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01 100 years vinyl record is placed on turntable. Noise when playing from the beginning of the record. Photo of Emil Berliner, inventor of the LP record. Player operated with hand (Gramophone). 1889 Foundation of the 1st plate factory in Europe - Deutsche Grammophon - trademark: dog trumpet. Various devices and plates in the development. 1916: 1 coin unit. From coin-operated device in motion sets. Artful Gramophone funnel. 1948: shellac disc is replaced with vinyl records. Plate presses. New compact disc. Manufacturing. Transparent blank is coated with aluminum. Laser beam scans optically. The highest sound quality.
(59 m) 02. Munich: last voyage of the Rettungskreuzer Theodor Heuss of emergence Theodor Heuss at sea. Radar, great. Man looks through binoculars. The Theodor Heuss in Nuremberg on crane loading on heavy load transporters. Schwersttransport on country roads to Munich. Onlookers. After 5 days (2 hours car route) arrival in Munich at stand square in front of the Deutsches Museum.
(46 m) 03 Bonn: resignation of Willy Brandt SPD Party Congress on the 14 6 1987 Willy Brandt on the lectern. Delegates clap.
Sw review: 1957 - 1966 Willy Brandt Mayor of Berlin. In Berlin with Adenauer. Visit to the United States. John F. Kennedy in Berlin. 1964 Chairman, 1966 swearing-in as Chancellor.
Color: Brandt visited Poland and kneel before the Memorial to the victims of the Nazi regime. 1971 award of the Nobel Peace Prize. Meet Willy Brandt - Willi Stoph in Erfurt. Jubilation. Farewell to Willy Brandt in SPD Party Congress o-ton: "Please take my best regards home and the places of your activity. I wish you good."
Close-up of Helmut Schmidt. Ovation. Handshake with Jochen Vogel. Brandt in addition to Johannes Rau and Oskar Lafontaine.
(72 m) 04 Kassel: Documenta 8 Museum. Paper rolls at wall. Columned walkways. Anna Oppermann: quantities messed up post and greeting cards. Towers. Harp. Joseph Beuys: Space which is the cold tends to - last work. Robert Longo: Grotesque bronze figure. Skulls side by side. Stainless steel walls next to each other in the open air. A series of guillotines, behind classical Pavilion. Klaus Kunro, Hamburg, working in his Studio.
(82 m) 05. bad Wildungen: rehabilitation for Queschnittsgelähmte rescue helicopter lands on the roof of the Werner Wicker Klinik. Sickroom in the special hospital for paraplegia. Doctors at bedside. Patients in beds on the belly lying at specific krankengymnastischen exercises. Retractable wheelchair enables Illustrator working on drawing board. Disabled persons in training kitchen learn routines of everyday life: cucumber cutting, stirring. Physiotherapy in wheelchairs and on crutches. Sports therapy: archery in a wheelchair. The wheelchair basketball game. Swimming and basketball in the water. Moving from wheelchair to car.
(54 m) 06. Berlin celebrates - material regional image Office Berlin Signet 750 years of Berlin. Moving the organ men. Children draw and play in the mud. Clowns. Horse drives. Tempelhof airport. Old and new aircraft are seen. Crowds before a raisin bombers of the air bridge. Boys get in the helicopter. Water parade excursion steamers and barges with water cars. Grand gondolas in Venice. Water parade at night. Colorful lighting and Fireworks.
(62 m) 07 US a PAN am pilot in Berlin airport Tegel. PAN AM aircraft rolls out. British Airways after landing. TWA. Waving air franc air. Pilot in cockpit. Clipper Berlin. US pilot gets out and actuality (English) discusses his new home in Berlin. Pilot logs off in operationroom. Driving through the city in his car. At home, he greets his wife. His two daughters, Britta and Erika. The family table in the garden. Walk with the daughters.
(58 m)


Persons in the Film

Adenauer, Konrad ; Brandt, Willy ; Kennedy, John F. ; Schmidt, Helmut ; Stoph, Willi ; Berliner, Emil ; Kunro, Klaus ; Lafontaine, Oskar ; Rau, Johannes ; Vogel, Jochen


Bad Wildungen ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; Kassel ; Munich


Schallplatte ; Jubiläum ; Seerettung ; Berlin, auch Westberlin ; documenta (Kassel) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Children ; Fireworks ; Musical events ; Political events ; Radar ; Aerospace ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Art ; Medicine ; veterinary medicine ; festivals ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 396/1987

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Federal Republic of Germany

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