Deutschlandspiegel 269/1977 1977


01 children's Theatre in Germany 2 children's faces behind the wheel. Boyish behind a screen. Actor of the children's theatre performance. Children looking for. Girl face sideways, large. Boy side, great. Close-up of girl with rat tails. The modern children's theatre shows problems of daily life. Children's Theatre Rammbaff Hannover. Play, actor and social workers To write pieces. Game "Ali ditches" family is sitting at the dining room table. Children from audience actuality: "If Mrs. Böttcher sends a letter home in which says that you're ditching class, what then?" Actress on stage original sound: "It is certainly not easy." Teacher visits parents with school exercise book. Father actuality: "He has written a" teacher interview: "but why, Mr. fold, why?" Children interview: "he has 15 sixes before and now a 2. I think he looked down, I have to say that. "And now I want to talk Ali". Father Leiana making actuality: "Mommy, Mommy, how to write speach day?" Children play o-ton: "I quit working now, it stinks to me slowly." "You can also not English". "Previously, if we had no English in the school". Children play proposals for the continuation of the piece.
(63 m) 02. The new Government and the Declaration of the Government House. Swivel. Cabinet meeting. Genscher in addition to Schmidt. Chamber. Schmidt in an interview with Brandt. The Federal Eagle, great. Press box. Bundestag President Carstens Announces voting results recorded interview: "the number of voting yes denominated cards 250 number of on no denominated voting cards 243." I ask the MEPs Schmidt: "You assume the election?" Helmut Schmidt responds to question choice quote: "Mr President, I take the choice to"Schmidt is congratulated by Brandt and Helmut Kohl. The new cabinet members at Scheel. New Ministers: Ehrenberg, labour and Social Affairs and Antje Huber, youth, family and health, Marie Schlei, economic cooperation. Scheel and Schmidt with the Ministers on the terrace of the Villa Hammerschmidt. The Villa Hammerschmidt. In the first row from right to left: Ehrenberg, Apel, Genscher, Schmidt, Scheel, liver. Bird behind Apel. Federal Council. Government statement said before the Bundestag actuality: "we To want secure further peace by continuing our existing foreign policy, by continuing our policy of good neighbourliness and partnership. Secondly we To want secure employment and create new jobs through a forward-looking economic policy. We To want keep the social peace and our homeland security third through social equality and liberal rule of law. We are working for a society in which people not only tolerate each other, but also acknowledge and come together." Slamming members. Luppa on camera, great. Brandt in addition to Wehner, great. Erhard. Total Chamber.
(74 m) 03 Berlin: pharmaceutical research on the example of Scheering the Scheering works. Work spaces. Driving record by laboratories. Laboratory technicians with reagents. Test series. Recording equipment. Rat gets shot in the foot. Investigation of medicines. Birth control pills picture filling. Packaging control. Mailroom.
(52 m) 04 portrait of Münster Cathedral. Episcopal consecration with procession. Look through relief window of the Cathedral on the city. Horn player on Windows of the Cathedral. City paintings.
S/W: - Review of debris after the world war. Original wiederaufgebautes, 14th-century City Hall. Hall of peace, in the 1648 Westphalian Peace was signed. Painting of the historic event. Streets and houses. Pedestrian. Guild signs on houses. Elephant, glasses, wine drinkers. Cabbages on stand at the market. Stands with market umbrellas. Modern University buildings. The streets At night. Local. Man drinks beer. People in a cosy pub. Tin jugs and plates on the walls. Wood paneling. Katen smoke sausages.
(64 m) 5th Altena Castle, oldest Youth Hostel in the world of snow-covered Castle Altena. Knight's armor in the Castle from the 13th century. Image by Richard Schirrmann, the first youth hosteller. Traditional rooms of the Castle. Dorms from ancient times in the hostel Museum. Young people on arrival in front of the youth hostel. Modern tract. Children in modern dormitory beds one above the other. Youth skis in the snow. Modern kitchen. Food is issued. Dance in the evening in the discotheque.
(54 m) 6th Garmisch: skiing - World Cup race in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Poster of the ski race. FIS World Cup. Ski bindings on feet are closed, big. Skier puts on glasses. Start of the downhill race. Werner Garcia Zeballos, Austria starts as 1. Run by Birrensberger ZL. He is 3. Bernard Russ, Switzerland, ZL comes on the 4th place. Run by Michael Veit, Tegernsee. Ride through the target. Veit is 6 Veit takes up glasses, close-up. Franz Klammer, Austria, start and run. Award ceremony with Franz Klammer with Cup. Congratulations to the winner of Franz Klammer, Austria.
(62 m)


Persons in the Film

Apel, Hans ; Brandt, Willy ; Carstens, Karl ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Huber, Antje ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Leber, Georg ; Luppa ; Scheel, Walter ; Schlei, Marie ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Wehner, Herbert ; Klammer, Franz ; Ehrenberg ; Genscher, Hans Dietrich ; Schirrmann, Richard ; Vogel, Jochen ; Birrensberger ; Grießmann, Werner ; Russ, Bernhard ; Veith, Michael


Altena ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Burg Altena ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; Hanover ; Münster


Pharmaindustrie ; Münster ; Bundeskanzler ; Abfahrtslauf ; Jugendherberge ; Policy ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; Craft ; Theatres ; Hobby ; Higher education ; Children ; Education, youth ; Research ; Leisure, recreation ; Pedestrian ; Musical events ; Night ; Political events ; Religious events ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Townscapes: Germany ; Dance ; Carpet ; Animals (except dogs) ; Debris ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Holiday ; Transport: General ; Science ; Gastronomy ; Forschung,medizinische ; 01 16 mm project ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 269/1977

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Federal Republic of Germany

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