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01 accession decision of the people's Chamber and education campaign in the German Democratic Republic in East Berlin on Unter den Linden. Vote in the people's Chamber to the accession of the GDR to the Federal Republic. Sabine Bergmann Pohl actuality: "294 deputies voted yes" gossip standing members.
German Chancellor Helmut Kohl interview, beside him Lothar de Maiziere.
"Yesterday was a big day, when I heard the result of the vote of the people's Chamber in the night, I've felt that millions of Germans have felt, and I want to sum up in a word: finally." I went here in East Berlin through the streets and what that is, that you now suddenly stops and says, have once felt - and so very personal - the wall was earlier, and now it is in Berlin. No one has can expect that from us, and that I am happy that this is now really, you can understand."
Alexanderplatz, death strip. Kohl goes through the crowd. Survey interview. Education campaign for young people. Information booths. Obsolete plants. Young people in vocational school. Apprentices in bakery, motor vehicle mechanic. Leuna, Hall.
Helmut Kohl interview, before young people: "I am speaking to the 16, 17 -, 18 -, 19. What we now apply in the State, in politics, in society, this is your future. The Germany that we build together, is your Germany."
(149 m) 02 Germany helps Easter Island Easter Island in the South Pacific. Large Tuff stone figures from ancient times, the "MOAI" are available on the island. These art treasures from the decline are threatened by weather factors. German chemical company with extensive experiments with volcanic rocks, to preserve the soft stone. Not hinder process model with comforters, the permeability of the stone.
(70 m) 03. - World Cup in the follow-up penalty in the final Germany - Argentina. Brehme converted to gate. Guido Buchwald in the game. Buchwald when training with VFB Stuttgart. Buchwald gives autographs to young fans.
Guido Buchwald interview: "I believe that such a man as Franz Beckenbauer was the best footballer in the world at his time and now is an excellent coach. If he makes such a statement, since you can already proud and rejoice about it."
Franz Beckenbauer playing golf interview: "he uncannily gave rise German football, German football had been so in the 80's in a Valley, we came out again. The absolute highlight was of course the World Cup in 1990, and not only because we have become world champion, but the manner as we champion, played confidently from the first game day - and I mean, we are deserved world champion has become. That sees today on the euphoria and enthusiasm in our country, that man, that feels the Bundesliga, also now they have far more viewership than in previous years, so this world championship was very, very positive for German football".
(59 m) 04. Hamburg: the Phantom of the opera scene cutting - out of the boat. Construction site of the new flora. The construction. Performance with Peter Hofmann in the title role.
Peter Hofmann interview: "it's an insanely passionate role, that goes to the kidneys and - that has always appealed to me - not just stand there and sing, but also what to represent."
"Do you have problems with the mask, you have to carry over 2 hours?"
"Problems? -It's just very uncomfortable. Whether this is a problem, I don't know, until now not."
(78 m)



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75th Birthday of Sabine Bergmann-Pohl (* April 20, 1946)

The physician Sabine Bergmann-Pohl is the final head of state of the declining GDR.

After passing her specialist examinations and earning her doctorate, she is initially put in charge of an outpatient clinic for lung diseases and tuberculosis in Berlin-Friedrichshain when she is only 34 years old.

To avoid membership in the SED she joins the CDU, one of the GDR's bloc parties. In 1985, she is promoted to director of the East Berlin District Office for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis. Around the same time she becomes more politically involved. Two years later, she takes over the chairmanship of the "Active for Health and Social Welfare" of the Berlin district association, which also provides her with a seat on the district executive committee. During the peaceful revolution she sits on the Central Round Table as deputy for the health sector.

Not keen on giving up her profession the political newcomer is rather reluctant to run for office in the first free elections to the People's Chamber on March 18, 1990. After the surprising and overwhelming victory of the conservative Alliance for Germany, she is elected President of the People's Chamber on April 5. As the GDR's Council of State is abolished on the same day, that means she also assumes the role of head of state. In the following six months over 150 laws are passed under her leadership. In the early hours of August 23 Bergmann-Pohl announces the People's Chamber's decision on the GDR's accession to the Federal Republic. On October 2nd she commences the final session of the People's Chamber. In Kohl's cabinet Bergmann-Pohl is assigned the post of Federal Minister for Special Tasks for one year, after which she serves as Parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of Health. In 2002 she voluntarily resigns from the Bundestag and becomes president of the Berlin Red Cross for the next ten years. In 2012 she is appointed City Elder of Berlin and continues to hold various honorary offices to this day.

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