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01. Kurt Masur and the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig's cityscape. The Gewandhaus. Auerbach's cellar. Kurt Masur conducted the Gewandhaus Orchestra. Violins. Drummers. Kurt Masur actuality: "That we try, our role for the population in Leipzig continued to play is clear to us as usual – in connection with people -, and I think it has become already evident that it can go on and will."
Students as a spectator at the Gewandhaus. Kurt Masur conducts Peter Tschaikowsky, 2nd Piano Concerto. Soon Kurt Masur will also host at the New York Philharmonic. Kurt Masur interview: "I think that of for me personally - and I see this decision - it means a lucky circumstance, in a time when tried to common problems to solve, find a bridge, can the world between two orchestras, which belong to the best in the world, who come from very different walks of life, but which provide valuable assistance as a kind of sisters Orchestra in the mutual understanding of people to each other."
(79 m) 02 all-German Parliament elects the Chancellor inefficient industries, houses, of which the plaster falls in Magdeburg.
Klaus Mildner, Magdeburg German politician of the CDU, when citizens office hours. The banks of the Elbe. Roofers working on houses roof, frame house, broken tram tracks. Klaus Majumdar actuality: "here with us in Magdeburg three important tasks are ahead of us, need to be resolved in the next parliamentary term. First, we need new jobs; We need to convert our old industries and the establishment of new industries in Magdeburg is required. The second is the construction of housing and the renovation of our buildings. "And the third point: Magdeburg needs a new infrastructure."
Salzgitter. Smoking chimneys. A member of the SPD, Wilhelm Schmidt actuality: "we were earlier border region to the German Democratic Republic, now we are link, springboard for the development of the five new federal States, and I think that it is also a particularly interesting feature for our economy, to build partnerships to industrial companies in the five new federal States, but of course also the human side to maintain transport connections to develop - many other ", which can help the new citizens with us in our country."
17.1.91: Chancellor election in the Bundestag. Hannelore Kohl in the public gallery. Jochen Vogel congratulates on his election as German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Helmut Kohl quote: "... to fulfill my duties conscientiously and Justice against practicing will anyone, so help me God".
(73 m) 03 Germany's attitude to the Gulf war demonstrations. Children demo. Banners for peace. Bundestag session. Pan across Government Bank. Genscher takes notes. Helmut Kohl is an explanation from original sound before the Bundestag: "I understand fear that collected some for us in view of developments in the Gulf. And nevertheless: can and must not be peace at any price. Peace can flourish permanently and reliably only on the ground of freedom, of law and justice."
"And of all citizens of Israel should know: it has in these days the Israeli people our entire solidarity."
"We are jointly connected the forces of 28 Nations that for the enforcement of United Nations resolution, enter for the liberation of Kuwait and fighting. The allies from all continents and above all the United States fulfil a mission of the international community. You stand in the fight against the dictatorship, so that we all - also we Germans - can live in a more peaceful world tomorrow. "
(66 m) 04. The Treuhandanstalt chemical fiber plant of the former GDR in Brandenburg, which should be deduced from the planned economy and privatized. Rehabilitation concept was developed - closure of unrationaler plants. Modernization. Meeting the employee of the trust company. The Berlin-based company for stucco and stone works under the umbrella of a French company. The French Managing Director interview: "the work of the trust was very important, which means that she was always willing to compromise and always attentive to support the long-term interests of STUNA." There are the human and also industrial skills here at STUNA, to use the know how of "Ciments Français" in Germany. And to achieve this goal, the people to adapt as quickly as possible to the new economic conditions; If this is the case, we have high hopes, to enforce us in the market."
Masons in restoration works for the Berliner Dom.
(70 m) 05. The blue environmental Angel throws wife waste in rubbish bins. Garbage dump. Environmental bus. People deliver hazardous waste environmental bus. Hardware store with goods with eco-Angel. Assistant Helga Silz interview: "We have made the experience that customers rely increasingly on the environmentally conscious products and also specifically go there, where is the"Blue Angel"to see."
Buyers in construction between shelves with goods with blue environmental Angel.
(45 m) 06 Luger Georg Hackl Georg Hackl sits down on his sled during training in Königsee. Strength training with weights. Preparation of skids. Berchtesgaden. Georg Hackl actuality: "In the Rennschlittensport you should bring also a high technical knowledge for the sports equipment in addition to the athletic Fitneß and courage, to overcome the route at any speed."
German Championships. Camera moves with. Georg Hackl will be German champions. He could not defend his world title. (It 6 thousandths of a second, or 12 cm to the victory were missing.)
(71 m)



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