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01 election 1983 CDU: Helmut Kohl at party headquarters of the CDU, surrounded by friends and reporters as the election winner. Helmut Kohl quote: "... Conditions have occurred, which I have made me to be able to continue the policy. And in the hour of victory and at the hour of joy's does also need to indicate the responsibility that brings this result with itself".
SPD: Disappointed faces. Jochen bird interview: "we are the opposition. We perceive this task, constructive. We are the designated alternative as opposition, and what happen you must wait."
The Greens: Assembly. Petra Kelly as a speaker in addition to Schilly.
FDP: election posters with Genscher. SPD, CDU election posters. Stock market business. Container port. Shipyard workers. Balloon container terminal.
(79 m) 02. portrait of the company flags patch flags and pennants flag ship. Winner holds up trophy. Olympic flag is hoisted. Business banner spot on the Gr. Burstah since 1882. cups. Badge. Seller in the conversation with customers. Senior Chief Heinz Fleck advice. Choosing fabric for Lufthansa flight attendants. Production space. Cutting and sewing Fabrics. Flags emblem cut out. Hand embroiderer in the embroidery of characters. Embroidery machines embroidery badges, controlled by punched tape. Emblems come from machines.
(58 m) 03 Mainz: eco architecture, road leads green covered pedestrian bridge. Ivy ranking and defies the car exhaust. Green plants in containers. Water flows over natural rock. Old trees grow on bridge. Views of the old town with Cathedral. Green bridge with people.
(39 m) 04. Berlin: film and Television Academy building of the TV station. Camera team goes before that. Students of the film and Television Academy with electronic camera interviewing passers-by, original sound. Older Lady manifests itself to the program design. Cutting table. Copy of title to trick table. A final film after completing the Academy as exam work.
(50 m) 05. Schweinfurt 1 bicycle crank is turned. Old bikes. The town of Schweinfurt. City image. Friederich Rückert monument. Pedestrian zone. Bicycle industry. Corporate Kugelfischer, SKF, and Fichtel and Sachs. Production space at Fichtel and Sachs. Provides for bicycles (mopeds). Mounting the engines. Workers in the breakfast break at the newspaper. Workers on the Assembly line for production of parts. Production of shock absorbers and clutches. Endurance test. Parking in front of Fichtel and Sachs with many vehicles.
Archive - see D 288/4 (57 m) 06 Shredder plant (processing of scrap cars) giant crane throws car parts on the scrap heap. Auto wreck parts are transported in car. The giant hammer roller of system crushed the car wreck. On conveyor belt, scrap is transported to magnetic Chambers and vacuum chambers. Here, the various materials are separated. Men sort by hand. Giant gripper transport the car scrap scrap mountains.
(46 m) 07. Cologne: Football of 1 FC Köln - Borussia Dortmund 2-2 Klaus Allofs shoots for Cologne 1-0 after 40 seconds. Cheers to both players and spectators. Flags are waved. Ball into the goal. Storm game. Parade of goalkeeper Harald Schumacher, ZL. Klotz, Dortmund, hits the post. Viewers filling picture.
2nd half: Konter Dortmund, running over bare. Tape to block. This strikes to the 1:1 in the gate. Audience jumps up and smacks. Rush Cologne. Ibrahim fends off ball. The margin reached 1 cheering, cheering the 2: Klaus Allofs. A few minutes before playing inattention in the Cologne defence. Klotz shoots the balance 2:2 Schumacher, ZL, goes to the ball. Advertisement: Jagermeister, Küppersbusch, Coca Cola, DOM Kölsch (58 m) 08 US plot: US press corps press conference in Bonn. On the microphone Petra Kelly in addition to Schilly. Quarter of the journalists at the press center. Boards: The New York Times, United Press International. Journalists read a newspaper in their offices. Newspaper stand with U.S. newspapers on the stand: the Wall Street, financial times. US TV correspondent Harold Walker interviewed Petra Kelly original sound. Petra Kelly responds to actuality. (English) EBC editor in Bonn. Harold Walker transferred messages via satellite in U.S. network. Harold Walker on election party of the CDU, original sound.
(55 m)


Persons in the Film

Burgsmüller ; Kohl, Hannelore ; Fleck, Heinz ; Genscher, Hans Dietrich ; Kelly, Petra ; Schilly ; Vogel, Jochen ; Walker, Harold ; Allofs, Klaus ; Immel, Eike ; Klotz ; Schumacher, Toni


Berlin ; Bonn ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Cologne ; Lübeck ; Mainz ; Schweinfurt


Studiengang ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Banking, banking ; Stock Exchange ; Monuments ; Honors ; Trade, finance ; Industry ; Interviews ; Flags ; Television ; filmmaking ; Football ; News, communications ; Press, press conferences ; Advertising ; Radio, television ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; environmental protection, pollution ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Transport: General ; Elections ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Sport ; Architecture ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 343/1983

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