Deutschlandspiegel 443/1991 1991


01 Berlin: Future parliamentary and Government seat of German Bundestag Bonn. Federal House. The banks of the Rhine. Rhine freighters on the stream. Street Café, market square. Sw review: de Gaulle in Bonn review color: Elizabeth II and Philip on Rhine steamer Gorbachev in Bonn square. Flags in front of Federal House. Large Federal Eagle. Parliamentary debate on the question of capital. Willy Brandt actuality: "Germany is not the East from the West, but it becomes the new centre of Europe. Berlin is good."
Helmut Kohl actuality: "also this Europe must be a Europe to say that once again, that is more than a Europe of the twelve today. This is the reason why I think that Berlin is a good location, and that's why I'm voting for Berlin." Clapping. Free vote.
Rita Süssmuth actuality: "the tension is huge, and I will post the result now: for the application completion unit of in Germany, Berlin application: 337 votes, abstentions 2." Applause. Berlin: Memorial Church. Reichstag the German people. Sw review: ruins Reichstag ruins Berlin blockade, airlift, 1953: popular uprising in East Berlin. Construction of the wall. The face at the border. John F. Kennedy in Berlin. Jubilation. Recorded interview: ' as a free man, I take pride in the words: I am a Berliner. "
Cannes Film Festival with stars. Student demonstrations against the war in Viet Nam. Review of color: Council building. Figure in front of Allied Control Council building. Signing four power agreement. Abrassimow o-ton: "ends well, anything good."
Fall of the wall. The Brandenburg Gate. Reichstag building. The 1st all-German Parliament sits in the hemicycle of the Reichstag building. International flags. Transformer to the font the German people. German flag before the Reichstag.
Windmill spins (147 m) 02 power from the wind. Rotor blades of wind motorcycle rotate. Wind farm on the North Sea coast with 35 wind turbines. Cityscape Husum. Shipyard. Fabrication of pipe towers for wind turbines in the shipyard. Production hall. Generator. Braking device. Rotor hub as a link between the rotor blades and generator. Removal.
(55 m) 03 Aachen: Charlemagne Prize for Vaclav Havel Festival. Band plays. Cycle ball demonstration. Emil Zatopek is signing autographs. Appearance of the Czech pantomime Milan Sladek: tribute to Vaclav Havel in the Krönungssal of Aachen's Town Hall. Close-up of Václav Havel. Awarding of the Charlemagne Prize.
The French President Mitterand holds the Laudatio actuality: (translation) "Vaclav Havel-Mann of courage and truth. In Word and deed, you have led an exemplary struggle for human dignity. Through this fight your country has won back the freedom."
Retrospective: Mass demonstration in Prague with Vaclav Havel. Vaclav Havel actuality: (translation) "before 36 years said at this point Winston Churchill, as he accepted the Charlemagne Prize: Czechoslovakia will regain the freedom, and Germany is reunited.-I am the first prize winner, who has the luck to be able to call out here: Winston Churchill, Czechoslovakia is free and United Germany."
(67 m) 04 Lübeck: repatriation of archival material cityscape Lübeck. Obertrave, part balloon. Boxes of archival material will be unpacked. Treasures from the time of the Hanseatic League. Return of documents from the Soviet Union. In the German Federal Archives Koblenz return of archival documents to the Soviet Union. Scriptures and treasures of the former Hanseatic town Reval are packed.
(43 m) 05 portrait Anke Huber Boris Becker plays tennis. Steffi Graf playing tennis. Anke Huber becomes youngest quarter final contestant of all time in Australia. Anke Huber plays tennis, partly ZL. Anke Huber, great break in between games. As viewers of Boris Bresquar, talent scout and discoverer of Boris Becker and Steffi Graf. Anke Huber at match point. Audience clapping. Anke Huber gives autographs. Advertisement: Dunlop - milk cuts (54 m)



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Gorbatchev’s 90th Birthday (* March 2, 1931)

Gorbatchev is only 54 years old when he takes over the leadership of the rather geriatric central committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. His Glasnost and Perestroika policies make him famous the world over. By opening up systematically to the population and by setting in motion a radical political and economic transformation, Gorbachev subjected the crisis-ridden Soviet Union to a fundamental reform process.

He also pursues a strategy of "new thinking" in his foreign policy. He withdraws Soviet troops from Afghanistan, thereby ending a war that has been going on since 1979. He negotiates nuclear disarmament agreements with the United States and arranges a rapprochement between the two great powers. He abandons the Brezhnev Doctrine and grants full sovereignty to Warsaw Pact member states - a move that leads to nonviolent revolutions in most Eastern Bloc countries within months and sets the stage for German reunification.

Abroad he is celebrated as a hero for his role in ending the Cold War and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1990, but at home opposition grows.

Although the attempted coup failed in August 1991, Gorbachev was effectively deprived of power. When he resigns a few months after the official dissolution of the USSR, the red flag over the Kremlin is taken down forever. To this day he is reviled in his homeland as a "traitor" and as a gravedigger of the Soviet empire.

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