Deutschlandspiegel 363/1984 1984


01 wine growing on the Rhine Rhine tug on the river. Vineyard with yellow leaves. Oldest House of in Germany on a wine estate. Winemaker makes wine tasting. Large wine barrels to store wine. Grape harvest on the vineyard. Picking off the grapes by hand. Grapes are distributed in large basket. Grinding of the grapes. Trek goes to court. Tasting at the winery. Measurement of the sugar content. Filling in the wine room. Filled into bottles.
(59 m) 02. Hamburg: covered shopping streets of the Hamburg court as a new shopping centre with shop passages, small bistros round tables with people. Expenses in the shops. Luxury items. People at round tables in the center of the inlet. (See D 329)
(43 m) 03 International North Sea protection of broken apart oil tanker of Avopokadis off the French coast. Oil-polluted coast of Brittany. Oil-polluted sea birds. International North Sea Conference in Bremen. Arrival Minister Zaki with accompaniment. Conference Hall. Common measures on the pollution of the sea. Model of new oil disposal vessels. Completed vessels in the port of Bremen. Monitoring of navigation of the North Sea helicopter of the BGS. Tracking of vessels which drain the oil. Recordings with video camera. Modern wastewater treatment plant for cleaning of the flowing rivers. Oil-polluted Beach and mudflats with sheep and birds.
(64 m) 04. Alm operating cows at the "Almabtrieb" festively decorated. In the background, snow-covered mountain slopes. Festive village. Cows are collected on meadow and returned to owners. Departure vehicle.
(29 m) 05 Hannover: Sprengel Museum - the open Museum Road drive past car sculptures that are placed in the open air. Museum of chocolate manufacturer Sprengel as open building art treasures of modern art. Wooden hands with ball. Realistic depictions, humanoid figures. Surprise effects. Paintings, mobiles. Motion pictures. Art objects will be transferred. Open Museum, transition from outdoor House.
(57 m) 06 Tauberbischofsheim, Germany: A town and its Club half-timbered houses of Tauberbischofsheim. Boy takes fencing mask in front of the face. Training in fencing. National coach Emil Beck attracts protective suit and fights against Olympic champion Alexander Pusch, who himself wipes sweat from the face, great. Emil Beck passes through road of the Tauberbischofsheim and speaks with woman.
Total Tauberbischofsheim. Young fencers in training as a draftsman. Training centre of the German fencers. Children at the boarding school in teaching and training. Education begins at the age of 7 years.
(66 m) 07. Hamburg: UEFA Cup: HSV - Southampton 2-0 spectators filling with HSV flags image. Southampton before the HSV gate ZL. Shot on goal on the crossbar. Ulli Stein catches the ball, loses it again. Hard man-marking of the English. HSV before the gate. Soler Touchline, ball will be shot over goal. Screen, fans wave flags. Kaltz at the ball. Parade of goalkeeper Ulli Stein ZL. In the 68. Minute is fouled players. Kaltz scored penalty. Cheers of the fans. 4 minutes before McGhee shoots the 2:0 ad: Gothaer - Ubix Copier VW - ouzo.
(62 m) 08 US story: A basketball player in Germany close up Donald Mason, at the age of 24, colored US student from Los Angeles, original sound. Mason goes through Göttingen. Mason in the game against Leverkusen of Göttingen. American coach Terry Scallfield, large, are instructions from the sidelines. Audience clapping.
(48 m)


Persons in the Film

Pusch, Alexander ; Zimmermann, Karl ; Beck, Helmut-Emil ; Kaltz, Manfred ; MacGhee ; Mason, Donald ; Scallfield, Terry ; Soler ; Stein, Uli


Atlantik ; Bavaria ; Bremen ; Göttingen ; Hamburg ; Hanover ; North Sea ; Rhine ; Tauberbischofsheim, Germany ; Wadden Sea


Weinanbau ; Nordsee ; Almabtrieb ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Basketball ; Trade, finance ; Harvest ; Fencing ; Football ; Advertising ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; environmental protection, pollution ; Buildings ; Art ; Landscapes ; Livestock, livestock ; Umweltschutz ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 363/1984

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Federal Republic of Germany

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