Deutschlandspiegel 382/1986 1986


01 25 years Berlin wall with paintings. Sw review: 13.8 1961 wall construction of the GDR. Border policemen. Ascend the tanks of the Western powers. East Germans flee over the border. Old woman dump out window. Wreath-laying ceremony at the wall for the dead with Adenauer. Balloon wall. John F. Kennedy on the wall. "Ich bin ein Berliner". The wall today. Border passages. Wall caption.
(73 m) 2nd tennis with Steffi Graf and Claudia Kohde Claudia Kohde in Studio with makeup artist and photographer for cover shots. Claudia Kohde tennis training. She are signing autographs. Play against Lauro Garrone, Italy. Steffi Graf and her father. In the doubles, she plays with Helena Sukova against Byrne and Thompson. Game scenes. Audience clapping. She are signing autographs. Advertisement: Ellen Betrix - Martini - Asti (69 m) 03 medical assistance radio Dr. med. Ruppert studied patients with ultrasound in his practice. Antennas on his house. Dr. Ruppert as ham radio operator on his apparatus. Gives help and medical advice around the world. Conversation with a colleague at Lake Victoria in Africa.
(40 m) 4th nuclear power Regensburg: station of the German weather service measures in addition to temperature, humidity and wind speed also the radioactivity of air. Munich: Construction of the ISAR nuclear power plant. Safety equipment in the model. Construction site. Berlin: Meeting of scientists after the reactor accident at Chernobyl. Helmut Kohl speaks interview: "... always under the condition of safety and health of the citizens to see. We are given the opportunities and the risks not only our fellow citizens against the duty but also the commitment of the world, the international responsibility." Power plant.
(56 m) 5th Xanten: Archaeological Park Roman Theatre. Crane for unloading ships. City walls. Fountain. Bakery under the open sky. Gateway to the port. Roman buildings. Columns. Craftsman in restoration work. Scientists in archaeological search for finds from the Roman period.

06. Bad Wörishofen Spa Orchestra plays against mostly older listeners. Spa gardens with fountains. Walkers. Mature couple sitting on bench. Kneipp treatments. Barefoot running on grass. Portrait of Sebastian Kneipp. Images and statues Kneipp. Folks at the treading water.
Change foot bath hot cold in 2 vessels. Water treatment. Massages with hose spray. Visitors to a small wooden bridge over a watercourse. Spa concert. Listeners applaud.
(38 m) 7th Rhine in flames the Rhine near Bonn. People on the banks of the Rhine. Folk Festival with organ-grinder. Roasting of sausages. Band plays. Child dance. Beer is tapped. Male choir sings "It's spring on the Rhine". "Fireworks Rhine in flames" over the Rhine, which is held only every 10 years.
(45 m) 08 US flax Mountain Ranch horses galloping on the flax Mountain Ranch near the city of Bremen. ZL. Training of quarter horses. Stop from the Gallop and horse back riding. Western saddle. Fillies and mares. A boy made of plastic in the horse training. Close-up of horse movements.
(51 m)


Persons in the Film

Adenauer, Konrad; Kennedy, John F.; Kohl, Hannelore; Ruppert; Byrne; Garrone, Laura; Graf, Steffi; Kohde, Claudia; Sukova, Helena; Thompson


Bad Wörishofen; Berlin; Bonn; Flat Mountain Ranch; Hamburg; Munich; NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA; Regensburg; Rhine; Wiesbaden; Xanten


Pferdezucht; Sachindex Wochenschauen; Border DDR/BRD, borders; Television; Fireworks; Research; Musical events; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness); Advertising; Radio, television; sports audience, sports spectator; Townscapes: Germany; Tennis; Animals (except dogs); environmental protection, pollution; Power plants; Medicine; Meteorology; veterinary medicine; Livestock, livestock; festivals; Water; Science; Archaeology; Astrology; Autographs; construction; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays; Gesundheitsfürsorge; Sport; Energiewirtschaft; 01 16 mm project; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 382/1986

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Steffi Graf Turns 50 (*June 14, 1969)

Steffi Graf is one of the most successful female players in the history of tennis. Having won 107 singes titles she ranks third on the WTA’s all time list. She also holds the all time record of being the “white sport’s” number one player for 377 weeks.    

The first time Stefanie Maria Graf picks up a tennis racket she is four years old. Within two years she wins the traditional “youngest kids” tournament in Munich.

In 1981 she is the first German player to win the Orange Bowl at the unofficial youth world championship, after that she starts competing in the German adult Indoor Championship. The “Wunderkind”, whose speedy play and powerful forehand drive cause a stir is just 13 years old when she signs up as a professional player with the Women’s Tennis Association. Her major breakthrough seems unstoppable when the 16 year old beats the world’s number 1 Martina Navrátilová in a sensational match and climbs up to number three in the overall classification. The following year the teenager occupies the top position in a triumphant streak with just two losses in 75 matches, winning 11 tournaments and claiming her first victory at the French Open. In 1988 she wins all four Grand-Slam-Tournaments plus an Olympic gold medal—an as of yet unrivalled winning streak that goes down in tennis sport history as the “Golden Slam”.

By the end of the 1990s the exceptional tennis player wins seven Wimbledon singles titles, six French Open titles, five US Open titles and 4 Australian Open 4 titles—in addition to numerous other titles.   

After attempting a comeback in 1999 the 29 year old announces her retirement from professional tennis, following a series of injuries and her father’s and manager’s Peter Graf’s tax evasion scandal. 

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