Deutschlandspiegel 377/1986 1986


01 monastery Maulbronn-Maulbronn in Württemberg with half-timbered houses. Fountain. Maulbronn monastery Fountain House. From mouth of figures running well water. Boarding students in the former Cistercian Monastery. The Maulbronn cross representing Christ at the moment of death. Boarding students at House music. Flute playing. Spinet. The monastery in the snow.
(64 m) 02 Ingolstadt: Gisela Biedermann, industry champion Audi Gisela Biedermann is working on the car. On the drawing board technical drawing. Young women working in workshop. Canteen. Industry champion eats between men. Work on the screen. Planning and construction. At closing time, Gisela Biedermann leaves the factory with colleagues.
(46 m) 03 30 years Bundeswehr count Goltz - Kaserne in Hamburg, Jeep drive through gate. Corporal Michael Gutmann reports back at the guard to the service. German armed forces flag. Appearance in the yard. Soldiers on tanks. Dachshund barks. Michael Gutmann as a tank driver. Exit in the snow. Practice course Bergen Hohne between Hamburg and Hanover. Tanks in the area. Ammunition is issued. Corporal Gutmann enters his armor as a driver. Entry door closes. Red flag is attached. When firing. Soldier faces, great.
04. small Circus Circus wagon Atlas (65 m) along meadow. Construction of the tent. Hitting the tent blocks.
Setting up the Poles, voltage of the tent roof. The senior of the family business goes to the camels and giving them treats. He spread straw in the stable of ponies.
Man plays the Hammond organ. Boy in tricks on the trampoline.
Mother with baby on her arm. Elephant carries a 3 year old boy with the trunk. Little boy is among the elephants. Pony runs to camel. Artists behind the ring.
Director of horse dressage. Art tab. Clown on a horse. Horse quadrille.
(50 m) 05. cargo Center Frankfurt loading with electric cars at the cargo Center. Frankfurt airport. Aircraft on the airfield. Computer-controlled moves containers and packages in the cargo hold. Lift move automatically. Loadmasters observed reverse charging on the plane. Lufthansa is rolling out aircraft.
(50 m) 06. 40 years of art in the National Gallery Berlin National Gallery Berlin. Images from the postwar years. Destruction and Division of Germany. Abstract paintings. Color compositions. Young people attend exhibition. Different styles and themes. Oekers needle paintings. Josef Beuys' representations. Sculptures. Art and artists of the last 40 years.
(60 m) 07. security training in the Alpine skier on the slope. Courses of the mountaineering school of the German Alpine Club show how threats can be countered. Safety above all. Skier wear small transmitter with him to help locate accidents. Devices will be checked. Group ski hiking on glacier rock 3000 m high. Man tumbles and falls into a crevasse. He is captured by lifeline. Casualty is slowly recovered on the rope from column. Savior hedge each other.
(51 m) 08 US-Wiesbaden: Airforce Hospital of the United States Air Force medical center. Hospital room. Family members of the soldiers of the U.S. Army are treated there. Water massage. Laboratory work. Doctor pulls on rubber gloves.
(44 m)


Persons in the Film

Biedermann, Gisela ; Gutmann, Michael


AHR Valley ; Bergen Hohne ; Berlin ; Coburg ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Ingolstadt ; Monastery ; Monastery Maulbronn ; Maulbronn ; Wiesbaden


Wehrdienst ; Luftwaffe ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Federal ; Bundeswehr ; Flags ; Musical events ; Aerospace ; Schools, training ; Townscapes: Germany ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Art ; Medicine ; People ; veterinary medicine ; Circus ; civil service ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; mountain climbing, mountaineering ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Kunst, darstellende ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 377/1986

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Federal Republic of Germany

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