Deutschlandspiegel 370/1985 1985


01 Hamburg fish market Blohm & Voss. Fishing trawler. Rooster crows in the cage. Fish market stall and market visitors on Sunday morning. Banana town crier. Barkers distributed onions. Carpets for sale. Flower seller front truck. Crowds at the fish market. Kermit puppet. Fish is weighed and paid in bag. Pets in Hall. Rabbits and chickens, pigeons. 20ff with eel. Barker sold flowers. People hauling large growths in the Scrum. Degradation of the soil. Lorries driving through the fish market.
(52 m) 02. The Cathedral of worms Cathedral worms, swivel top. Camera trip. Sculptures on the facade. Interior of the Romanesque building. Glass window. The figures of the nibelungenlied. Martin Luther. The Cathedral.
(54 m) 03 Hamburg: German Chinese economic relations China's Prime Minister, Zhao Ziyiang visited the aviation and space companies MBB. Visit to the plant. Zhao in Flugzeugcokpit at the wheel. China ship in the port of Hamburg. Chinese flag. Home port Shanghai. Chinese sailors. Loading of goods. Seamless welded tubes are exported. Man machine. Chinese Xu Dan enters his company in Hamburg. Chinese rugs. The China Trade Center in the Mundburg high-rise. Chinese phone operator recorded interview. Employees check rubber work gloves. Zhao takes 1 Airbus for China in reception at the MBB. Handshake luxury Mercedes limousine with China Stander, continues with Mercedes - Entourage in movement.
(67 m) 04. holiday in the countryside village sign Hofbieber Schwarzbach. Children move cows from pasture. Children feed calves. Holidays on the farm. Bordering zone, Famitie moves to the border with border sign and border barrier. Riding on the lunge. Visit to the forge. Hooves are forged and adapted. Sausages grilling outdoors and dinner on long tables. Hay harvest. Children rake the grass together. Drive from tractors dragged from the field. (see D 335, own text)
(42 m) 05. Sindelfingen/Böblingen driving freight train full of Mercedes cars. Long shot of the double city of Sindelfingen, Böblingen. Swivel. Automatic treadmill at Mercedes. Assembly Hall. Supply operation with high technology. Fountain. Timber-frame houses. Market. Kleinstadtidiylle.
(44 m) 06. Back in the air - Lufthansa Lufthansa aircraft in the air. Landing approach. Roll out. Black and white: Looking back at the initial establishment of the Lufthansa 30 years ago. Flight attendant training. Flight operation with an American Convair (2 propeller) in the spring of 1955 trans-Atlantic traffic with a super constellation. New York skyscrapers. Airport Düsseldorf. Lufthansa Boeing 707 and jumbo. Crowd at the Hamburg Airport during commissioning of the jumbo.
Color: Jumbo cargo aircraft is loaded. Air shipyard in Hamburg. Examination of the engine with the borescope. Training of pilots from the 3rd world. Lufthansa machines at the Frankfurt airport. Airbus flies. Flight display on board. Airfield clearance. Start of Lufthansa. Passengers in aircraft. Flight from clouds.
(74 m) 07 Hockenheim, Germany: motor cycling road world championship race drivers before the race at their machines. Anton Mang, big, looks skeptical due to the rain. Passenger engines in the race. Martin Wang before the race. Motorcycle riders at the start. Sign helpers out, Honda Martini will be upheld. Start. Colorful auditorium with rain gear. Cornering. It leads Martin Wimmer before Toni Mang.
Freddy Spencer, United States, can't make catch-up race after poor start. Award ceremony with Martin Wimmer in the Garland. Advertising: Continental - Valvoline - champion - Sachs.
(54 m) 08 US story: US artists in Germany - Richard Teitelbaum Berlin: Charlottenburg Castle. Among the visitors in the Park Richard Teitelbaum, pianist from the United States, invited by the German Academic Exchange service. Richard Teitelbaum at work in his apartment with computer, display, synthesizer, pianos, with which he shapes his sound pictures. Interview with Richard Teitelbaum: what you in Berlin the most inspired? Richard Teitelbaum is at the cultural centre, a former factory building concert with the New York saxophonist Ned Rothenberg. Electronic music. Audience listen and clap.
(64 m)


Persons in the Film

Rothenberg, Ned ; Teitelbaum, Richard ; Ziyang, Zhau ; Mang, Anton ; Spencer, Freddy ; Wimmer, Martin


Berlin ; Hamburg ; Hockenheim, Germany ; Sindelfingen/Böblingen ; Worms


Lufthansa ; Motorrad ; Worms ; Policy ; Sindelfingen ; Hamburger Fischmarkt ; Wirtschaftsbeziehung ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; Hobby ; Flags ; aircraft ; Leisure, recreation ; motor sports ; Musical events ; Aerospace ; Advertising ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; State visits (inside) ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Holiday ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; 01 16 mm project ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 370/1985

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Federal Republic of Germany

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