Deutschlandspiegel 425/1990 1990


01 Chancellor in Dresden and the opening of the Brandenburg Gate Dresden: aircraft rolls out. Kohl and Seiters coming down stairs. Modrow is located. People wave. German flags. Motorcade drive through cheering people. Cityscape of Dresden. Historic buildings. Talks by politicians with representatives of opposition groups: e.g. cord, Blüm, cabbage, Seiters, Wang.
Press Conference: Helmut Kohl interview alongside Modrow Modrow actuality. Before the ruins of the Church of our Lady, Helmut Kohl speaks interview with cheering people. In addition to his small, Wilms, Seiters, Blüm.
The Brandenburg Gate. Fall of the wall is broken. Hans Modrow, Helmut Kohl, go through the Brandenburg Gate. Crowd. People climbing on the wall.
(150 m) 02. Chancellor Helmut Kohl in Hungary Budapest. Bridges across the Danube. Helmut Kohl and Hannelore Kohl go down stairs. Greeting. 15s. Kohl and Prime Minister Nehmeth step out front. Handshake Kohl - Nehmeth. Kohl lays down the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier.
Meeting with President Matyas Szürös. Kohl speaks interview before the members of the Hungarian Parliament.
Helmut Kohl interview at press conference.
(93 m) 03 poetry in glass glassworks of family Eisch in the Bavarian Forest. Glass blowing. Works of art are created. Erwin Eisch draws and form designs. (Bavaria)
(57 m) 04 Oberstdorf: four hills tournament Oberstdorf at the foot of the fog horn. The shadow mountain redoubt. Athletes prepare their skis. Ski jumpers at the start when start-up ZL. View from above on the crowd. Boiled sausage stand. Dieter Thoma jumps. The gentlemen of the jury check attitude and safety during landing. Dieter Thoma as overall winner of the tour.
(72 m)



Skispringen ; Brandenburger Tor (Berlin) ; Glashandwerk ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Dresden ; State visit ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 425/1990

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30th Anniversary of Fall of the Wall (November 9, 1989)

After having separated the people in East and West Berlin for more than 28 years the Berlin Wall falls on the night of November 9. This historical event was preceded by several waves of departure over the previous months. The people of East Germany took to the streets and demanded freedom of travel. To prevent the GDR from haemorrhaging the politburo finally feels it has no other option but to offer new departure and visa terms. At a press conference on the evening of November 9 Günter Schabowski, the speaker of the SED central committee reads from a paper, the content of which is unknown to him: It concerns the new travel regulations. The regulation is supposed to become effective the day after, but when a journalist asks the unprepared Schabowski he responds: “Effective immediately!”

Once these legendary words are aired on television more and more curious people rush to the Berlin border crossings.  Overwhelmed by the throng of people the border guards end up opening the barriers. By midnight all the border checkpoints to West Berlin are open. Within a few hours tens of thousands of people flock to West Berlin. Strangers hug, champagne corks pop, honking Trabis roll down Ku’damm. A moment in history.

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