Deutschlandspiegel 321/1981 1981


01 old country drive cars under flowering branches. People in coffee grounds under the blossoming fruit trees. Old timber-frame house. Walkers in the fruit tree blossoming. View of sailing boat the Blankenese shore in the foreground. 2 boys in a rowing boat on the Elbe. Obstblüten in shell. Bauer finished young fruit tree and sets new drive. Wedding of old countries. Wedding couple leaving the Church. Pan over village in the old country. (Partial archive material see D 201/6)
(37 m) 02 cityscape Wuppertal totale, swivel to stairs. Maglev train drives over pedestrian street. Driving record from cable railway. Passengers in compartment of the car. Entrance to the station. The façades of the houses. Photo of Friedrich Engels, the Wuppertal industrialist son. Birthplace Friedrich Engels, as a museum furnished with photos, fonts, and furniture.
Old business. Grinding. In manual labor, workers grinds items. Modern industrial plant. Pedestrians on the road. Street musicians. 2 young girls eating ice cream. Look at maglev train on the road. (56 m) 03. International press in Bonn television cameras with leaders Helmut Kohl and Willy Brandt. Helmut Schmidt in his office desk. Shield: DPA - Deutsche Presse Agentur - image editing. Photo Schmidt on Telegraph. Tags: Tass Bonn Office - the New York Times - United Press International Unicom news, door opens. Journalists sitting at a desk, typewriter, telephone. Foreign correspondent Kamal Hamdi, who works for several Arab newspapers, on the way to the press conference. Government spokesman Becker interview: "the Federal Chancellor, nor the Defense Minister can remember..." Journalists take notes. Word messages. Becker speaks with some reporters after the Conference. Press houses on the square of the Alliance. Tunisische press agency. Kamal Hamdi on the phone, great. Reuter's Press Office. Telegraph, image boards. Newspaper kiosk with international newspapers. (Partial archive material D 268/2)
(63 m) 04. Fashion centre Berlin pedestrian: fashionable young women, black. Decorator dressed doll. Fitting in Studio. Large ply is run by women of substance. Clothes on racks. Sewing room with seamstresses of machines. Elderly woman hand work. Foreign workers on trouser press. Poster: Fashion begins in Berlin. Mannequin in suit for fashion shoots. Shoppers examine goods at fashion fair. Fashion show with dance groups show. Folklore clothing after African and Indian art (57 m) 05. Munich: the new art gallery visitors enter the gallery. Beautiful staircase leading to the building. Hall with large circular Windows. Photo of the destroyed art gallery before the world war. Paintings of the 19th century. The destruction of Jerusalem by Titus von Kaulbach. DOM Amstrom of Schinkel. The poor poet by Spitzweg.
Beholder, large - birth of Christ, South Seas paintings by Gauguin.
Bust of the life companion of Max Klinger.
(57 m) 6th flea markets ultra Gramophone speaker. People at the flea market. Garage on tables. Flea market visitors filling picture. Town crier with Bell quote: "People, buy!" Art Nouveau image. Children sell comic books. Jewellery, cutlery, crockery, porcelain, frame. Dickering over the purchase price. Man fumbles chain out, man tried vest and hat. Young woman transported mirror with curved frame. Wife carrying basket shelf.
(56 m) 07. Hamburg: football Federal Republic of Germany Austria of 2-0 complete game box in the people's Park Stadium. Transformer. Manni Kaltz at the ball. Viewer screen with black-red-gold flags. Karl Heinz Rummenigge storms, ZL. Gives the edge to the middle. Goalkeeper keeps. Kaltz is fouled. Own an Austrian goal 1:0 flags are waved. Paul Breitner storms. Austria before the German goal. Own defense Schumacher. Klaus Fischer shoots the 2:0 reps. in ZL. Austria stormed. Austria fans in red and white clothes. Goalkeeper parade Schumacher, ZL. Screen clapping audience. Rummenigge flank. Hans Müller meets the external network. Post shot through Allgöwer. (59 m)


Persons in the Film

Breitner, Paul ; Brandt, Willy ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Engels, Friedrich ; Hamdi, Kamal ; Allgöwer ; Fischer, Klaus ; Kaltz, Manfred ; Müller, Hansi ; Rummenigge, Karl Heinz ; Schumacher, Toni


Old country ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Flensburg ; Hamburg ; Munich ; Wuppertal


Berichterstattung ; Landleben ; Obstanbau ; Ballspiel ; Modeindustrie ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; Higher education ; Industry ; Football ; Pedestrian ; News, communications ; Plants ; Press, press conferences ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Buildings ; Art ; Landscapes ; Transport: General ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Museum ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 321/1981

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Federal Republic of Germany

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