Deutschlandspiegel 364/1985 1985


01 fashion designer Wolfgang Joop Wolfgang Joop on the phone interview (in Italian). Joop sits on desk and working on designs. Joop with mannequins in fitting and fabric sample. Fashion photos. Camera lens picture filling. Joop mannequin helps fashion shoots in coat. Joop on his desk with designs for Meissen porcelain. Drawing Joop fashion with signature.
(57 m) 02 Paderborn: Nixdorf computer for the world market of glass facades of office buildings. Employees write on computers. Nixdorf computer production. Large office space with computers. Research Department of the plant. Work on the magnetic storage in protective suits. Clean room - no access. Interview with Nixdorf actuality (competition with IBM). Nixdorf at groundbreaking ceremony for new plant in Berlin.
(62 m) 03 Berlin: A walk on the island of small steamer with tourists driving on the Havel River. Two peacocks go on meadow, great. Ponies on the island. Sailing boats on the river Havel. Walkers on the island. Prussia Castle. Indoor shots. Visitors walk up the curving staircase. Painting of Queen Louise. Small temple in the park with a statue of Queen Louise. Outside view by dairy farm of small dairy with Cathedral Windows and interiors such as nave. Gothic House. Fountain, light breaks. Steamer on Lake.
(50 m) 04 Bonn: I reports on Germany - the FRG in the world press international newspapers on stand by newsstand. Press House. The French journalist Marc Leroy Beaulieu in his Office on the phone. Interview (in French). Leroy Beaulieu reported about his work in Germany production sound, big (French). Marc Leroy Beaulieu at press conference that goes beyond market before the Bonn City Hall. Workers in operation at coffee break. Giant parking lot. Leisure hobby market. Tourist travel agency. Marc Leroy Beaulieu goes through Bonn streets.
(63 m) 05. Göttingen: Georg August University lecture. Student, great. Student, great. Lecture Hall. The building of the Georg August University. Library with readers. Dictionary of the German language of the Brothers Grimm. Plaque on House commemorating the mathematician Carl Friederich was Gauss, astronomy on a new footing and the physicist Weber, who developed the first electromagnetic Telegraph (1833). Students work on computer-controlled optical mechanical plant for measuring fast chemical reactions. Experiments in medical laboratory with living heart muscle cells under a microscope. Heart surgery in hospital. Göttingen in the evening. Guest House to the old German. Students in the guest house in the conversation.
(58 m) 06 Arbeiterwohlfahrt young man puts food in small car and brings "Meals on wheels" to an old man. Emblem of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt House. Images from the history of Arbeiterwohlfahrt. Black and white photos: sewing room. Snake face public kitchen. Children holiday of the AWO. Color: train sign Berlin Stadtbahn-Westerland. Older people at the music gym. Creating a consulting Centre for foreign workers. Foreign children are cared for with German children in daycare. Leiana help. Little girl with earring, wholesale.
(40 m) 07. portrait of Michael gross Parkbad in Offenbach. Michael Gross on the starting block. Coach. Michael Gross swims Butterfly ZL, back crawl ZL. Parents big typewriter. Michael Gross from behind. Crawl swimming partly ZL. The turn of ZL.
(55 m) 08 US story: Hamburg: historic emigration office of American teacher Henry A. Smith in the classroom in a German high school. Smith visited the historic emigration office to get inquiries for his German ancestors. Entertainment production sound. Images from the time of emigration. Old emigrant lists passenger lists. With microfilm be list and names of ancestors could be found.
(65 m)


Persons in the Film

Joop, Wolfgang ; Leroy-Beaulieu, Marc ; Luise, Königin ; Nixdorf ; Gross, Michael


Berlin ; Bonn ; Göttingen ; Hamburg ; Cologne ; New York ; Offenbach ; Paderborn ; Peacock island


Göttingen ; Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) ; Pfaueninsel ; Computer ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Libraries ; Books ; Monuments ; Hobby ; Higher education ; Industry ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Leisure, recreation ; News, communications ; Photographers ; Portraits ; Press, press conferences ; Shipping ; Schools, training ; Swimming ; Animals (except dogs) ; diving ; Buildings ; Art ; Landscapes ; Medicine ; Holiday ; veterinary medicine ; Water ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Emigrants ; Automation ; construction ; Gastronomy ; Modedesigner ; Sozialwesen (Fürsorge, Unterstützung, Versicherung) ; Schwimmsport ; Universität ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 364/1985

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Federal Republic of Germany

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