Deutschlandspiegel 316/1981 1981


01. the new Federal Government and its austerity program Federal Eagle image filling (back shot). Election of the Federal Chancellor by the deputies. Helmut Schmidt in an interview. Willy Brandt in voting. Cinematographer. Bundestag President stücklen at the swearing in of the Federal Chancellor on the Constitution. Helmut Schmidt actuality: "... and justice will practise against anyone, so help me God." Deputies clapping, standing. Congratulations Helmut Kohl Helmut Schmidt. Cameramen - and women. Government Declaration of Helmut Schmidt interview: "we can us caught up in the international economic slowdown not shirk. For us this means: temporary decline in output, rising costs and rising prices, current account deficit and rising unemployment. This means for the federal budget, we need to significantly reduce and redeploy on the expenditure side." Intermediate cuts: Bundestag deputies, Government Bank. Workers leave operation, Office workers, workers from office buildings, seamstresses on machine in sewing room, workers at filling machine, technicians in laboratory reagents, students on stairs and in discussion. City total. Transformer housing authority. Driving record highway. Train on the barrier. Kampfpanzer Leopard in the maneuver. Multi-role combat aircraft tornado in flight. Cabinet meeting with Schmidt, Genscher, Graf Lambsdorff, Hans Matthöfer.
(71 m) 02. Lake Constance is in balloon Bodensee, Constance towns and Lake Constance landscape. Wastewater treatment plant on the shore cleans wastewater and passes no residue in the sea. Industrial buildings. System for the cleaning of industrial wastewater in the factory. Large sewage treatment plants near the banks. Taking water samples. Drinking water supply system. Scientists take the lake water samples. Analysis of water is created in the laboratory. Constance balloon.
(72 m) 03 Schwäbisch Hall total Schwäbisch Hall. Small road. Timber-frame houses. Timber-frame houses on the river. Ducks swim. Young people rowing on the stove. Gable of the old Guild houses and Guild labels. Market on the marketplace. People filling picture. Baroque town hall and staircase to the St. Michael's Church. Actors rehearse for outdoor on the large staircase.
(47 m) 04 satellite headquarters in Darmstadt of great mirror and the receiver at Darmstadt in the Odenwald. The European operations centre for space research ESOC. International car tags: Danmark, GB, I, F. scientists screens when collecting data. Control of satellites. The data center provides data. Retrieval of the weather satellite data. Computer fashion photos that are sent to the news media via radio.
(56 m) 05. Berlin: DAAD Artist (German Academic Exchange service) the American filmmaker Jon Jost driving as a Austauschstipendant of the "German Academic Exchange service" with the camera in an open car to the win column in West Berlin. Jon Jost goes beyond the Kudamm with camera before him bearing forth, Jon Jost in Studio for film aid cut. The Brandenburg Gate. The Japanese sculptor Shigeko Kubota buying flowers at flower stall. Exchange artists in the kitchen at the shared preparation of food. Shigeko Kubota draws Japanese characters. Considered the inventor of the video sculpture (three dimensional). Shigeko Kubota leads young viewers before their video series "Mountains".
(71 m) 06. Hamburg: Franz Beckenbauer in the Bundesliga Franz Beckenbauer comes down from Lufthansa plane aircraft stairs and umdrängt by fans. Young people swing HSV flag. Beckenbauer is under police protection, umdrängt by fans of airfield. Franz Beckenbauer during the training with the HSV. Zebec, great coach. Beckenbauer with the HSV in the invasion of the popular spark Stadium with the team of Karlsruher SC. Viewer, screen, Pan HSV flags. Beckenbauer in the game. Karlsruhe shoot 1-0 in the 11th minute. Spectators, large, disappointed with hands in front of the face. Beckenbauer playing the ball forward. Compensation 1:1 after 1 minute. Headed goal Hrubesch 2:1 game scenes Beckenbauer and game scenes in front of the gate of Karlsruhe. Score 3:1 for the HSV. Advertisement: Home and building Ceresit - Gatzweilers old - Asmussen rum - Volksbank - Coca Cola - BP.
(69 m)


Persons in the Film

Beckenbauer, Franz ; Brandt, Willy ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Genscher, Hans Dietrich ; Jost, Jon ; Kubota, Shigeko ; Lambsdorff von ; Matthöfer ; Stücklen ; Hrubesch, Horst ; Zebeck, Branco


Berlin ; Lake Constance ; Bonn ; Darmstadt ; Hamburg ; Hanover ; Lübeck ; Nuremberg ; Schwäbisch Hall ; Travemünde


Stadtgeschichte ; Studentenbesuch (aus dem Ausland) ; Elections ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Federal ; Bundeswehr ; Railways ; cameramen, cameramen ; filmmaking ; Research ; Football ; Photographers ; Political events ; Rockets ; Advertising ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; environmental protection, pollution ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Cultural events ; Art ; Transport: General ; Water ; Science ; civil service ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; construction ; Bonn (Bundeshauptstadt) ; Umweltschutz ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 316/1981

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Federal Republic of Germany

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