Deutschlandspiegel 415/1989 1989


01 years Federal Republic of Germany Assembly: Eagle, great. Lufthansa, horse racing, Castle Neuschwanstein, blonde girl. Folk dance, satellite receiving station, port, Steffi Graf, goods train with passenger cars, flight display, football, Brandenburg Gate.
Black and white: 1945: battle for Berlin. Russians hoist flag on's Brandenburg Gate of Eisenhower in Berlin.
Color: map 4 zones. Separation of the eastern territories, Berlin map with flag. Black and white: Berlin air bridge. 1948: Constituent Assembly meets. 1949: Proclamation of the basic law. Topping-out ceremony Bundeshaus Bonn.
Color: Tag Federal House. Bonn is 2000 years. Government buildings. Villa Hammerschmidt. Cologne Cathedral. Industry images. Young citizens. Kohl, bird, Bundestag session. Federal Eagle. East German border. Watchtowers. European elections. Meeting of the European Council. Car traffic. Railway. Hannover Messe. NATO meeting. German French maneuvers. Kohl - Mitterrand hand-in-hand. Reagents at Kohl, Elizabeth II. von Weizsäcker. Coal in the United States. Reagents in Berlin: 'Mr. Gorbatschow open this gate."
Black and white: 17 June 1953 - 1961: construction of the wall color: look over the border of East Germany. Border traffic. Kohl in Moscow. Economy and technology and aerospace. Nobel Laureate Klaus von Klitzing. Billows of smoke. Polluted rivers and fish. Wastewater treatment plant. Chimney pictures. Car exhaust. Automation. Industrial robots. Employment Office. Unemployment in hallways. Retraining courses. Pensioners. Leisure. Jogging, bike, ball game, travel, flight display.
The Federal Republic is member of the United Nations. Genscher speaks before the United Nations - Bavarian Church. Neuschwanstein, Hamburg, Cologne Cathedral, hiking along the Rhine.
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Bonn ; Hanover


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Deutschlandspiegel 415/1989

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Gorbatchev’s 90th Birthday (* March 2, 1931)

Gorbatchev is only 54 years old when he takes over the leadership of the rather geriatric central committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. His Glasnost and Perestroika policies make him famous the world over. By opening up systematically to the population and by setting in motion a radical political and economic transformation, Gorbachev subjected the crisis-ridden Soviet Union to a fundamental reform process.

He also pursues a strategy of "new thinking" in his foreign policy. He withdraws Soviet troops from Afghanistan, thereby ending a war that has been going on since 1979. He negotiates nuclear disarmament agreements with the United States and arranges a rapprochement between the two great powers. He abandons the Brezhnev Doctrine and grants full sovereignty to Warsaw Pact member states - a move that leads to nonviolent revolutions in most Eastern Bloc countries within months and sets the stage for German reunification.

Abroad he is celebrated as a hero for his role in ending the Cold War and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990, but at home opposition grows.

Although the attempted coup failed in August 1991, Gorbachev was effectively deprived of power. When he resigns a few months after the official dissolution of the USSR, the red flag over the Kremlin is taken down forever. To this day he is reviled in his homeland as a "traitor" and as a gravedigger of the Soviet empire.

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