Deutschlandspiegel 404/1988 1988


01 Raiffeisen silo towers for feed and grain. Trek. Potato sorting in scales of Raiffeisen cooperative. Potatoes are distributed on shaking band. Women sort. Packing in bags. Portrait of Friederich Wilhelm Raiffeisen. Trek at Raiffeisen Bank. Bauer's desk. Artificial fertilizer is filled in trucks. Statement farmer.
Pumping milk at farm in tank trucks. Removal of milk sample. Butter production in dairy farm. Milk packaging. Loading of grain in port. Vehicle of the Raiffeisen company.
(69 m) 02. works councils Hall. Computer-controlled burning machine for steel hardening is situated. Works Council speaks interview with workers. Statement 1 - Works Council Heinz Radek. Plant images in mill Hall. Meeting of the Works Council. Statement 2 - operating Chairman Fritz Rosenbeck. Young women typing on screen. Big eyes. Rheinhausen molten steel. Steel stove with protective masks. Talks of workers. Statement 3 - Works Council of Rheinhausen Theo Seegmann. (86 m) 03 Black Forest: frog design case design. Men and women handle cases for sport aircraft. Team of designers from the Black Forest with designed objects in hands: ski boots, roller skating, telephone, iron, frog as a trademark. Design of iron, roller skating, ski boot, toys, TV, coffee maker, bath, music system, hairdryer, table tennis racquets, game. Ball falls into case.
(55 m) 04 Rheydt: the sharpest of all blades - blacksmith's art axis blacksmith's art axis turn damask blade, elastic and sharp. Artist blacksmith at work. Iron package is annealed and welded. Hard and soft steel are herded together in embers. Master with apprentices. Curing with oil. Construction of the blade in the model. Artist blacksmith forges steel Damascene blade. Faced patterned surface of the blade.
(62 m) 05. cityscape Fulda (see D 298/3, your own text) crucifix in the foreground of the picture, behind Fulda total. Transformer. The Cathedral with the tomb of Saint Boniface under the main altar. Old man reads newspaper on bench. Child in the cart with the young mother. Street musician plays. Country road. Medieval works of art. Timber-frame house. Baroque figures of houses. City Palace. Exhibition of porcelain from several centuries in the Castle. Making artful candles. Car tyre production. Modern houses on the outskirts of the city.
(46 m) 06 portrait of Franz Beckenbauer gate and cheering. Flag waving. Germany world champion 1974 Walter Scheel presents Franz Beckenbauer Cup. The football player Franz Beckenbauer. Still photos of Beckenbauer. Franz Beckenbauer in tracksuit as team manager of the national team in sports school Malente. Beckenbauer and Berti Voigts. Shot on goal. Beckenbauer playing golf with partner Diane Sandmann. Players of the national team in training for European Championships 1988. photo-op of the team. Statement by Franz Beckenbauer. Beckenbauer is autograph on football.
(57 m) 4B. Bowling game live US story - with Americans in Germany. U.S. Bank. United States Post Office. US-supermarket. United States Air Force - Hessian Oldendorf A. S. Germany - main gate of US soldiers at target practice. Statement of the base co-ordinator Wolfgang Hoffmann to the lives of Americans in Germany. Come on, Marquez in his Office as a medical assistant. Statement Marquez to the German-American friendship club. Marquez and wife at dinner with Germans. Mike Kirkham in German Schützenverein. Statement Mike Kirkham. American child in a German kindergarten. Children's playground. Statement by Ms. Marquez.


Persons in the Film

Beckenbauer, Franz ; Scheel, Walter ; Hoffmann, Wolfgang ; Kirkham, Mike ; Marquez, José ; Radek, Heinz ; Raiffeisen, Wilhelm ; Rosenbeck, Fritz ; Sachse ; Sandmann, Diane ; Seegmann, Theo ; Voigts, Berti


Berlin ; Fulda ; Hessisch Oldendorf ; Cologne ; Minden/Westfalen ; Pforzheim ; Rheydt


Cooperative ; Design ; Fulda (Stadt) ; Betriebsrat ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Craft ; Industry ; Children ; Football ; Portraits ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; Townscapes: Germany ; Livestock, livestock ; Jobs ; Eyes ; Crew ; Agriculture ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; Sports honors ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 404/1988

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Federal Republic of Germany

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