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01. the eighth looking through trees on the Ratzeburger see Germany. Sailing boats, ducks on the Lake. Rudder hit Lake, big. Rowing boat is allowed to water. The sneakers of the rowers in row and standing member. Rowers sit in boat. Start. Training on the Lake. Christiane Haese interviewed coach Ralf Holtmeyer actuality: "Canadians have pulled together the best rowers in one place. With us, the system is slightly different, most athletes train locally in their clubs and then come together for the eighth training on a regular basis and as a result, Canadians have an advantage at the moment. Not at the moment, I see who can become world champion except us and Canada. The oars must be supported by a weight training ashore. In winter of course for example cross-country skiing, walking, cycling in the South to happen - we fly to Spain -. The training is done on the water in the summer, but you have to do strength training inevitably ashore."
Rower in strength training ashore. Regatta on the Lake. Ride through target. Award ceremony with Cup.
(62 m) 02 Minister Wolfgang Schäuble Wolfgang Schäuble drives in a wheelchair to a cabinet meeting. Large Federal Eagle.
Wolfgang Schäuble at the lectern in the Bundestag actuality: "Parts means that we must be together ready to wear the changes arising from the German unity."
Wolfgang Schäuble drives on its place the Government bench. Short interview with Helmut Kohl.
Helmut Kohl interview: "I'm friends for many years with Wolfgang Schäuble, which predicted." That was a terrible experience, such as by the way, for us all, and I admire him. his courage"
Wolfgang Schäuble (yet healthy) when exchanging documents with Günther Krause. Newspaper clipping: The assassination attempt. Wolfgang Schäuble as patron of the writer Congress o-ton: "And I also hope their patron honor and no shame in making with this 10th Congress, I ask you."
Wolfgang Schäuble drives to the desk in his Office o-ton: "dealing with the psychological consequences of such a violation may even easier, when you just have such a task, thus fulfilled one. Many emotions of everyday life are no longer so important, because it is just but forced to concentrate, to deal with his time haushälterischer more and you win inevitably some distance in this way, also a piece of independence inside. ... so now I gotta keep working."
Children (81 m) 03 eco city of Erlangen go through aroma garden full of flowers. Children to ride on bikes through landscape. Children work at their own herb garden. Children clean stream of filth. Aerial view of Erlangen. Bio bin and bin stands in front of House for waste paper. Green roof and sunroof. Wind turbine rotates. Design of backyard. Cyclists in the city.
(46 m) 04 100 Jahre IG metal black and white photographs of factories and workplaces 100 years ago. Celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Trade Union. Waldemar Ziemann since 65 years Member, o-ton: "At this 100 year celebration that I became member of the German metal workers Association at the age of 17, and I received 11 Pfennig at this time as an apprentice in the first half year - as education aid, rather than as an apprentice compensation occurs to me."
SW: Smoking vents. Blast furnace, workers in the factory.
Color: ceremony in the Paulskirche in Frankfurt. There are IG metal chef Franz Steinkühler quote: "Without the contribution of workers and employees and their organizations the old Federal Republic would not become a country, gained attraction in the world."
Half close listeners. Helmut Kohl sits next to Franz Steinkühler. Betriebsrätin Erika Lotz interview: "the concrete daily combat in operation for social justice is not spectacular and in the local press, not headline value."
Erika Lotz goes to work in the company Leitz in Wetzlar, Germany. Work room with workers. Erika Lotz speaks with workers. Betriebsratssitzung. Images of workers in operation.
(68 m) 05. Märklin railway model train locomotive driving great. Model railway runs. Company Märklin in Göppingen, Germany. Models from 1881 - IC of today, Foxglove large - scale 1:32. production of basic form in the zinc bath. More parts are mechanically punched and handmade painted and assembled. Complete trains. Drive model railways.
(57 m) 06. Karl May Olaf Hais as Winnetou of the Karl-may - Festival of the East in the Saxon Switzerland. OLAF shark on the way to work on motorcycle quote: "I'm here from the East the Winnetou. "And because my horse just eats, I borrowed short the bike."
The Karl may Museum in Radebeul. Villa Shatterhand in Dresden with Karl May books. Photo Karl May. OLAF shark actuality: "Karl May for me is something very big for the children. You constantly need something they are passionate about. We work here on the stage after the so-called black and white-principle, i.e. the good will prevail at the end of evil, and I think it's so important for the children that they can scream at the end: Winnetou, tapp cautiously, not in the case. And well, mostly Yes the good WINS too."
Performance with Winnetou and old Shatterhand in rocky landscape. Children as a spectator.
(72 m)



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