Deutschlandspiegel 423/1989 1989


01 (231) open DDR borders Berlin on 9 November 1989 crowd at the Brandenburg Gate. People take pieces from the Berlin wall. Cars drive through open border crossings in Berlin. Cheers and welcome by GDR people at border crossings. Pedestrians and car convoy. Tears of joy.
Review of black and white: Berlin, August 13, 1961: construction of the wall. Fleeing. She wants down out of window. Wall refugees. Memorial for the dead of the wall.
Statements with GDR residents - "it is incredible"!
Illuminated Sadler Hall. Momper welcomes original sound. Genscher speaks interview.
Wall openings are broken. Momper meets his counterpart from East Berlin at Potsdamer Platz.
The West Berlin City Centre is drangvoll crowded. Long queues in front of the exchange offices for welcome money. Crowds on the streets. Chancellor Kohl makes a statement to the press, original sound.
(231 m) 02. Chancellor Helmut Kohl in German flags in Warsaw Poland. Aircraft rolls out. Cabbage comes down stairs. Kohl is out front of stand Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki. Talks. Wreath-laying ceremony by Kohl at the Memorial of Auschwitz concentration camp. Common worship in Krzyżowa. Kohl goes through quantity.
Embrace Kohl - Mazowiecki. Helmut Kohl interview speaks words of reconciliation.
Kohl and Mazowiecki sign joint statement.
Farewell to airfield. Child brings flowers. Handshake Kohl - Mazowiecki.
(126 m)



Gedenkstätte ; Auschwitz (KZ) ; Innerdeutsche Grenze ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Mauerfall (Berlin 1989) ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 423/1989

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30th Anniversary of Fall of the Wall (November 9, 1989)

After having separated the people in East and West Berlin for more than 28 years the Berlin Wall falls on the night of November 9. This historical event was preceded by several waves of departure over the previous months. The people of East Germany took to the streets and demanded freedom of travel. To prevent the GDR from haemorrhaging the politburo finally feels it has no other option but to offer new departure and visa terms. At a press conference on the evening of November 9 Günter Schabowski, the speaker of the SED central committee reads from a paper, the content of which is unknown to him: It concerns the new travel regulations. The regulation is supposed to become effective the day after, but when a journalist asks the unprepared Schabowski he responds: “Effective immediately!”

Once these legendary words are aired on television more and more curious people rush to the Berlin border crossings.  Overwhelmed by the throng of people the border guards end up opening the barriers. By midnight all the border checkpoints to West Berlin are open. Within a few hours tens of thousands of people flock to West Berlin. Strangers hug, champagne corks pop, honking Trabis roll down Ku’damm. A moment in history.

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