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01 fisheries research views from fisheries research ship on stormy seas. Control cabin. Networks are obtained. Fish are examined according to size and condition. Weighing in buckets. Location on map is determined. German fisheries research ship Walter Herwig in Antarctic waters. Knowledge about krill will be obtained. Amounts of small crustaceans on board. Screening of cancers to pollutants. Central Fisheries Research Institute in Hamburg. Eels meander in basin. Investigation of fish in southern waters. Taste test at the eating of fish. Research ship on the sea.
(65 m) 02 Monheim/Rhein - city of women Monheim, cityscape. Ancient and modern city district. Coat of arms: Young goose guardian. Meeting of the City Council with Mayor Ingeborg Friebe and many female councillors, close-up. Mayor o-ton: "I welcome the ladies and gentlemen of the Committee... ." Mayor on market to market stall, in her Office at citizens office hours in conversation with the young man, as a member of the building Committee on construction site, in kindergarten. Little girl at the cut, great. Close up at City Council meetings.
(57 m) 03. The Teufelsmoor Bremen bog plants, bog landscape. Peat boat moves on the water. Man and woman in the peat. Peat bales are set up to dry. Automatic extraction of peat and removal. Evening mood across the Moor.
(54 m) 04. environmental protection through recycling a. industrial chimneys. Waste recycling. Extraction of raw materials from residues of sulphuric acid production. Workers in protective suits in copper smelter. Metals are extracted from residues.
b. treatment reactor for old car tyres and plastics. Materials for the raw materials be reconverted in highly heated sand whirlpool bath. Old tires are transformed into gasoline, oil, and naphthalene. Liquids are collected in vessels.
(c). Chemical plant turns plastic waste into devices to new use. Waste pile full of plastic containers and bags, which are thrown into the rotating drum. Shredding. Plastic mud is hardened and reprocessed.
(54 m) 05. cardiac - rehabilitation Fußgängermasse. Secretaries before monitors and telephone technicians to assembly line. Stammtisch round of drinking beer. Smoking, great. Ambulance. Woman in car is pushed on stretcher. Young man at heart test. Records on the screen. Heart attack patients in the Sports Hall. Gymnastics, endurance, check the pulse in self control. (See also archive D 265 / 4)... grudge...
(49 m) 06 monastic Ettal Monastery Ettal in Bavaria. Hallway. Boarding students at the has in dormitory. Teddy bear in bed. Students go to class. Classroom teacher in habit. High performance demands. Students in the schoolyard. Teacher talking to students. Dining room. Teacher interview: "Bless this food, even those who prepared it and us..." Food is distributed. Football game. Student at desk while reading. Worship with priests.
(57 m) 07 Inzell: International speed skating Center City image of the winter resort of Inzell. Eisschnelläufer training on the speed skating track. International runners in the cross-country skiing and Sprint. ZL-run. International flags during competition. Low emitters will illuminate. Young audience Cheer competitions. Public Skate ball with much audience.
(52 m) 08-US plot: birthplace of famous Americans: Carl Schurz in Lindlar / near Cologne cityscape Lindlar. Photo of Carl Schurz as Minister of the Interior in the Cabinet of President Rutherford B. Hayes 1877. monument to Carl Schurz in Lindlar. Birthplace in the Bailey of the Castle. Parish Church where he was baptized and played as an organist. Excerpt from the baptismal register. University of Bonn: Photos: freedom rally at the marketplace in Bonn. Carl Schurz with his friend Gottfried Kinkel. Both were persecuted as activists of the revolution of 1848. Emigrant sailing ship of 1852nd 1 kindergarten of the United States in Watertown, founded by the wife of Carl Schurz. Carl Schurz as a soldier of the civil war against the South and slavery. Carl Schurz as a speaker for the integration of the Indians. Carl Schurz on postage stamp. Biography (60 m)


Persons in the Film

Schurz, Carl ; Friebe, Ingeborg ; Kinkel, Gottfried


Berlin ; Ettal ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Inzell ; Ettal Abbey ; Cologne ; Lindlar ; Mannheim ; Monheim ; Monheim/Rhein ; Ochsenfurt ; Rhine ; Rhenish lignite area ; Spessart ; Teufelsmoor in Bremen ; Wertheim


Ausbildung ; Wintersport ; Müllverwertung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; stamps ; Monuments ; Ice skating ; Hobby ; Children ; Energy, energy supply ; Flags ; Fish ; Research ; Leisure, recreation ; Plants ; Political events ; Smoking ; Religious events ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Schools, training ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; environmental protection, pollution ; Buildings ; maps ; Landscapes ; Medicine ; Holiday ; veterinary medicine ; Water ; Science ; Jobs ; construction ; Gastronomy ; Sport ; Forschungsschiff ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 341/1983

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Federal Republic of Germany

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