national football team. Heinemann in the midst of the footballer. Zapfenstreich the Villa Hammerschmidt. Citizens invitation in Berlin, among the present Klaus Schütz. Welcome from diplomats on reception.
(81 m) 04 flight safety - environmental flying Lufthansa Boeing from below and behind. Side flying jet aircraft. Lufthansa-Boeing landing from the front side. Airport employees wear earmuffs and talking in two-way radio. Launching jumbo jet. Thick walls of noise protection Hall. Lufthansa machines side by side on the airfield. Large turbine. Engine is tested in noise prevention hangar on volume. Plane on runway At night. Omnibus rides Airport Frankfurt Rhein-Main. Panoramic view from the control tower on landing aircraft. Gauges in the control room. Instruments to record aircraft noise. Aircraft noise monitoring system Raunheim. Aircraft flies over the plant. Man opens door, knock out instruments. Computer recording the instruments indicate aircraft noise of the machine. Plane taking off. Pilots in the cockpit. Start from right to left a Lufthansa Boeing. Lufthansa plane rolls out on the airfield. Silhouettes of rising people across the bridge. Travelers in Terminal. Lufthansa aircraft approaching over forest area, flies over the highway.
(84 m) 5th Heligoland Rock Island of Helgoland in the sea. Pilots in the cockpit during landing at Helgoland. Rotorcraft small sport plane behind jets grass. Gull flies over the sea. The red rocks. Gulls breed on the cliffs. Helgoländer inhabitants from their homes. The port. Views of streets and houses from the top. Long shot. Painting of the island from the last century with sailing boats. Booting from visitors of the island. Creates fishing boat. Coming to go ashore. Streets full of bathers. Man wearing a portable TV. People carry bags with duty-free goods. Dune grass. Beach with beach chairs. Children play in the water. The red rocks.
(70 m)


Persons in the Film

Beckenbauer, Franz ; Brandt, Rut ; Brandt, Willy ; Carstens, Karl ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Friederichs, Hans ; Gerstenmaier, Eugen ; Heinemann, Gustav ; Heinemann, Hilda ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Koschnik, Hans ; Osswald ; Renger, Annemarie ; Scheel, Mildred ; Scheel, Walter ; Schlei, Marie ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Schütz, Klaus ; Wehner, Herbert ; Schön, Helmut ; Prinzessin Anne ; Genscher, Hans Dietrich ; Heath, Edward ; Maihofer ; Jenninger, Philip ; Schmidt, Loki ; Schöder, Gerhard


Bonn ; Dormagen ; Dortmund ; Helgoland ; Munich ; Rhine


Helgoland ; Wahlkampf ; Summer ; Staatsbegräbnis ; Lufthansa ; Policy ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hobby ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Harvest ; Fire ; Fire Brigade ; Leisure, recreation ; Musical events ; Photographers ; Political events ; Aerospace ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; environmental protection, pollution ; Buildings ; Landscapes ; Medicine ; Meteorology ; Holiday ; Transport: General ; veterinary medicine ; Elections ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; construction ; Gastronomy ; 01 16 mm project ; Fire brigade ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 263/1976

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Federal Republic of Germany

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