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01 Donaueschingen: World Championship of weightlifter weightlifter Manfred Nerlinger, Munich training with coach Rolf Milser. Rolf Milser actuality: "Load impact, natural discipline, a good sense of movement, elasticity and a healthy diet are the main characteristics of a weight lifter."
Manfred Nerlinger trim wheel. Manfred Nerlinger actuality: "... What's up me here the most, this is actually a nice cool beer garden and a mug of beer."
Competition. Weight lifters in the jerk and snatch. Misses Martin Zawieja, Germany, is 225 kg. He will be 4 audience claps. Manfred Nerlinger in the snatch. He is 2nd in all three competitions. Weight is loaded to. Alexander Kurlowitsch, USSR is a world champion. Award ceremony.
(53 m) 02. art in the landscape - Lüneburger Heide Valerij Bugrov with round mirror 16 m diameter on field. There is a flock of sheep in the Lüneburg Heath. A round disc with a hole in the landscape "Wind Hill". Large pendulum hangs in potato field. Sliced book root sliced tiled. Red House, free-standing walls, consistent with injuries, fire places and cracks. The large round mirrors "Heaven and Earth". People stood on mirror and reflect the sky. Valeriy Bugrov actuality: "since I came to the idea that the mirror of the real conditions could reflect double and almost present the relationships between real and unreal; This is a very clear signal to the position of the people in his Cosmos, and this is probably the sense of my object."
(57 m) 03. active labour market policies in Leuna - ABM Leuna Leuna chemical plants in Saxony Anhalt. Rotten system. CEO Interview: "A problem area was that here there a wealth of old, incapable of rehabilitation and not economically producing plants in this part of the work which have been decommissioned without compromise in the course of one year."
Welder when removing no longer rehabilitation enabled parts of the work. Laboratory of the Leuna works. Experimenting with plastic waste and bitumen. Objective: Development of a road surface. Members in training to the environmental engineer. Tank bioreactor. Commercial training company in Leuna. Young people in training on computers.
Dietmar Jäger, head of a medium-sized electric company, o-ton: "in the new Länder is lacking in certain professions to qualified personnel. That's why I like the retraining. I have set at the moment two drywall in my company."
Commercial training operation near the town of Merseburg. Trainees at the walls and carpenters. Frank Brakopp, Merseburg employment office, o-ton: "I should draw a conclusion today so I have to say that we can have good results particularly in the area of industrial technical measures, for example 90% of participants of the action were are taught in employment."
Working Group going forward in the image.
(72 m) 04. Frankfurt book fair fair drawing: running man with coloured book under his arm. Pan down to the Hall. Book stalls and readers. Stood with great authors photos: Sibylle Knaus, Arno Surminski, Leonie Ossowskie. Picture book: grass steppe. Child's face, great. Author readings. Site map: International publishers United States Canada, Israel, Japan. Book stand, Poland and Mexico. In the Centre of the exhibition 1991 Spain. Bag with inscription: España 1991 - Frankfurt. Association President Spain actuality: (translation) "the Frankfurt Book Fair is an international showcase of publishers, and we can not afford to stay away. Here in this city the most important annual event in the world of literature on international level takes place."
Spanish crime fiction: Andreu Martin: Barcelona connection. Juan Madrid o-ton: (translation) "the detective novel for me is a means that helps me tell the way I like to tell stories. There are stories of the 20th century, stories of my time, stories of violence, of loneliness, of corruption.
(63 m) 05. European aerospace Bremen MBB: Ariana in the construction of space launch vehicles. Additional missile with liquid fuel will be installed. Production of the 2nd stage of the 3-stage rocket. Space station Kourou, French Guiana: launch of Ariana. Environmental satellite is launched into orbit. Control Center. Franz Jaskolla, whose company is listed on the project be is o-ton: "The large aspect, ERS-1 shows, is the fact that it is the first Earth observation system alone now created by the institution up to the satellites under European overall leadership in a European Federation."
Pictures that has sparked the satellite to the Earth: Islands off the Dutch coast. New space lab in Bremen for manned space flight spacelab 1993 (50 m) 06. ore ore products woodworking shop. Wood bar is milled to a blossoms. Wood flower bouquet. Small ore mountain homes. The art of tire rotation is performed in the toy Center Seiffen. Manufacture of animal profiles of spruce wood panes. Seiffen's main street and Church. Game clock. Angels are painted. Music box. Erzgebirgfiguren in display cases. Buyer. Burn candles, figures revolve. Brass band playing in front of Church.
(71 m)



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