Deutschlandspiegel 406/1988 1988


01 Youth Festival at the Villa Hammerschmidt - youth overcomes limits of black and white girl dancing. Black girl beats on tambourine. Standarte des bundespräsidenten. The Villa Hammerschmidt. Richard von Weizsäcker in conversation with young people. Dutch youth folk dance group. Black pretty young faces. Polish group sings and plays. Photography by Weizsäcker between young people. African Group sings. Cake and decorated country flags passes. Painted faces. Peter Herbolzheimer band plays. Listeners. French trumpet player big. Audience clapping. Can-can dance.
(70 m) 02. Hamburg: international transport - 88 IVA IVA flag in front of TV Tower. International flags in the background of Plaza Hotel. Visitors to the exhibition. Transportation of the future. Bus, which saves electrical power at the bus stops. Pantograph masts are extended. Bus. Lufthansa aircraft. Future cars. Exhibition stand of Daimler-Benz. Safety devices against accidents: air bag. Show with puppets during impact. Mini locomotive. Magnetic railway runs. Displaying 329 km.
(71 m) 03 peasant wedding in the old country Obstblüten large. Gable swivel old countries House. Trek goes to court. Bee on flower. Wedding couple enters historical wedding dress out of House. The bride wears the "Flunkkranz", a headdress studded with flowers. Wedding couple in a horse-drawn carriage. Rider support carriage and make trellis. Drink. Wedding couple before the bridal gate. Bride and groom attracts modern wedding dress. Guests arrive. Wedding dinner. Envelopes with money on the gift table. Wedding dance. Guests dance. Bride and groom on Gallery of the House. Bride throwing bridal wreath down to young girls.
(56 m) 04. Berlin: exhibition "eyes and ears" (archive D 306/5) additional recordings: Stephan von Kühne designed with tester, wires and electronic audible artwork. Music effects with organ pipes. Milan Knizak, CSSR, shows how he developed new music with damaged records. Sound rubbish. "Dancer", 2 plastic legs stitch sound plastic sheet. Tap dancer.
(52 m) 05. Black Forest: the Höllental railway tunnel entrance. Driving record. Train takes you through the black forest. Station. Train runs steeply uphill. Driving over the viaduct. Train drivers. Tunnel.
Streckenwärter quote: "in the times in which was still a steam locomotive, it was still very cozy in the Höllental, above all in this section. Since the trains extra slowly, so that passengers could take a picture of the deer."
Deer monument is standing on rocks. Station Hirschsprung. Station heaven. Train arriving in Freiburg. Exit from the tunnel.
(62 m) 06. Wiesbaden: horse riding baroque backdrop of the Castle, former seat of the Dukes of Nassau. Sculptures. Car park. Dressage. Viewers. Equestrian sits on. Stall for horse riding accessories. Rider pulls obstacle. Rider on course and completely square. 2 ladies in the conversation. Franke Sloothaak on ARAMIS wins the "Grand Prize of Wiesbaden".
(56 m) 07 US story: the Frisians and America evening mood on the island. Flag of the German emigrants in the wind on Pellworm. Map of Pellworm. North Sea Island on the horizon. Girls dance group dances.
Statement Edlef Levsen (ancestors emigrated) o-ton Seagull swarm, Sandpipers, rocks on the beach. Statement Island Mayor actuality. Cut pictures of Pellworm Monoöith statement Dr. Joachim REPP Hall, historian, original sound. Windmill, Lighthouse, sea.
(61 m)


Persons in the Film

Weizsäcker von, Richard ; Herbolzheimer, Peter ; Knizak, Milan ; Kühne von, Stephan ; Levsen, Edlef ; Sloothaak, Franke


Old country ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Hamburg ; Hanover ; Island of Pellworm ; Pellworm ; Black Forest ; Wiesbaden


Reiten ; Kunstausstellung ; Villa Hammerschmidt ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Higher education ; Education, youth ; Flags ; Musical events ; Plants ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; sports audience, sports spectator ; mood pictures ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Accidents ; maps ; Landscapes ; People ; Transport: General ; Exhibitions ; Emigrants ; Verkehr ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 406/1988

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Federal Republic of Germany

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