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01 City Portrait Aachen Aachen balloon and DOM (scene from "The Rhine"). Move indoors to tomb of Emperor Karl of the great. Old town street with pedestrians. Bubble sources. Young man fills the bucket fountain. Long shot of the city power supply. Industry images. Chocolate factory, producing Aachener Printen and towels in large weaving. Window shopping in the old town. Children play in the fountain. Sculptures in the city. Aachen equestrian and jumping with handkerchief waving. (D-203).
(67 m) 2 Hamburg: student newspaper of the Hansa-gymnasium Bergedorf of the Hansa-Gymnasium in Bergedorf. Students and pupils in the schoolyard. Manuscript editors in shaping the school newspaper, school principal gets presented. Cover pages of the school newspaper "The alarm clock". Event of a writing contest for the posts of the newspaper. Photos of the burned school auditorium. Children at a snowball fight. Student delegation at the District Office Director of Bergedorf in the conversation due to reconstruction of the Auditorium. Students at advertising in shops for ads. Distribution of newspaper to classmates.
(63 m) 03. Cologne: Shrove Monday parade. Pre-accession train at the Cathedral. Spectators swaying. German drinking songs on tree branches with the entire tree. Fools Dance. Schwellköpfe in the parade theme: oil crisis and falling birth rates. Candies and sweets are thrown into the crowd. Street full of rubbish and paper after passage of fools. City cleaning people and vehicles while cleaning the streets. Swivel Cologne Cathedral.
(60 m) 04. Frankfurt: protein from petroleum at Höchst industrial park Frankfurt/Höchst. Extraction of protein from methanol in pilot plant. Laboratory reagents. Nutrient solutions are recognised with bacteria. Centrally controlled mass production begins to increase the nutrient solution of up to a certain limit. Complete protein powder. Cookies from methanol protein. Employees at typewriter eats cookie.
(53 m) 05. Berlin: Exhibition "eyes and ears" in the figure of dancer turns after the sounds of a great game organ Academy of arts. Young mother with child listen on the arm. With corruption, record rotates on plate. Metronome with eye strikes back and forth. Sheet metal rattle, Gong strike, exhibition visitors.
(44 m) 06 Duisburg: Portrait weightlifter Rolf Milser close-ups stills Rolf Milser in weightlifting. Rolf Milser before the sports Office on arrival at his desk and the service. Steak sizzles in pan. Meat, potatoes and vegetables on the plate. Milser at dinner. Winners trophies. Rolf Milser comes from home, on the way to training. Press of weights, exercises and registrations during the training.
(44 m) 7 Hanover: ice sailing on Lake Steinhude (see D 209/1) opportunity shots at sunset by sailors on Lake Steinhude. Photos of competition 100 years ago between ice sailors and the Chicago Express. Ice sailors to set forth their boats before the race. Test of the runners. Pull up the sail. Boats will push at the start. Boats in the race and when applying. Single ice-boats during the race, great.
(41 m)


Persons in the Film

Milser, Rolf


Aachen ; Berlin ; Duisburg ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Cologne ; Steinhuder Meer


Aachen ; Carnival ; Stadtgeschichte ; Industrieverfahren ; Eissport ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Ice sailing ; Industry ; Carnival ; Children ; Research ; Pedestrian ; News, communications ; Portraits ; Schools, training ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Townscapes: Germany ; Buildings ; Art ; People ; Transport: General ; Science ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Exhibitions ; Kunst, bildende ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 306/1980

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