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01 recreation on the water bathing in waves. Young girls push bikes on meadow path. Campsite. Little girl on shore before stone plays with the water. Paddlers, rowers, anglers on the water. Excursion steamer. Surfer. Man and woman sitting side by side on the bench. 2 sightseeing boats pass each other sailing boat is water and ready to roll. Surfers and sailors on the water. Canoe with self-made small sails. Sailing boat houses given.
(50 m) 2nd Summit in Bonn review S / W: NATO Summit in Paris of 1955 McMillanr next to Dulles. Delegation with Adenauer. Handshake Dulles Adenauer. McMillan-Adenauer. Col: balloon border DDR. NATO flag in Bonn to mast. NATO flag in the Chamber. The Spanish flag is carried in. Spain becomes NATO's 16 member countries. Clapping in attendence, standing. Chancellor Schmidt at the lectern. Pan through the Bank, Great Britain Margaret Thatcher, United States-Ronald Reagan of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Turkey. Schmidt actuality: "... continuously develop, we To want at the same time publicly represent him." "Then the word of the English historian Edward will win for us Gibbon validity: The winds and waves are always on the side of the read out of the Navigator." LUNs smiling large. Group Portrait joins with Schmidt, Thatcher, Trudeau, including Reagan next to Schmidt. Transformer Schmidt-Reagan. NATO soldiers arrived in various military branches. Tank maneuvers. Radar screen turns, great. Boat, warships.
(74 m) 03 Berlin: student Theater meeting student groups in Tempelhof. Game with small balls. Young people at the make-up and face painting of heritage. MIME representation. Review: Germany needs witches.
(58 m) 04 Augsburg: aircraft construction - robots in the economy of Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm: modern fully automated production line in building aircraft. Items are added together. Remote-controlled transport bearing trucks parts. Man at computer control center gets needed parts with figures from camp TRANS by slope cars are ported to the installation site. Fully engineered assembly line without manpower.
(55 m) 5th wild horses in the Münsterland wild horses on pasture before sunset in the background. Wild horse Colt galloped. Mare and foal. Between carriage passes through terrain. Crowd is approaching. Horses are herded to catch out of the one-year stallions. Auction of the young stallions to prospective buyers. Galloping horses, ZL. Men keep young Wild Stallion. Young stallion is brought into transport vehicle. Mares stay with selected stallions on the pasture and Gallop back.
(55 m) 06 150 years Hambacher fest the Hambach Castle in the Palatinate. Black streaks on the window. Procession in the town in traditional German costume. Exhibition Hall of the Chateau by the uprising of students, farmers, citizens in may 1832 for freedom of expression, equality and unity of the nation. The authorities reacted by suppressing and let the publicists Philipp Jakob seven Pfeifer and Johann Georg August Wirth (pictured) track and imprison. Performance of a historic game.
(51 m) 7th Garching: Go-Kart Racing (see D 229/5, own text) Starter waving banner. Start the Go-Karts. Small car on the race track. Riders with helmets. Riders before the race when working on the motor. Drivers on the circuit. Driver at the wheel. Recording from the front. Carom. Driver stand up and push back car. Drivers come off in the curve of the course and land on meadow. 2 riders against each other, circuit is blocked. Exiting and new anschieben. Exhaust, great. Driving driver from behind the lens. Audience clapping. Italian champion team.
(35 m) 08. US subject: Reagan in Bonn and Berlin Bonn: interviews interview: young man: "I think it is the best, what we can do, friendship with the United States, because they made we are free and can live in that Berlin here." "How important are the relations between Germany and the United States of America?"
Young man: "the relations are very important, because we need the soldiers, we need americans, we have the same system."
Young woman: "very, very important, I think, Berlin can only survive with the american support." Poll: Font before the Brandenburg Gate as a backdrop. The presence of americans in Berlin is necessary or desirable: 89%. Reagan enters in addition to Stücklen Schmidt and Carstens go the hemicycle of the Parliament behind them. Present rise and clap. Cameraman swings. Reagan speaks before the German Parliament. Reagan quote: "the american people recognized europeans substantial security contribution to adjoin. Nowhere that contribution more avident, than here in the federal republic Germans... ." As listeners said in addition to Genscher, is great. On grandstand Loki Schmidt next to Nancy Reagan. West Berlin: Aircraft rolls out on arrival in Berlin-Tempelhof. US flag. Reagan with Schmidt and Weizsäcker at the wall. Young man: "I think, it was necessary for him to come to Berlin, the americans help the people of Berlin." Woman: "good, very good, fine, that he was here in Berlin." Poll: Treatise on Memorial Church: welcome to Berlin President Reagan: 81%. Reagan speaks before the Charlottenburg Castle actuality: "as long as Berlin exist, there can no doubt, we are here for democracy. Berlin is still Berlin. Berlin is still Berlin." Clapping. Transparent welcome Mr. President and US flags. Reagan between Weizsäcker and Schmidt.
(75 m)


Persons in the Film

Adenauer, Konrad ; Carstens, Karl ; Reagan, Ronald ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Weizsäcker von, Richard ; Luns ; Schmidt, Loki ; Stücklen ; Thatcher, Margaret ; Trudeau, Pierre Elliot


Augsburg ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Frankfurt ; Garching ; Hambach ; Hambach Castle ; Hamburg ; Münsterland ; Sohlenhofen ; West Berlin ; West Berlin


Erholung ; Autorennen ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Theatres ; Hobby ; Interviews ; Children ; Flags ; Leisure, recreation ; Political events ; Radar ; Aerospace ; Reviews ; Schools, training ; Soapbox ; State visits (inside) ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Maneuver ; People ; Holiday ; Water ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; NATO ; aerial photographs ; Auctions ; Exhibitions ; Automation ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 334/1982

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