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01 life in a district of forest in the Sauerland. Walkers in the Woods. The Forester's lodge. The forest managers with his colleague in the Office. Antlers on the wall. The forest managers with employees during the tour of the area. In planting, the forest Manager gives instructions. Forest managers interview: "... again cut back, as we call it. "Cut back - either the stock or place on, but in the middle..." Thinning of dense forest area with electric saw. Cleaning of the Wegrandes device front of vehicle. Felling trees. Removal of the tribes. Morning mood in the forest with rising mist. Dawn. The Forester with the binoculars on the High Chair.
(51 m) 02. The Bonn City Hall decorations on the walls of the old Bonn City Hall, portal, clock, Windows. The wrought-iron staircase. Market on the Bonner marketplace before the Town Hall. Crowd on State visits. John F. Kennedy enlists in the Golden book. Emperor Hirohito beckons from the city hall balcony. The modern new City Hall of the municipality in the proximity of the old town hall. Urban employees work in open-plan offices. Issue of passports. People fill out applications. City Council Chamber. Modern art in the foyer and front of the House. Pedestrian. Modern glass facade of the large building.
(53 m) 03 German armed forces in disaster relief abroad Bundeswehr soldiers and vehicles prior to use. Vehicles to the destination after the earthquake in Italy. Debris. Coffins of many dead. Bundeswehr soldiers in the search for victims and removal of household effects. Collapse endangered houses are demolished with heavy mountain and indoor unit. Bundeswehr ambulance of the medical corps drive in the snow. Supplies are brought in the earthquake-stricken areas of Turkey. In field hospital sick and wounded be applied provided, associations, soldier feeding infant. Plane shadow across the Sahel region in Africa. Transport aircraft Transall lands. Supplies are unloaded. Crew distributes gifts to children.
(67 m) 04 free Volksbühne Berlin theatre of the free Volksbühne in Berlin. The Schaubühne. Draw of theater tickets among the members of the free Volksbühne, which enables theatre with discounted tickets. Scene from the theatre production of Faust with Bernhard Minetti, original sound.
S/W: The first House the folk stage in Berlin with writing the art of the people. Photos of visitors, William tell and Member book program.
Col: Performance with a women's theatre company with critical scenes from everyday life, original sound.
(58 m) 05. The new rail-air system modern train travels to mountain curve, on the banks of the Rhine along with tunnel. The Lufthansa Airport Express used parallel to short-haul flights in the space in Cologne Bonn Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. The cab of the train driver. Guests in cars in the form of aircraft. Flight attendants distribute menus on trays. Drinks are served in the lounge. Seen Rhine steamer on the Rhine from the window of the train. Newspaper reading. Entrance to the train station in Frankfurt in the departure hall of the Rhine-Main airport. Luggage checked in the train will already be provided on carts. Passengers embark via escalator to the departure. Launch of Lufthansa Boeing to rear.
(53 m) 6th Kronach: Lucas Cranach the elder (see D 218 and remnants) portrait of Lucas Cranach the elder, painted by Albrecht Dürer. Cranach pictures, Biblical motifs. Place of birth of Kronach. Lucas Cranach the elder road. Medieval houses of the village. Cranach paintings. The judgment of Paris, women's faces, Adam and Eve (Act).
(37 m) 07. Munich: football Bayern Munich-HSV 3:4 sold out Stadium. Game scenes. In the 23rd minute, Hoeness beheads 1-0 over the defence of the Hamburger away. Red and white flags flying. Jimmy Hartwig beheads a flank to compensate. Assault of the teams. Bayern Defender Horstmann shoots the 2:1 2nd half: the game seems decided after a 3rd goal of Bavaria (not pictured). ZL shots the door camera behind goalkeeper Uli Stein and the Hamburg defence. From Heesen - storm running about all over the place leads 2. Horst Hrubesch to the goal 3: achieved the balance 3:3 cheers of the players. In the last minute of the game, Harding is fouled with assault. Felix Magath - free-kick over the wall, will be converted by Harding to 4:3. Cheering the Hamburg players.
(64 m) 08-US plot: American companies in the Federal Republic company houses: Gillette Germany GmbH - S E L - Chase Bank AG Flohr-Otis - Bank of America - Ford - company Hewlett Packard, electronic instrumentation. German employees under American management work in metropolitan areas. Computer records are built. Highly qualified employees are needed for precision work. The staff at breakfast in American fashion with paper cups in the conversation. Not split off indoors, executives involved in the open-plan offices.
(60 m)


Persons in the Film

Hirohito von Japan ; Kennedy, John F. ; Minetti, Bernhard ; Hartwig, Jimmy ; Heesen von, Thomas ; Hoeness ; Horstmann ; Hrubesch, Horst ; Magath, Felix ; Stein, Uli


Africa ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; Helmstedt ; Kronach ; Munich ; Ochsenfurt


Arbeitsbedingungen ; Stadtverwaltung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Federal ; Bundeswehr ; Railways ; Trade, finance ; Industry ; Forestry ; Football ; Aerospace ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Art ; Forest ; civil service ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 333/1982

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