Deutschlandspiegel 356/1984 1984


01 gardens in Hanover Herrenhausen Gardens of the Castle. Young man with a flute of Parzival group goes through the garden. Cellist, flautist and violinist play in addition to bronze statues, before fountain. Music Group plays before Schloß Herrenhausen. Aerial photographs of the Castle and the large water fountain. Lake with fountain. Walkers. Young mothers with strollers in the Park. Figures. Fixed: Music and theatre in Herrenhausen. Dance couple dances. Headlights. Ballet dancer. Fireworks. (See D 223/6)
(54 m) 02. The inner German trade emblem of the Leipzig trade fair. Fairgrounds visitors. German exhibition stands: Mannesmann, Siemens, Bayer Leverkusen. Driving record of the Hannover Fair. Transportation between East and West by freight train, tractor, truck. Canceled passenger train. In the interview of Erich Honecker with Franz Josef Strauss. Exhibition stand Tyssen, Bosch air tools, fashion made in GDR. People come in exhibition.
(60 m) 03. 30 years Westdeutsche Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen Festival House with short film poster Domitila - be or not be. Short film advertisements. Discussions by participants of the Festival. Filmbücksen. Audience room, demonstration machine turns. Czech film the Green wood. Raven chopped wood, Raven skull. Discussion with participants from the 3rd world. Prize-giving ceremony. Animated film.
(68 m) 04. Young men wait patterning in swimming trunks compulsory military service in the hallway. Medical examination for patterning. Recruits on the barracks courtyard in front of tanks. Motor vehicle mechanic one are remaining tank repair in the grounds. Tank driving over hills. Cross-country skiing of the recruits in training suit. Notice in the barracks of Bundeswehr Association and ÖTV. Soldiers after service in local bar and billiards game. Maneuver. Creep through at Stacheldrahtverhau. overcome obstacles, shooting. Land parachutists. Chatting in the maneuver. Soldiers get out of tanks. Replacement service-providing care for elderly in nursing home and help people with disabilities. Young people are leaving the barracks at the weekend. Home in railway.
(96 m) 05. Krupp settlement Margarethenhöhe in Essen tram runs in Essen. Pretty small houses of the Krupp settlement Margrethenhöhe. Industrial buildings by Krupp. The creation of the village with charming houses and cheap rent. Pretty ornaments on Windows and walls. Market in the settlement. Cars under archways throughout. Small gardens in front of the houses. Children's playground. Hotel and restaurant Margarethenhöhe. Meeting in a pub. Evening sun over settlement.
Karl Heinz Rumenigge (60 m) 06 portrait to the lyrics of his song move the legs of the football stars. ZL-Rumenigge hit recordings. Torköpfer and cheers. Foul on him. Training. Rumenigge gives autographs to fans. Game scenes with him ZL. Leadership of the ball through the legs of the opponent. Ball delivery and scoring. Jubilation. Karl Heinz Rumenigge close-up. (50 m) 07. Hamburg: German-American youth exchange arrival of American youth at the Hamburg Airport. Stowage of baggage in bus. The young people training in mechanical engineering company. Boy gives interview about the meaning and the purpose of his stay in Germany O-Ton(Englisch). German family travels in car with the American guest child. Harbour cruise, storage houses. US warship with Star-Spangled Banner is the overseas bridge.
(57 m)


Persons in the Film

Honecker, Erich ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Rummenigge, Karl Heinz


Berlin ; Food ; Hamburg ; Hanover ; Leipzig ; Oberhausen


Filmfestival ; Stadtansichten ; Fussballspieler ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Federal ; Bundeswehr ; Education, youth ; filmmaking ; Portraits ; Shipping ; Townscapes: Germany ; mood pictures ; Buildings ; People ; Transport: General ; civil service ; Exhibitions ; Autographs ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Monthly Newsreel

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Deutschlandspiegel 356/1984

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Federal Republic of Germany

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