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The German unit 01 Bonn on 3 October 1990 marketplace full of people. Flags of the large federal States. People celebrate German unity.
Schwerin: Castle Berlin: Unter den Linden. Crowd. Folk dance.
Mrs o-ton: "I think that it is a Very much more beautiful day, it's already great that now here so take it easy, they can be on the streets from one side to the other - I think it's great."
Man with baby: "if I have the small parcels on the arm - actually joy is the dominant, because what is experiencing, we dreamed that probably all of us."
Old man: "we At last together – so I think – Communism is gone."
Brandenburg Gate. Victory column. Federal Eagle. Parliament session of the German Parliament.
Swearing Lothar de Maizière actuality: "... the basic law and the laws of the federal real and defend, conscientiously fulfill my duties and Justice against practicing will anyone - so help me God."
It speaks German Chancellor Helmut Kohl interview: "the coming years will show that the United Germany means a profit for all of Europe. Faithfully, we To want serve peace in the world as an equal member in a United Europe the preamble to our Constitution. And this order embodies our understanding of sovereignty."
Berlin: The city Commandant of America, Great Britain and France be adopted with military ceremony.
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Review of black and white in 1945: debris. Potsdam Conference with Truman, Churchill and Stalin. Map: The Territories East of the Oder and Neiße be placed under Polish or Soviet administration. The other Germany is divided into 4 zones of occupation.
1948: Berlin blockade and airlift.
1949: Parliamentary Council. Founding of the Federal Republic of Germany. The basic law. German flag.
Founding of the German Democratic Republic. Onslaught before integrating. Teens Kiss flag. Inner German border. Separate railway tracks. Watchtower. Barbed wire.
June 17, 1953: Uprising. Russian tanks put down the rebellion. Memorial Service for the victims of the June of 17.
Federal Chancellor Adenauer actuality: "we will not rest and we will not rest, I put this oath for the entire German people, until you too have freedom again, reunited up throughout Germany is in peace and freedom." God will be with you and with us."
1955: Paris Conference - accession of the Federal Republic of Germany to the NATO. Brother Kiss Adenauer - de Gaulle.
Marshall plan - reconstruction images. Richtkränze.
Refugees from East Germany - vote with your feet.
13.8.1961: Construction of the wall. Barbed wire is rolled out. People cry. Wall refugees.
1963: John F. Kennedy in Berlin interview: ' as a free man I take pride in the words: I am a Berliner ". Wall is permeable. Old people go through border passage back to see friends. Hugs. Joy of reunion.
Moscow 1970: Signing of the Moscow Treaty by Willy Brandt.

F a r b e inner German border. Brandenburg Gate. Young people interview: "A State which wall themselves, is of morbid substance."
40th anniversary of the GDR. Military parade. Rockets.
Erich Honecker actuality: "Our friends all over the world should be reassured that socialism is unshakeable principles on German soil."
Gallery at took Michail Gorbatschow in addition to Erich Honecker. Michail Gorbatschow quote: "I think hazards just waiting for those who do not respond to life."
Refugees at the embassies in Hungary and Prague. Border barriers of Hungary opens. Refugee interview: "I've done it, I can just say I am a free man."
Demonstrations in East Germany. Chants are we the people - free elections.
November 9, 1989: The wall falls. Border guards tearing down wall. Jubilation.
March 1990: The first free elections in the GDR.
July 1990: Introduction of the DM in the GDR. Money exchange.
August 1990: The political unity. The Parliament of the GDR decides to join the Federal Republic for October 3. National President of the Sabine Bergmann-Pohl interview: "Yes, 294 deputies have voted."
Kohl visited Gorbachev in the Caucasus. The USSR agrees to the membership of the United Germany in NATO.
Moscow, September 1990: 2 + 4 negotiations - a sovereign United Germany is in full compliance with all of its neighbors. The end of the post-war period.
October 2, 1990: The Brandenburg Gate At night. Mayor Momper conducts. American and Russian soldiers play "Yes, this is Berlin air". Poetry reading with selected texts of East German authors, which were banned: "the Communists have not understood it, exploiting the immense credit, fell to them with the demise of Hitler's - this is the tragedy of the GDR."
Korean dance group out of a still divided country dances. In the University, young people listen to songs, sung by Wolf Biermann.
elderly Berlin actuality: "if one had told me that my lifetime this damn wall gone, I would have said: he is crazy - and now not he is crazy, now I'm here, now I say: Yes, that you have to experience."
Young man o-ton: "... scary moves - I must say - it is a day on which I long have waited for years many for me. It is simply super."
Young woman interview: "I think there is an immense opportunity to learn from the past and build the future with just for our generation."
October 3 0 clock: the Liberty Bell Rings.
Before the Reichstag in Berlin crowd. Richard von Weizsäcker actuality: "in free self-determination we To want complete the unity and freedom of Germany. We To want serve, the peace of the world in a United Europe."
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