Deutschlandspiegel 426/1990 1990


01 pot pop Ruhr area. Chimneys at sunset. Motorway traffic. M. walking on the water volume pop plays on the road. Listeners to open Windows. Appearance on stage. Pop music in waltz time.
(58 m) 02 German citizens traveling in the GDR the Glienicke bridge in Berlin. Car traffic at the crossing from West to East. Label: German Democratic Republic.
Potsdam: Street band playing. People wave. Flowers and food are distributed. Motorists recorded interview about the new travel rules. Border finished off quickly. Visiting friends in Weimar. Coffee table. Cityscape Weimar. Schiller House. Monument to Goethe and Schiller. Take leave.
(97 m) 03 plasma research power lines. Excess land masts. Stuttgart: Max plank Institute. Physicist conducting research in the area of "Superconductivity" without power loss. Ceramic heads at extremely low temperatures. Nobel Laureate Klaus von Klitzing and team of researchers. Experiments with computer technology. Computer chips in the experimental phase. You can steam them already with the superconducting ceramics.
(55 m) 04. rescue for the North Sea - hope for the North Sea painter painted wall. Colorful fashion. Titanium oxide BI as color blending creates beautiful colors. As a waste product of the production is weak. Dumping at sea. Waste water. Strong contaminated North Sea. Ban of the thin acid dumping in the North Sea in Germany. Modern recovery system for weak. Filter out toxic heavy metals. Highly concentrated sulfuric acid is reused for the production of bi titanium oxide. Sun ball across the country.
Evening mood about Kiel Kiel (89 m) 05. handball - THW. Quiet streets. Viewers in the Baltic Hall. Handball player ZL. Game scenes. The pole Daniel Waskiewicz in the game. Fans and spectators clap. Gate litters. Foul. 7 m goal throw. Jubilation.
(60 m)



Nordsee ; Handball ; Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Musiker ; Umweltschutz ; Energiewirtschaft ; Mauerfall (Berlin 1989) ; 01 16 mm project ; 10 finding book Germany mirror


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Deutschlandspiegel 426/1990

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