Deutschlandspiegel 421/1989 1989


01 East German emigrants - East German refugees border barrier opens. From bus wave East German refugees. Notaufnahmelager. People in front of telephone booths. Donations for the refugees. DRC with food distribution. Toys for children. Posters on the Board for employment and housing. Passport issue. People change bus to continue. Border. Wall.
(74 m) 02 Lech Walesa in the Federal Republic of black and white, Poland 1981: Lech Walesa as leader of the reform movement. 1989: Walesa visited Krupp. Walesa actuality. Walesa visited Berthold Beitz: conversation with German business leaders. Loading of goods in the port. Walesa at Kohl. Spokesman for Klein. 03. art factories (Kampnagel) trade fair in Cologne Cathedral (71 m) and (factory Lane) factory as art treasure. Play at Kampnagel. Rock concert at the factory lane. (Medium AV)
(71 m) 04. GUSI underwater facility work divers under water. Transfer Board to equalize the air pressure. Divers work under high pressure up to 600 m deep. Work programme is adjusted with control. Pressure lock for Exchange of materials. Medical monitoring of the divers in the pressure lock.
(85 m) 05 Tauberbischofsheim: wonders of fencing fencing in historical clothing. Training in fencing. Zita Funkenhauser, Mathias bear, Sabine Bausch, Harald Hein, Alexander Pusch. The "gold ladies" of the Seoul Olympics. Head coach Emil Beck original sound. Olympic medals. Boarding school. Training. Kids gymnastics. (Medium AV)
(86 m)



Fencing; Art; Übersiedler; Policy; Sachindex Wochenschauen; 01 16 mm project; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 421/1989

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Lech Walesa’s 75th Birthday (* September 29, 1943)

No one symbolizes political awakening in Poland more than Lech Walesa. Born in Popowo in 1943 he starts working as an electrician on the Lenin Shipyard in Danzig in 1967. Early on he speaks out on behalf of workers’ rights. After an increase in meat prices in the summer of 1980 thousands of workers walk off their jobs. Lech Walesa takes over the leadership of his local strike committee. During the negotiations with the Polish government he manages to assert central demands such as the right to strike and the permission of independent trade unions.  The “hero of Danzig” is promptly appointed as the head of the newly founded Solidarnosc, which quickly grows to a mass movement 10 million people strong. Under pressure from the Soviet Union martial law is imposed in 1981, it successfully completes its mission to smash the political „counter revolution“: Solidarnosc is outlawed and their leadership arrested. Their former chairman Walesa is named „man of the year“ by Time magazine and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983. But it is not until the massive strike wave during Perestroika that Lech Walesa sits down at the Round Table Negotiations with the government and achieves the re-establishment of Solidarnosc as well as the implementation of semi-free elections. On December 9, 1990 he is elected President of Poland for 5 years. 

Even though he had planned to retire from political life he keeps coming back. In the mid-1990s he tries to launch his own party, in 1997 he supports the Solidarity Electoral Election and in 2000 he once again runs for the office of president. In 2006 he quits Solidarnosc because he opposes their cooperation with the right-wing Law and Justice party and speaks out against the party’s justice reform from 2017. He is often criticized for his homophobic comments and there are allegations that he cooperated with the Polish secret police in the 1970s. 

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