Deutschlandspiegel 288/1978 1978


01 Karlsruhe: Borussia Mönchengladbach - Boca Juniors Buenos Aires 0:3 (unofficial World Championship of club teams) ZL - football scenes (door camera) game at the Jarpenguin gate. Shot on goal for Argentina after 2 minutes. Assault of the South Americans. Shot on goal 2:0 and 3: kneeling 0 Argentine players in goal. Total Stadium. In the 2nd half game the Germans but without scoring. Argentina receives Cup.
(52 m) 02 camping tourism in the Federal Republic camp sites by the sea and in southern Germany. Caravan stand side by side. Car license plates from all over the world. Construction of tent. Cow, that's great. Cows in the pasture. Grilling in the open air. Red-haired girl face, great. Boat is allowed to water. Tourists in inflatable boats, sailing and surfing. Children's Party at the campsite. Colorful balloons are highly approved. Man and woman in the game of chess with large figures. Mini golf. Skat game in the green. Night on the camping area. Sing. Young couple kisses.
(51 m) 03. City Portrait of the German capital Bonn Bonn balloon. Mercedes radiator, large. High House. Federal House. Chamber. Villa Hammerschmidt. Scheel in conversation with visitors of the 3rd world. Handshake Schmidt/Brezhnev when State visit. Gala reception at the Gymnich of lock for the English Queen. Elizabeth II goes up stairs next to Scheel, behind them Philip and Mildred Scheel. Economic Summit in Bonn. The participants imagine the press to the group photo: Helmut Schmidt, Jimmy Carter, Valerie Giscard d' Estaing, Giulio Andreotti, Takeo Fukuda, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, James Callaghan, Roy Jenkins (EC). The marketplace with stalls. Young woman with a child on her arm. Old town road. Tourists from all over the world. The electoral Palace. Man photographed, great.
The University with modern Institute buildings. The Rhine. Dense traffic. Fast train. Modern roads, government buildings, authorities. Construction site in front of the station. Designs and construction plans. Model of the new planning of the Government District.
(76 m) 04. Shredder plant (processing of scrap cars) giant crane throws car parts on the scrap heap. Auto wreck parts are transported in car. The giant hammer roller of system crushed the car wreck. On conveyor belts, the scrap is transported to magnetic Chambers and vacuum chambers. Here, the various materials are separated. Men sort by hand. Giant gripper transport the car scrap scrap mountains.
(48 m) 05. Ethnology Museum of Berlin Berlin cityscape. The Museum of Ethnology. Valuable sculptures and objects of the world's largest ethnological collection. Massive gold pieces from Peru. Cult constructions from the South Pacific. Blind felt figures. Junior Museum for children there can fiddle around with the objects. Children play seen in the picture.
(49 m) 06 cityscape Tübingen town catalog. City image. Small houses on the river Neckar. Winding streets of the old town. Library. Manuscripts of important scholar, who lived and taught there. Murals of the philosophers Schelling and Hegel, the mathematician Keppler, Hölderlin. The Hölderlin Tower on the river Neckar. Market, City Hall. The University and Institute. Students in the city and the University. Students in fraternity uniforms in the riding. Total city image.
(52 m) 07 Stud Marbach (see D 228/5) two turnouts with blinders trot, another 2 horses behind it. Four-in-hand driving through forest. Equestrian rides before Stud. Mold and dark brown horse be held at Halter. Riders of the state stud at ride with the horses in the area. Figure riding. Young riders at riding lesson. Instructors are command. Mares and foals in the pasture. White Arabian horses in between. Galloping horses and foals in ZL.
(42 m)


Persons in the Film

Breschnjew, Leonid ; Callaghan, James ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Giscard d'Estaing, Valery ; Jenkins, Roy ; Scheel, Mildred ; Scheel, Walter ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Andreotti, Giulio ; Carter, Jimmy ; Fukuda, Takeo ; Hegel ; Hölderlin ; Keppler, Johannes ; Jenninger, Philip ; Schelling ; Trudeau, Pierre Elliot


Berlin ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; Karlsruhe ; Schleswig ; Tübingen


Campingurlaub ; Tübingen ; Völkerkundemuseum ; Policy ; Gestüt ; Autowrack ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hobby ; Higher education ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Photographers ; Political events ; Shipping ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Holiday ; Social events ; aerial photographs ; Exhibitions ; 01 16 mm project ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 288/1978

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Federal Republic of Germany

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