Deutschlandspiegel 267/1976 1976


1 Hamburg: Bowling elimination for World Cup participation in bowling alley on the Reeperbahn. Flare cone installation system. Bowling player throws from the front. Player takes ball from frame. Players on the side. Many cars side by side with rolling balls. Litter. All the pins fall. Bullet Hits 2 rest cone. Throw of the world champion Anne Dore Häfker. Thrower and throwers. Gisela Lins, Dortmund, throwing all 10 Ursula Eckert also throws all 10 competition Gisela Lins - Ursula Eckert. Gisela Lins WINS and will take part in the World Championship in Tehran. Dieter Collmann, Hanau, throws. After the first round, he was in 8th place and catching up to the top. Litter of German Youth Champion Kornak. Hit all 10 and victory. Kornak is surrounded by players and congratulated.
(59 m) 02 City Portrait Duisburg in Duisburg in Street, in the background of older houses and factories with chimneys. Image from this image in painting. Rhine Harbor with tugboats. Painting Rhine port. Townscape with buildings and smoking chimneys. Painting. Light rail runs. Rail road. Driving record. People on the train in the dining car. Aerial view of Duisburg. Transport road junction from above. Monument of Franconian King. Painting Gerhardus Mercator, cartographer of the 16th century. Drawn map by Mercator and globe. Graduation of the Earth, which still has validity. Statue of the kneeling by Wilhelm Lehmbruch. The clay fraction Museum with modern sculptures and statues in the open air. Old houses and industrial buildings with smoking chimneys. Blast furnace. Steel industries. Tug and steamer in the Rhine port, largest inland port in Europe. Barges are loaded. Industrial buildings in the sky at sunset in red light wrapped.
(81 m) 03 training in aircraft construction a. Hamburg: apprenticeship in aircraft construction young people come out of door of building. Company aircraft. VW bus on site, in the background of aircraft fuselage. Apprentices in workshop at the filing of workpiece. Master checks the work. Apprentices work on modern machine tools. Technical artist makes her internship at machine. Master measures the workpiece accuracy. Young man sideways, large. Riveted in metal. Rivets on part of the Airbus. Tailgate that Endcap is made. The end cap at the rear of the aircraft, which will be maintained. Aircraft tail next to Lighthouse. Lessons on diagram of production process.
(47 m) b. training of master trainers during theoretical lessons in training seminar to make notes. Teacher teaches. Formula on board. Apprentices in vocational school. Looking through the window in the class room. Teacher draws with ruler on board. Apprentices make technical drawings. Boy called and goes to Panel to perform calculation. Training in aircraft construction in fuselage, (45 m) 04. magnetic float vehicle launch preparations to test drive of magnetic suspension vehicle Comet. Shield: Caution high voltage danger. Push sled accelerates the test vehicle with hot water rockets up on 401 km/h test ride in Ottobeuren, near Munich. Test vehicle floats on a magnetic cushion. Spectators are on the verge of the test track. Transrapid 04 test vehicle. Driver's cab with faucet. Test vehicle on a test track. Development of a competitive vehicle in Erlangen. Test cabin goes on test track.
play hands on piano, large (54 m) 5th portrait of pianist Justus Frantz. Swing by bald snow canopy to tree-lined Avenue, Justus Frantz enters Manor. Elderly gentleman plays in music room. Justus Frantz, listen. Justus Frantz at the piano playing as a soloist with Orchestra. Justus Frantz listens to music from tape. Play at piano in the music room. Shots from different angles. Rauhaardackel as a listener. Justus Frantz while walking through the snow between ice-frozen lakes.
(61 m)


Persons in the Film

Frantz, Justus ; Collmann, Dieter ; Eckert, Ursula ; Lins, Gisela ; Lehmbrock, Wilhelm ; Mercator, Gerhardus ; Häfker, Anne Dore ; Kornak, Dieter


Braunschweig ; Duisburg ; Gut Testorf ; Hamburg


Berufsausbildung ; Bowling ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Monuments ; Railways ; Electricity ; Hands ; Industry ; Research ; Musical events ; Portraits ; Aerospace ; Shipping ; Schools, training ; Townscapes: Germany ; Art ; maps ; People ; Transport: General ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Gastronomy ; Pianist ; Duisburg ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 267/1976

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Federal Republic of Germany

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