Deutschlandspiegel 390/1987 1987


01 Government confirmed - the new Government of CDU Assembly in the Adenauerhaus in the election night. Writing on wall of next to Germany future instead of red-green. CDU supporters before monitors. Heiner Geisler on arrival. Reporters and photographers Helmut Kohl umdrängen Hannelore Kohl, next to him.
Helmut Kohl quote: "In principle Yes the two blocks in this election are gone. On the one hand of the Regierungsslager CDU/CSU and FDP, and on the other side of the camp of the opposition, the Greens and the SPD. In the blocks, a lot has been moved. That certainly has. reasons that one must analyze carefully"
Animated graphic of the distribution of seats in the Bundestag. FDP politician Martin Bangemann, Mischnik, Graf Lambsdorf, Genscher, with happy faces, because to share of the vote increased. Coalition talks with Strauss, group spokesman, Stoltenberg, Blüm, great. Journalists wait before the Chancellor's Office. Helmut Kohl, large, in addition to Heiner Geisler.
(59 m) 02. leather city Offenbach gate mesh open front Castle. Cityscape with main. Modern town hall with Mobilee as art in construction. Tram runs. 2 pedestrians under umbrella. Business Street. Color cast of the leather trade in the leather Museum. Old tool, equipment, fashions, handbags, leather pants, book cover. Fashion show at leather show with costumes, handbags, shoes and jackets. Exhibitors and buyers at the fair. India and Argentina as an exhibitor. Trade fair visitors.
(55 m) 03. The Yellow Angel: ADAC is waiting for young woman with roadside assistance emergency lane of the motorway. Yellow ADAC road patrol drives. ADAC headquarters will accept calls. Messages are routed and sent racing car on the radio. Say by actuality. Helper in ADAC road patrol cars drive at breakdown point. Motorway breakdown. Young woman welcomed volunteers. Radiator is folded up, found a bug. Continue.
(59 m) 04 Red hamlet fools jump city. Fools parade through the streets. Children in mask costumes in the train image filling. Whips men jump with masks. Men in historic face masks and costumes-hopping on the train. Marching band. Clamps men jumping move. Masks with sticks annoy the audience. Views of Empire by stretched screens of viewers in snow flurries. (see D 197/1, your own text)
(43 m) 05. 100th anniversary of Mies van der Rohe balloon Aachen Cathedral with the Palatine Chapel of Charlemagne. Photo Mies van der Rohe, who was born in Aachen, Germany. House designs in the model by Mies van der Rohe. Furniture designs. Free-swinging tubular steel chairs. Commemorative exhibition for him Encl. the 100th anniversary in Aachen and Berlin. The National Gallery created by him in Berlin.
(35 m) 06. Berlin: German Institute for standardisation young woman sets stationery in envelope that does not fit. Do not fit the video cassette recorder. Bumpers on cars, differ highly attached, Miss their purpose. Standardization must be. Institute for standardization in Berlin. Large file with DIN sheets describe the standard. DIN No. 1 for taper pins at machine 1917 drawings be made on drawing board. International meeting due to a uniform standard. Road signs, pictograms, which overcome any language barriers by image. Color standardization on the example of Orange and banana. Library and information. Nuts bolts and threaded to fit. Light bulb must fit into version, film cartridge in the camera, audio cassette radio and letter in envelope.
(64 m) 07 Bremerhaven: International powerboat racing Grand Prix of Germany start clock. Race of inflatable boats with outboard engine against the backdrop of large overseas ships. Speed boats are maintained. Engine is started. Inserting the boats with engine running. Race the wider motor boats of the middle class "Flounder", lying controlled. Turning to red buoy. Riders paddle back after failure of engine to the Bank. Audience. Race the boats of the heaviest class. Driver control in a sitting position. Turn. Strong headwinds caused the race Committee to cancel the race after the heats.
(54 m) 08 US: Castle Hotel Weitenburg in the Black Forest of the historic Schloß Weitenburg. Cosy Interior. Kitchen. 2 young Americans as guests. Toast with red wine front window against the evening sun. Man sings with historical costume with hurdy gurdy. Food is served. Dialogue of the American guests at music. Champagne bucket. Guests in their rooms. Looking out the window. Young American and Americans have breakfast in your room. Ride with horse-drawn carriage from Castle Hotel.
(68 m)


Persons in the Film

Kohl, Hannelore ; Mischnik, Wolfgang ; Stoltenberg, Gerhard ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Bangemann, Martin ; Blüm, Norbert ; Geissler, Heiner ; Genscher, Hans Dietrich ; Lambsdorff von ; Rohe van der, Mies


Aachen ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Bremerhaven ; Jagdschloss Schachen ; Offenbach ; Rottweil ; Rüdesheim ; Black Forest


Bremerhaven ; ADAC ; Fastnacht ; Bundestagswahl ; Offenbach am Main ; Policy ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; gambling ; Hobby ; Carnival ; Carnival ; Leisure, recreation ; Pedestrian ; motor boat race ; Musical events ; Political events ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Technology ; Buildings ; Holiday ; Transport: General ; Elections ; Fashion ; aerial photographs ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Normvorgabe ; 01 16 mm project ; Technology ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 390/1987

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