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01. the Ruhr area industrial landscape altered his face. Smoking chimneys. SW recordings: Looking back with miners. Color: objects of art reminiscent of earlier. Standstill shaft Tower. Disused former Zeche "Zollern" in Dortmund as a cultural monument. Aerial view of Ruhr area with water and greenery. Power plants. Smoking chimneys. Colorful gasometer. Straightened River, the Emscher. Waste water running into the river. Restoration show at a small Creek now green. Clear water bubbling. Schwebebahn in Wuppertal, Germany. High-tech industry with computer and laser. Miners settlement, construction and renovation of homes. Disused coal washery, fully lit in the form of an elephant. Evening sky over the Ruhr area.
(71 m) 02 rescue for St. George in Wismar ruin of the Gothic brick Cathedral of St. Georgen in Wismar. Internal view. Siegfried Waghray, the night of the bombing in 1945 experienced with original sound: "on the night of the 14th on April 15 were air-raid warning as often -. We saw a huge fiery glow; It seemed as if half the city would burn. As we discovered on the day, the medieval center of the churches was destroyed. The organ and even the western part had fallen into the Church of St. George in fire." The rescued precious altar. Restorers at work. Wall painting, reconstruction work. Swivel of Wismar.
(54 m) 03 East German and West German Bayer Chemicals factory Brunsbüttel. Jürgen Herzog, skilled workers from East Germany in the work on the bike with son Rick, at dinner in the canteen, workplace actuality: '' We feel very comfortable here, because of the kind of person here says to us, and we recorded actually quite friendly and Nice. Colleagues give me support, and fun in the sense, because here you can reach all what you wanted before. I speak because, for example, the order to and the whole environment. "We have also the possibility to influence, as - I say - very simple workers." The Elbe in the evening light. Dresden. Tobias Sanchez and his girlfriend Andrea drive in bus. They read newspapers and apartment hunting. Tram runs. Tobias Sanchez works as a degree in business administration in newspaper publishing, coming from the West. Editorial meeting. Mr o-ton: (you feel now patronized?) "After a relatively short working time have we we struggled together, and I met so far have, great effort gave us to understand, because we worked under very different conditions." It was a very great understanding." Newspaper operation. Rotary machine. Tobias Sanchez interview: "if people from two fundamentally different systems overnight must live together and work together, above all, issues of course. Reservations in the sense that we come from the West and say we are the better, we've done 40 years everything correctly, you did everything wrong. I can personally say when you come with the idea and says, we want to work together, then there are even no reservations, and the problems no longer occur." Tobias Sanchez and friend go in little house outside of Dresden, where she took first place.
(83 m) 04. Antarctic research - with foreign material not saleable layer of ice of Antarctica. Research ship Polarstern in the ice. The Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven: Scholars from 39 countries at Compossium on the future of Antarctica. Visit a new research laboratory for the Antarctic. Scientists in Antarctica. Studies on the ozone hole. Weather balloon is launched. Stocks. Small Christmas tree. Expedition to the ice. Penguins on the ice. Penguin mother goes next to young.
(55 m) 05. Haßloch: The average consumer human faces: young man with cigar, husband and wife, two young men, young blonde woman, great kids. Village sign of Haßloch. School, small houses, small page 2, D 448 Town Hall. TV Central. New spots are cut into advertising program. Postman brings the mail. Test family Prenzel, one of 3000 test families for market research, in front of the TV. Shopping in the supermarket. Shopping is evaluated using a code card. Cashier. Assembly line.
(58 m) 06. Berlin: American football final - Berlin Adler - crocodile Cologne 22:21 mood makers before the game, dancers. Locker room. Running the Player interview: "we are European Vice Champion, the team has a very good team, just: you never know." The crocodiles are good, are always good for a surprise." "We will run much, we will try to spank them bottom of the pants to make them properly finished then at the end of our long passes." Game scenes. Fan with drum. Clapping. ZL game scenes. Coach calls. Hard game scenes. Giant joy after victory and grief for the losers. Trophy for the winner.
(68 m)



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