Deutschlandspiegel 282/1978 1978


01 300 years Hamburg State Opera snake on the street in front of ticket office. Woman pouring hot drink. The State Opera at night lit. Federal President Scheel enters the honor box. Guests stand and clap. Festival performance of "Der Rosenkavalier". Images from the history of Opera. The 1st premiere in January 1678. The changing houses. Portraits of artists. Sample of the State Opera Ballet under John Neumaier. Scene clip from "Der Rosenkavalier".
(54 m) 02. The social status of women in the Federal Republic of Germany going women (pedestrians). Man and woman with stroller. Photos of women in 19th-century House and the stove. Officials of the federal railway work in the signal box, regulate shunting of locomotives. Hairdressing apprentices samples hairstyles. Women in workshop in professions. Saws: Master checks the workpiece. Women in the Assembly of switchboards. Hildegard Jante in the kitchen sinks and overseeing the schoolwork of Alexandra and friend. Helga Schuchardt campaign with microphone in Hamburg road. Minister Antje Huber receives certificate of appointment from Scheel. Practice nurse to doctor. A girl in the crowd, blond, long-haired.
(55 m) 03 Westphalian moated castles driving record surge. Black Swan cleans his feathers, large. Part of shooting a water Castle. Drawing a wagon, a stronghold, a castle and a water Castle, created to protect against the attacking enemy. Water Castle Vischering in Westphalia, built 1271st boardwalk leads across the water to the main Castle. Tana water level. Courtyard. Settings of the walls with art decorations. Re ran, figures. Castle is now in State ownership and is set up as a museum. Faithfully restored interiors. Bedchamber. Painting with portraits of former residents. Jewelry barrel, in which precious objects in the water were sunk at risk. The water Castle, total.
04. hydraulic coal mining (53 m) rotating shaft Tower. Ruhr buddy in underground coal mining. At the hydraulic coal mining, coal is mined hydropower graphical representation of the benefits of the new technology. Small and steep coal stock can be reduced. Hydro - water cannons set up with leverage and flushes out carbon. The coal water mixture running through conveyor trough in reservoir. Water will be deducted. Transport is carried out by pipe system. The coal water current flowing.
(44 m) 05. Cologne: the Roman Germanic Museum (see DSP 236/4) Antique sculptures, large. The Museum next to the Cologne Cathedral. Visitors to the Museum. View of the Cologne Cathedral. Frescoes and statues from Roman times. Head of a young man, great. Demonstration and explanation with audio devices. Elderly woman, great. The Dyonisos mosaic of the 3rd century In display cabinets of glass objects, vases, mugs, jewelry, bracelets from Roman times.
(48 m) 06 Bergedorf: seniors Hauni Foundation Centre font at the entrance of the senior Centre: give the years and not only the life years. Old people sitting in lounge by the fireplace. Hobby room. Close-ups of faces. Old in weaving, needlework, spinning, Clothcraft, painting, swimming, water gymnastics. Spas and hydrotherapy in bath. Gymnastics. Choral singing.
(59 m) 07 Garmisch: Alpine Ski World Cup women's slalom: Pamela Behr standing shapes up to the course on skis. Viewers. Running Pamela Behr. You win the silver medal. LEA Sölkner, Austria, won gold and world champion slalom. Run through the goal. Advertisement: Triumph Adler. Transparent: TSV Seeg greets Irene and Maria Epple.
Giant slalom women: Maria Epple won gold medal and world champion. Close-up Maria Epple with tears of joy.
Men's downhill: skiers ZL. Walking in the fog. Michael Veith, Germany, WINS silver. Sepp Walcher, Austria, wins gold.
(57 m)


Persons in the Film

Huber, Antje ; Neumeier, John ; Scheel, Walter ; Jante, Hildegard ; Schuchardt, Helga ; Behr, Pamela ; Epple, Maria ; Sölkner, Lea ; Veith, Michael ; Walcher, Sepp


Bergedorf ; Bonn ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; Hamburg ; Hanover ; Cologne ; Leverkusen ; Stuttgart ; Westfalen


Dom (Köln) ; Gleichberechtigung ; Burganlage ; Kohlebergbau ; Staatsoper (Hamburg) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Pedestrian ; Musical events ; Night ; Advertising ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Art ; People ; Transport: General ; Water ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Jobs ; Mining ; Mine ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Skisport ; Museum ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 282/1978

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Federal Republic of Germany

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