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01 Youth Orchestra Berlin conductor, great. Swiss string orchestra plays. Conductor gives instructions. Orchestra members from around the world at reception in the conversation. Tokyo Japanese amateur orchestra playing Stravinsky and wins the 1st prize.
(61 m) 02 evoking Wulfen modern futuristic residential buildings. Construction of the modern metacity. Workers at the screw of metal parts. Residential buildings with staggered construction elements. Mobile living in homes made of steel, plastic and concrete. Shopping street. Families on balcony. Children's playground. Woman pouring flowers on balcony. Boy crawling in the sand. 3 young girls sit on wooden elements. Playground for children before the buildings. (see D 252, D 210) - D ~ 252: modern residential building with staggered construction elements. Construction of the modern metacity. Workers at screwing by metal Struts. Models of the architectural competition for modern variable living. Floor plan of apartments adapted special wishes and needs. Workers lay slabs. Screw-down prefabricated elements. Large balcony and window boxes. The houses from different angles.
(49 m) 03. consumer protection additional people in shopping street. Goods advertising outside the shops and shop Windows. Special offers in supermarket. Cashier at checkout, type in the price of the goods. Consumer Association offers information brochures for consumers. Counseling sessions. Cheating with big box and small content.
Warentest magazine provides product comparisons. Institute for shopping advice. Washing machines are tested. Scale with imprecise terms. Durability stamp must be affixed on perishable foods. Milk cartons with labels. Subject: product information in the school.
(60 m) 04. The Lüneburg Heath flowering Heather, large. Heath bees in the hive. Heath landscape. Timber-frame house. Watercourse. Lüneburg Heath nature reserve. Walkers and horse-drawn carriage ride through the countryside. Juniper trees in the blooming Heather. Megalithic tomb at the Wilseder Berg. Moorland sheep flock with Shepherd and dogs.
(41 m) 05. Security in air transport flying Lufthansa Boeing from left to right. Iberia plane flying from right to left. Lufthansa-Boeing will be inspection in hangar. Computer analysis for each engine noise source and control program. Expansion of the engines manufactured in the modular system. Look with illuminated glass bar in the Interior of the motor. Maintenance and repair of the engine. Boeing rolls out after maintenance from hangar.
(57 m) 06. Rheinisches coalfield balloon of brown coal region between Cologne and Aachen. The landscape resembles a crater landscape. Shovel in the mining of brown coal. Recultivation of destroyed landscape. Nutritious loess soil is filled into dismantling holes. Planting of shrubs. Ear of corn field image filling. Farmhouse behind green acres. Fishermen on shore of Lake. Sailing and sailboats. Aerial view of the recultivated area with Lakes surrounded by forests and fields. (See also D 251/3, your own text)
(41 m) 07. St. Peter Ording: catamaran Championship catamarans are driven to the beach. Prepare the boats and start of the regatta. Catamarans with colorful sails on the sea. Sailors hang out far from the twin-hull boats. Capsized boat is set up. Turning buoy. The Dutch occupy the first 7 places.
(61 m)



Berlin ; Hamburg ; Hanover ; Mainau ; Münster ; St. Peter ording ; Witzenhausen ; Wulfen


Orchester ; Lüneburger Heide ; Lufthansa ; Braunkohlerevier ; St. Peter-Ording ; Verbraucherzentrale ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; Children ; Musical events ; Plants ; Aerospace ; Schools, training ; Sailing ; Townscapes: Germany ; Surfing ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Landscapes ; People ; Agriculture ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; construction ; Musik ; 01 16 mm project ; Agriculture ; Surfing ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 290/1978

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