Deutschlandspiegel 407/1988 1988


01 Castle Eltz aerial photos of castles on the Rhine. The Burg Eltz on the Moselle river. Paper banknote image filling. The Burg Eltz as a motif of the 500 DM note. Settings of the Castle. Visitors go to the Castle up to the tour. Indoor shots. The flag room with large tiled stove from the 16th century. Painting. Knight's armour. Look in the Castle courtyard. Restoration work on the walls.
(51 m) 02. Hanover: EC - Summit - European Community EC flags. Font: 39th meeting of the European Council. Helmut Kohl Helmut Kohl's arrival production sound, in addition to Genscher to the press: "The balance sheet there was a unanimous commitment that we are ready any chance to use to make irreversible the path to the European Union" card EC with 12 Member States since 1987 freight train passes bridge. TRUCK traffic on modern roads. Crane drive Hanover Trade fair. Car sales. Cars on road. Auditorium. Student face, great. Industrial production. Chip Chasse, wiring diagrams. Computer room. Car robots for Assembly. Philips electric. Women on drawing board. Escalators.
Helmut Kohl interview to press: "we are all aware of the fact that the single market is only to realize when the workers and their organizations learn Europe indeed to their personal advantage in the best sense of the word, and if we include also the social partners."
(107 m) 03 Eberstadt: the vaulter elite vaulter ZL. Floor exercise Carlo Thränhardt, Dieter Mögenburg. Viewers. Leap of the Chinese Zhu Jian Hua (jumped as a 1 person 2.39 m in 1985). Dietmar Mögenburg jumps ZL. Photographer. Carlo Thränhardt jumps ZL, tears rod with his hand, skips 2, 34 m and WINS. Audience clapping.
(59 m) 04 Wedel: ox market truck drives before inscription bulls from Holstein. Buck jumps when disembarking. Oxen are side by side, from behind. The market, total. Banks of the Elbe. Monument of Roland. Handshake in the trade. Cow mouth, great.
(45 m) 05. Stuttgart: Fraunhofer Research Institute Science helps business men on computers. Industrial robots. Electronics. Group of visitors. Talks. Demonstration of installing car radiator hoses with rinsing machine. Textile: Computer designs pants and brings together fabric to finished product. Pilot project of a deserted factory.
(53 m) 06. Schleswig-Holstein: Ballet boarding Salzau Castle Salzau. Hands to play the piano. Dancer in training with teachers.
Nikita Gsovski, Director of the school, o-ton: "boarding school, which means, a closed harmonic space, with great artistic and human freedom, but with two objectives: to find once the public school and once the engagement at a theatre." And we meet this task in the broadest sense."
Education. Lesson in the Ballet room on high bar. Running through the rooms. Leisure, eating, practicing a bow.
(63 m) 07 US story: AFN Frankfurt (Allied forces network) radio announcer. Mixer. Soldier speaks. Picture mix. Monitor. Video cassette is inserted.
Ken Frowide o-ton: "AFN is important, because the soldiers so in touch with their homeland remain and suffer a"culture shock"upon their return.
AFN Director Tom Baxter interview: "all important news and magazine programmes come via satellite from the United States. That is why we have a free flow of information".
Archive images from World War 2. Television viewers. Progammzeitschrift of the AFN. German television viewers must have standard upgrade your device to US, to receive AFN.
Viewers-O-ton: "I've lived five years in the United States and can see now my old favorite programs."
(68 m)


Persons in the Film

Kohl, Hannelore ; Baxter, Tom ; Genscher, Hans Dietrich ; Gsovski, Nikita ; Reppmann, Joachim ; Mögenburg, Dietmar ; Thränhardt, Carlo ; Zhu, Jian Hua


Bonn ; Castle Eltz ; Eberstadt ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Hanover ; Pellworm ; Pforzheim ; Schleswig ; Schleswig-Holstein ; Stuttgart ; Wedel ; Witzenhausen


Hochsprung ; Economy ; Policy ; Burg Eltz (Rheinland-Pfalz) ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Monuments ; Railways ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; Higher education ; Industry ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Flags ; Television ; Research ; Press, press conferences ; Radio, television ; Schools, training ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Buildings ; maps ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; People ; Transport: General ; Livestock, livestock ; Science ; Ballett ; Europa (allgemein; EG) ; 01 16 mm project ; Industrial ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 407/1988

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Federal Republic of Germany

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