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01. the Ludwig Forum in Aachen ballerina clown moves and draws attention to the exhibition. Modern sculptures. Peter Ludwig, Palacký and patron of the arts promotion interview: "The idea is to close information gaps, to present exhibits that are not seen in other museums, to show directions of art, here you can get to know." Ludwig Forum in Aachen in a former umbrella factory with showrooms. Workshops. Young artists working with sound. Monumental 400-teilige floor sculpture of Thomas Virnich. Painting modern classic. Picasso. Peter Ludwig interview: "the almost 90 Picasso has summoned bright and wild youth in a glowing painting - in the paint -. A shocking image of the artist in his last years." Sculptures: The Madonna of the Chilean Claudio Bravo, series without end the Spaniard's Genoves. Painting: Supermarket Lady by Duane Hanson, America: clochards on the Bowery by Duane Hanson, Ludwig homage to Andy Warhol. Musicians from European countries experimenting Music compositions.
(80 m) 02. foreign journalists report Jerzy Wierzcholski actuality: "were at the Center at the time the issues of confrontation in the East and the West, which has symbolized the wall here. As a pole, I'm particularly how the convergence between East and West Germany will develop. It's about the quality of the reunification of Germany. We would like to see the now reunited Germany as a country and a factor of stability in Europe. This is important for all Europeans and especially for Poland and the other neighbors." Jerzy Wierzcholski sifts through material in front of screen. William Waack, Brazilian correspondent of the newspaper "O Estado de Sao Paolo" speaks with an East German steel plant workers. William Waack actuality: "it was much more difficult at the beginning, at all the events get, just like it is today difficult to understand the whole social transformations or conversions. The normal reader really closely tracks what's happening in Germany, also in the entire East. You can compare Brazil and the former East Germany in many ways. How to completely reformed economies or economic enterprises are privatized, the comparisons." William Waack before the Brandenburg Gate, on the phone to the computer.
(93 m) 03. robot test textiles fashion show. Models on the catwalk. Research Institute Hohenstein in Stuttgart. Robot testing textiles. With his measurements, he feeds computer. Rain gear is tested. Sensors report cold or heat accumulation. Testing the flammability of textiles for the production of protective clothing. Computer robot Charlie tests. The laboratory tests the compatibility of cleaning solutions, tensile strength. Computer is checked. Computer graphics.
(47 m) 04. Russian farmers learn carp pond in Germany. Anglers. Young farmer Alfred Vorwerk works with a Russian interns Alexander Kasanzew. Farm holidays in Westphalia. Cows in the pasture. Sweeping in the stable. With tractor on the field. Alexander Kasanzew interview (translation): "in Russia very much will do in agriculture in the future, and I think that we will get there farms. For this company my experience, my here accumulated knowledge will be very important." Cooperative operation. Farmers jointly own processing plants. Large silos. After work in the family with tea from Samovar.
(55 m) 05. Frankfurt: indoor handball Supercup: Germany - Spain 18:19 scenes and gate litters. Spanish team plays with technical superiority. Black flag large. Goalkeeper Andreas Thiel throws angry ball to the ground. Advertisement: Opel, gas, Jägermeister, Krombacher, OBI.
(38 m) 06. Hannover: Appearance of the hard rock band of the Scorpions what the fans say? "Tight, real tight!" "Super, this is madness, this is great!" What's the band? "This is simply an electricity there developed, and success you have at the moment, i.e. when to play and hear the applause, it is easy an animal right now. We make music straight from the heart. One is inwardly anxious to go on the stage and start rocking again." What the parents say? "We are the biggest fans of our son." Appearance in Hall with headlights. Award by platinum disc for more than one million albums sold. Party with kiss. Appearance of the Scorpions, viewers fans.
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