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01 Bonn: St. Martin's parade Lantern procession with children in honor of the patron saint of St. Martin. White horse rides St. Martin and his coat is poor beggars. Figures from Martinsgänsen on cars. Ranked the Martin fire, a burning pile of wood burns.
(30 m) 02. Berlin: Argentine cameramen rehearsing for the football World Cup 1978 flashback: soccer match at the World Cup in Germany 1974 World Cup trophy. Argentine television crews during rehearsal for the transfer of the soccer World Championship in Berlin's Olympic Stadium. Pan across empty Olympic Stadium. Student teams play against each other. Cameramen turn under the guidance of German television professionals. Recording of the game on a monitor. Analysis of the recordings in the Studio. Discussion on proper camera work. FLASHBACK: Game of the World Cup 1974 (50 m) 03. Frankfurt: German society for technical cooperation with the third world new modern building of the society for technical cooperation GTZ, in which all departments are been centralized. Meeting room. Indian woman presides over conversation. Library. Young woman writes on a typewriter. Inserting tape. Printing of prospectuses. Various brochures. Veterinary investigation of cow with Africans as a listener. Doctors enter with disinfected hands operating room. VW workshop. Excavators and large vehicles for road construction and cultivation of land.
(60 m) 04. Hamburg: kids painting at the Kunsthalle Hamburg Kunsthalle. Sitting before painting by Monet "Nana", children and teacher discuss actuality. Teacher: "what's that for a petticoat?" Child: "this is a very transparent silk petticoat." Teacher: "it's good, and what she's up?" Child: "a shirt." Teacher: "How are you Anna talking about that is silk?" Child: "Because it's so transparent." Teacher: "when's too..." Child: "... shines a bit" teacher: "nice not? Because it so Shimmers. Is you alone?" Children: "no, sits behind it, her husband or her father." The woman is most important on the screen actually." Teacher: "I believe that... also,". Child: "perhaps he only painted the woman, then he painted the other around it." Teacher: "where does this white because everywhere? Tried to watch, so really nice white." Child: "I." Teacher: "with the shirt, not?" Child: "... and in the shade of Brown." Teacher: "show very nice, the shadow, Nina time! "Can't reach it, can show the direction but, Yes." Child shows on screen. Children's faces, great. Children paint their impressions in own paintings. Various paintings and their children playing.
drive 3 motorcycle riders with helmets (62 m) 05. BMW-Berlin in Berlin. Workers arriving at their workplace. Motorcycle production BMW in Berlin. All items are manufactured and assembled. Worker in manufacture of the seat. Work on the wheels, the motor Assembly. Test run on a test stand. Motorcycles for export are marked with stickers: Canada - Taiwan - Tunisia - Venezuela. 3 motor cyclists from behind with Berlin license plates drive in direction of the Brandenburg Gate.
(49 m) 06 150 years Landestheater Coburg monument of the Duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha on the market square of Coburg. Flower stall. Beautiful old façades of the houses of the city. The Landestheater illuminated in the evening, one of the most beautiful provincial theatres of in Germany. Guests upon arrival. Theater guests in the foyer in the conversation. Stage master uses modern revolving stage in motion. Lighting master mixer of modern lighting systems 250 light programs. Headlights light up. The audience Hall with a stadium and Festival visitors. Scene from the Jubilee premiere, Verdi "Ernani". Final applause. Actor is bowing. Transport and loading of scenes the next morning. Actor in bus ride in the surrounding communities to tour.
(63 m) 07. Hamburg: indoor handball Germany Romania 19:19 goal throw Germany ZL. Audience clapping. Game scenes and gate's throw in the corner of the door ZL. Romanian goalkeeper defends ball from ZL. The German team on the throwing circle. Foul. German player lying injured on the ground. Spectator distort her face excited and flicks of the hand. Romanian goal throw ZL. Romania in the attack. Foul. Romanian player lying on the ground. 7 m goal throw.
(53 m)



Berlin ; Bonn ; Coburg ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Münster


Motorrad ; Kunsthalle ; Martinszug ; Fussballweltmeisterschaft 1978 ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Customs ; Books ; Monuments ; Handball ; Trade, finance ; Industry ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; development aid ; Television ; Football ; Photographers ; Radio, television ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Costumes ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; Art ; Jobs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Theater (auch Musiktheater, Oper, Operette) ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 280/1978

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