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01. the new Federal Government Bundestag session. Bundestag President stücklen actuality: "With 'Yes' voted 256 deputies" clapping and cheering in the ranks of the CDU deputies. Under the first Congratulators Helmut Schmidt, who congratulated the new German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Hans Dietrich Genscher congratulates.
Review of the work of the Government said the last 13 years: reconciliation with the East. Willy Brandt in Warsaw with wreath-laying ceremony at the Memorial for the murdered of the Jewish ghetto. Brandt kneel down. Signing of the German Polish Treaty. Handshake Brandt Cyrankiewicz (archive D 196/1). Berlin wall border. The flow of visitors to East Berlin (archive D 222/3). Economic Summit in Bonn. Carter in conversation with Schmidt in the Chancellor's Office. (Archive D 287/1)
Helmut Kohl alone ranked Chancellor of the Government Bank receives flowers.
Review: Helmut Kohl as a campaigner in crowd. Photo: Cabbage with wife and two sons.
Bonn and Federal House, total. Heiner Geissler in conversation with Stoltenberg, Norbert Blüm, Wörner. Cabbage in addition to Genscher at the Cabinet meeting. Federal Eagle in the Chamber, great. Helmut Kohl at the lectern with Government statement. Cabbage o-ton: "Foundation German foreign and security policy are the North Atlantic Alliance and the friendship and partnership with the United States of America. The European idea has created reconciliation across borders and laid the foundations for a lasting peaceful order in Europe. European policy was and always is a policy for peace in freedom. Our friends and allies, but also our partners all over the world should know that it can rely on the straightness and predictability of our policy." Clapping.
(102 m) 02. The Germans again hiking parking lot of full of cars. Couple with knapsacks. Hiking boots are laced, large. Getting off the bus. Legs of walkers. Panoramic view from lookout point in the mountain range on rising fog. Refuge as a resting place. Hikers sit under umbrellas on the terrace. Click on resting place under the trees. Group of hikers in the mountains. Karl Carstens wanders through the German countryside.
(55 m) 03 Airbus A310 pan across A 310 on airfield. Assembly Hall at Messerschmidt-Bölkow-Blohm. 1/3 of the aircraft will be built here. Transport of the rear end of the fuselage. Assembly of the aircraft is made in France. Cockpit with advanced electronics. Passenger space. A 310 on the airfield.
(58 m) 4th open on the Loreley young motorcycle riders on arrival. Rhine steamer on the river Rhine. The Loreley rock. Young people in tents and sleeping on the lawn next to car. Views of the Rhine. Rock Festival. Band plays. Young listener move to the rhythm. Achim Reichel sings own composition "Corners are heritage syphilis". Grape, large, in the vineyards. Rock under the open sky. Young audience clapping, filling the screen. Rhine freighters on the river.
(57 m) 05. City Portrait Duisburg (see 267/2, your own text) Street in Duisburg, in the background of older houses and factories with chimneys. Image from this image in painting. Rhine Harbor with tugboats. Painting Rhine port. Townscape with buildings and smoking chimneys. Painting. Light rail runs. Rail road, driving record. People on the train in the dining car. Aerial view of Duisburg. Junction Road from above. Monument of Franconian King. Paintings of Gerhard Mercator, cartographer of the 16th century. Great maps by Mercator and globe. Graduation of the Earth, which still has validity. Statue: The kneeling by Wilhelm Lehmbruck. The Lehmbruck Museum with modern sculptures and statues in the open air. Old houses and industrial buildings with smoking chimneys. Blast furnace. Steel industries. Tug and steamer in the Rhine port, largest inland port in Europe. Cranes are loaded. Industrial buildings in the sky at sunset in red light wrapped. (See D 267/2, your own text)
(51 m) 06. Bremen: football Werder Bremen-Schalke 04 4-0 kick-off Bremen. Viewers filling picture. Bremen storm. Norbert Nigbur runs out the door and throws himself on the ball (ZL with door camera). Striker crashes. Schalkekonter are caught in the middle. Werder scores goal shortly before half-time, is not accepted due to foul play at the goalkeeper.
2nd half: Storms Bremen and Schalke defends. Good presentation, Samer shoots 1-0 to Bremen. Nigbur parade, ZL. Viewers filling picture. 2-0 for Bremen by the old Neubert, ZL. Two more Werder goals and cheering the players partly ZL. Advertisement at the gang: Bonin oil - LBS savings - Deichmann shoes.
(60 m) 7 US-Sujet: Würzburg: NATO maneuver off large transport aircraft American paratroopers jump off. A total 12,000 parachute jump. Heavy equipment is dropped on parachutes. U.S. soldiers, great. Reception of the allies at the Mayor. German-American briefing, original sound. Soldiers in the maneuvers and the gun.
(57 m)


Persons in the Film

Brandt, Willy ; Carstens, Karl ; Cyrankiewicz ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Stoltenberg, Gerhard ; Blüm, Norbert ; Carter, Jimmy ; Geissler, Heiner ; Genscher, Hans Dietrich ; Reichel, Achim ; Stücklen ; Wörner, Manfred ; Neubert ; Nighbur


Berlin ; Bonn ; Bremen ; Duisburg ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Loreley ; Neumünster ; Rhine ; Warsaw ; Würzburg


Stadtentwicklung ; Flugzeugbau ; Wandern ; Elections ; Musikfestival ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hobby ; Education, youth ; skydiving, skydiving ; aircraft ; Leisure, recreation ; Football ; Musical events ; Plants ; Political events ; Aerospace ; Advertising ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Buildings ; parts of the body: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, beard, hands, legs ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Landscapes ; Maneuver ; Holiday ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; NATO ; Sport ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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