Deutschlandspiegel 337/1982 1982


1 Hamburg: German Elektronensyncroton DESY - research center for nuclear physics building by DESY in Bahrenfeld. Gate opens at the front gate. Capture of the area from above. Model. Nuclear particles rush in the ring. DESY in practice. A pipe wrapped magnet passes through a concrete tunnel. Scientists monitors observe what happens when Atomic particles collide. Computer centre with control system. Traces of the collisions are recorded on screen. Putting together a super detector from the United States. Giant cabling system.
(57 m) 02 industrial archaeology (see D 278/4, your own text) modern industrial buildings. High-rise buildings. Old boat lift. Control room with instruments. Old, under monument protection related, industrial buildings. Old water tower. 120-year-old Headframe, efeubewachsen. Old Colliery buildings used as indoor tennis courts. Machine Hall by Bill with stained glass Windows and decorative elements. Nice technical buildings of the past. Fittings, watch. (49 m) 03. The German Union Berlin: 12 ordinary Congress of the Union of the DGB. Trade Union officials in the meeting room. Bling, big, Lane, big. Hands are raised in vote. Seriously, broadband is congratulated after his election as the new Chairman. Clapping.
Hamburg: May day demonstration with banners against unemployment and disruption of social peace. Meeting in front of the Union House in the Kurt Shoemaker Avenue. Factory of machine factory. Workers at machines. E transport car driving. Confidence man of the IG-Metall speaks in the break with colleagues o-ton: "I come today to you colleagues with a problem... "Meeting of the Works Council. Factory Hall. Drill into workpiece, greatly. Workers at work leave workplace.
(86 m) 04 Würzburg: Mozart Festival in the residence before the Würzburg Castle Orchestra performs works by Mozart in the Mozart-fest. Audience in the Park of the Castle. Fountain. Interiors of the baroque castle. Staircase is richly decorated with ceiling fresco. Ceiling fresco in the Emperor's Hall. Magnificent rooms.
(55 m) 5th Catastrophies between pedestrians carrying young mothers with their children in strollers, on the hand in the seat pocket in front of himself. Young working mothers on bench in operation after closing time to sink and homework help for children. Mothers are on deck chairs in place of lectures. Children can play under supervision on the playground. The mothers in gymnastics in the open air and at dinner in the dining room. Conversations, interview, to help with problems of everyday life. Tinker. Mudflat hiking.
(64 m) 06. Ulrike Mayfarth - a second career In the tracksuit Ulrike Meyfarth sits on the floor in front of competition. Preparation and concentration before jumping. You undressed tracksuit. Start and jump ZL. Latte is torn.
Review: (D 217) Olympic Games Munich: Ulrike Meyfarth skips 1.92 m wins the gold medal. Clap screen. Congratulations to the winner. For many years of the break. Ulrike Meyfarth sitting in Garden and painted sketches. Close-up of face. Viewers filling picture. Congratulations to the winner. For many years of the break. Ulrike Meyfarth jumps over 2 m and is ZL with 2.02 m European champion. Advertisement: Hardenberg grain, Sparkasse.
(62 m) 7 US subject: German-American Club dune grass. Wadden Sea. Setting sun. German-American holiday in East Frisia on the campsite. Horseshoe throwing, ball games, Frisbee, exit with shrimp, sitting around a campfire and sing.
(61 m)


Persons in the Film

Loderer, Eugen ; Meyfarth, Ulrike ; Breit, Ernst ; Klunker


Berlin ; Friesland ; Hamburg ; Helgoland ; Kassel ; Leverkusen ; Ochsenfurt ; East Frisia ; Würzburg


Atomforschungszentrum ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Hobby ; Industry ; Children ; Research ; Leisure, recreation ; Pedestrian ; Musical events ; Advertising ; Shipping ; mood pictures ; Buildings ; Power plants ; Art ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; People ; Co-determination ; Holiday ; Transport: General ; Science ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Jobs ; employment ; Astrology ; works councils ; Trade unions ; Sport ; Baukunst (Baudenkmal) ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Monthly Newsreel

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Deutschlandspiegel 337/1982

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Federal Republic of Germany

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